logging – Cannot get rid of creation of mysql.log

I have these settings in my.cnf:

general-log      = false
general_log_file = /var/log/mysql/mysqld.general.log

long_query_time     = 1
slow_query_log      = false
slow_query_log_file = /var/log/mysql/mysqld.slow.query.log

log-error = /var/log/mysql/mysqld.log

log        = /var/log/mysql/mysqld_multi.log

Each time I start the MySQL server an empty file /var/log/mysql.log is created and it never gets filled.
I was searching in web for some solution but I don’t find anything regarding the mysql.log as it seems to be outdated.

Can it be it’s created by a mistake, again, as I don’t find anything regarding mysql.log for MySQL 8.x or do you know how to avoid the creation?

I am running MySQL 8.0.20

Getting rid of timestamps?

Bitcoin is supposed to be a clock on it’s own right so it always felt sketchy to me that outside time is referenced. Could bitcoin be aware of it’s own block interval through something like staleblock rate? Could that allow it to do difficulty adjustment without reference to outside time?

iptables – Lyni's strange error message. How to get rid of it

I use Lynis to check my system with the following script:


#Global Variables

cat /dev/null > $REPORT_FILE_FINAL

$MAIL_BIN -s "Lynis System Audit Scan Report @ $MYHOSTNAME" $MYEMAIL < $REPORT_FILE_FINAL

and I got the following strange message warning that I don't understand how to get rid of it:

2020-05-12 06:00:03 cwd=/root 2 args: /usr/sbin/exim -bV
# Warning: iptables-legacy tables present, use iptables-legacy to see them
# Warning: iptables-legacy tables present, use iptables-legacy to see them
# Warning: iptables-legacy tables present, use iptables-legacy-save to see them

What does this line mean?

cwd=/root 2 args: /usr/sbin/exim -bV 

The last 3 lines also mention the iptables warning. I'm not using an iptables firewall, just a CSF firewall. What does the warning mean?

Thanks a lot

Root Access – Get rid of Trojans

I'm using Huawei p smart 19 and I'm pretty sure it's hiding in SwiftKey, which is available on Google Play. It will not leave even after a phone
Reset You have remote access and the secure ability to change passwords and basically control them all. I've locked cameras locked app all but are they good?

Should schools get rid of algebra and geometry and replace them with classes like? ?

Algebra and geometry are essential for engineering and are also used by accountants. Without algebra, geometry, physics, and analysis, you can't create a car, ship, plane, engine, electronics, and missile. SJW wants to get rid of mathematics because it is racist for them. European ancestry, Hebrews (Jews), Orientals, Middle Easters (Arabs, Persians and Turks) and South Asians (Indians) are characterized by mathematics. If you give sub-Saharan ancestry and Indian mestizos a step ahead of the SJWs, you have to appease the education system with liberal arts, social sciences and everything they can think of without math, economics, biology, physics and chemistry.