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Add-On Overview

The add-on allows to filter and search Review item based on Custom fields.

Review Management System add-on is developed by XenAddons. You need a valid license for it to use RMS Filter.

Here is the filter with AJAX reloading of the list in action:


The controls to filter the RMS items are added in Filters popup in the…


Is this adjustment to an rms calculation valid?

I want to calculate the RMS AC value of a signal made up of several thousand readings every second. The processor that I am using doesn’t have enough memory to store a whole second of data, so I want to calculate it the sum of squares the fly.

This is the normal formula to calculate the RMS AC value, where you have to know the mean for the whole second before you can calculate the RMS:

ac_rms = sqrt (sum(square(reading-mean)) / n)

Would I get the same result if I instead use the mean from the previous second, and then apply a correction afterwards?

ac_rms = sqrt (sum(square(reading-prev_mean)) / n) – abs(mean – prev_mean)