night – Is there a way to get rid of this glowing effect?

I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of the glow around the tree in the bottom right.

I’ve gotten as far as thinking it’s some form of luminosity due to reflections at ground level (this is in my backyard in an urban area), but I can’t seem to find any specific information on how to get rid of it, other than that it is probably possible…

I’d like it to blend in nicer with the actual night sky, so in my mind, that’s finding a way to reduce its brightness/contrast/exposure/something with a very accurate mask?

I’m using Capture One Pro 11, and do have Affinity Photo available to me.

Thank you!

enter image description here

How I get rid of exclamation mark near thread at slack? I cannot find the unsent message

I get exclamation mark near thread. The point is unsent message but I cannot find it.
When I hover on exclamation mark I can get snippet of the unsent message, but when I search for it, I cannot find it (probably because it not sent.
This is any solution?

I read twit from slack – but it not help

simplifying expressions – Get rid of of $O(epsilon^2) $ terms

So basically I have the expression on the form:

(4 ϵ^3 a b )/((-1+ϵ)^2 (a-b)^2)    

or $ frac{4 epsilon^3 ab }{(epsilon -1)^2 (a-b)^2} $.

I guess this is a math and Mathematica question. I only want to keep orders of $epsilon^1$. But I don’t know how to collect the $O(epsilon^2)$ terms when I have something like $(epsilon -1)^2 $ in the denominator.

Any ideas?

Is Live IP support a legitimate company to get get rid of virus

I was working on my computer when suddenly everything stopped. The message I saw that my computer was infected with a virus and to call “Microsoft” at an 855 toll-free number. I did and got Live IP support telling me they could get rid of the virus, the Rundll32 virus and to get a Firewall. After panicking, that call ended up costing me $518. I was not able to even move my mouse. They also said I didn’t have a firewall. I have Microsoft products and thought I did have a firewall. A quick search told me that it doesn’t expire.

postgresql – Optimizing select query – get rid of nested loop

I have this query, whitch runs very slow:

FROM elementtype et
    (SELECT ic.elementtypeid
     FROM issuecategory ic
     JOIN issue i ON = i.categoryid 
     WHERE i.clientid = '912827e5-00a8-4c94-8646-c446d0dc9e6a'
       AND i.deleteddate IS NULL
     UNION SELECT tc.elementtypeid
     FROM taskcategory tc
     JOIN task t ON = t.clientid
     WHERE t.clientid = '912827e5-00a8-4c94-8646-c446d0dc9e6a' 
       AND t.deleteddate IS NULL)

enter image description here

As shown in the explainplan, there is a nested loop inner join. I think that makes the problem. Is there any way to get rid of this nested loop – or optimize the query in other ways?

numerics – Initial points not satisfying constraint — How to get rid off?

I have this relatively simple maximization problem which works for many examples I run before I made the for loops.

        def(s_,cs_):=cs s
        main(S_,cm_):=cm S
        y(S_,Tp_,tech_):=Sqrt(S (Tp+tech))
    {tc1,s1,C11,b1}=Values(Last(NMaximize(C1-b db+h-cm (s+S)-re tc-cb (M+V)+epsm pm Sqrt((s+dec S) (M+tech+V)),
Reduce({0<=tc,tc<=M,C1>=0,s>=0,b>=0,K+eps p y(S,V+delta tc,tech)-def(s,cs)-main(S,cm)-C1+b>=0,C1>=cb (M+V)},{tc,s,C1,b},Reals),

From my understanding satisfying

K + eps p y(S, V + delta tc, tech) - def(s, cs) - 
               main(S, cm) - C1 + b >= 0

should not be a problem, because I allow b to be very high. So I really do not understand what the error message about “Initial Interval” is all about.

How do I have to change my code?

PowerApp Form’s Edit mode when double-clicking on the list item – get rid off the Edit All button

I found this tip about how to open a PowerApp Form directly in Edit Mode (How to go directly to Edit mode in PowerApps Form attached to SharePoint List?).
I tried it and it works, but only partially because I cannot get rid of “Edit all” which still appears in the ribbon of the form (and not Save, Cancel…etc, as expected). One must still click on “Edit All” to be able to save the modifications.