Could a burglar in real life use the "home alone" method to rob houses?

In the original film, Joe Pesci played a burglar disguised as a police officer and had the following conversation with Macaulay Culkin's dad on the screen:

Joe Pesci: "I would like to have a word with you, sir."

Mr. McCallister: Am I arrested or something?

Joe Pesci: "Oh no, not at all, sir, it's Christmas time, there are always many burglars on holiday, and we just make sure everyone takes the right precautions, that's all."

Mr. McCallister: "Oh yes, we have automatic timers for our lights, dead bolts for our doors, we can not be too careful when we spend the holidays in Paris."

Joe Pesci: Ah, you're making a trip to Paris?

Mr. McCallister: Yes, we want to leave tomorrow morning.

Joe Pesci: "Do not worry about your home, it's in good hands." * Flashes his shadowy gold teeth smile *

Then he knew exactly when the house would be vacant, he knew exactly how they would fare when they entered the house, and he knew that none of the neighbors would notice him because he already had the same conversation with the neighbors, who owned it told him about their own vacation plans.

Could burglars use this method in real life unless the burglars find a cunning child with a tarantula?

Dress up as a police officer and get all the information directly from the horse's mouth?

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