Boot to Rom recovery instead of TWRP

My phone is OnePlus 5t.

In fastboot mode I flashed TWRP
fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.5.2_9-0.img

and every time I try to enter recovery mode it just start the original recovery mode that came with the system.

But if i enter ‘fastboot’ and type:
fastboot boot twrp-3.5.2_9-0.img
the TWRP comes up….
how can I make it automatically TWRP? ty!

rom flashing – Heimdall Error (PIT file)

I a have a PC running Lubuntu 16.04.06. I installed heimdall 1.4.1 in order to flash a custom recovery. It always fails to download the PIT file, part #16 to be specific. I tried multiple devices and it just gives the same error. I also tried JOdin3 before but it wouldn’t run when I execute the binary. Is it possible to fix this error I keep getting in heimdall? or does anyone have a heimdall build that’s working?

rom flashing – Samsung bootloader unlock but failed to flash custom rom

I go to Settings > About Phone > Software Information then tap the Build number 7 times to enable Developer Options.

Then I connected my device to the internet and go to Settings > Developer Options > OEM Unlocking set to Enabled to unlock the Bootloader, (the phone is reset to data factory but the OEM Unlocked says it’s already enabled after that).

Now I want to flash a custom ROM, but I failed to do so and the error in download mode says Only official binaries are allowed to be flashed. I think this is somehow related to Bootloader which is not fully unlocked. Is there anything I should do before flashing custom ROM?

I’m actually trying to root my device and I’m following this tutorial.


Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018)
Android 10
Android Patch is Feb. 1, 2021

rom flashing – OnePlus 5 Soft Brick

This will be a good workaround for the situation above. Since you were able to flash the phone, that means the MSNFlashTool is well configured in your computer. Now what I want you to think about is how you can flash a custom recovery image into the phone so that you can even get the phone alive by a third party OS like Lineage and anything.

After downloading the firmware file and starting flashing, the MSMTool writes the current progress in the progress window writing what it’s flashing in the phone. Notably the userdata.img is one of the files you recognize since it is somehow big and doesn’t flash quickly.

Consequently many data partitions exist in the phones memory, like the:

  1. system.img
  2. cache.img
  3. boot.img
  4. recovery.img

These are the essentials in any system, remember these are not all but these are the compulsory in any system. I’m sure the flash file is an archive that you can open with rar. It sometimes can be an archive containing an archive so you have to extract it twice incase you don’t see these img files. Once opened in rar take note on what type of archive is the firmware file. It can be:

  1. zip
  2. tar
  3. 7z
  4. rar
  5. gz
  6. gzip

And many more other types. Hope you remember this. Look for a compatible custom recovery image like twrp and replace it with the recovery.img or alternatively the boot.img if you miss the recovery in the firmware. If there are checksums like the md5, sha256 or any other sums to verify the integrity of files, regenerate and replace them, then repack the firmware with the same compression type as it was and flash the phone using it and you shall have teamwin recovery as your default recovery or boot.

Use the recovery to load third party OS and if you get the OS booting use it to unlock bootloader for futher fastboot actions or you can even use the new OS if you’re convenient with it

Note: Ensure the recovery image is specifically made for your device model. If you have any trouble finding the appropriate recovery for your specific phone model, I can make you a download link for it after you give me exact specifications of your phone.

Hope it helps you

rom flashing – What does “NOS-production: no” mean?

I recently bought a refurbished unlocked Pixel 3 XL to replace my aging, cracked, broken one of the same model. It came with the bootloader unlocked so I decided to lock it because I didn’t like the warning message every time it booted and noticed that in the Fastboot menu of the bootloader it shows:

Secure boot: PRODUCTION
NOS-production: no

I’m concerned about that NOS-production setting; has this device been tampered with? My old Pixel 3 XL shows yes there as well as all other screenshots I see of the bootloader on other P3XL’s – they all say yes instead of no. I used and completely flashed the phone to the latest April Android 11 firmware but it still shows no. I can’t find any documentation of what that could mean. Any insight would be appreciated!

root access – How can I clean flash Moto C Plus (xt1723) rom?

root access – How can I clean flash Moto C Plus (xt1723) rom? – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

edit boot – custom ROM

edit boot – custom ROM – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

rom flashing – Stuck on Mi Flash for an hour now

Hi, I’m stuck on the following line in Miflash for over an hour now:

(20:58:19 3825d80):MiFlash 2018.5.28.0

(20:58:19 3825d80):Thread id:12 Thread name:3825d80

(20:58:19 3825d80):image path:D:Downloadsroot20032021cepheus_eea_global_images_V12.0.4.0.QFAEUXM_20210115.0000.00_10.0_eea

(20:58:19 3825d80):env android path:”D:Downloadsroot20032021MiFlash20180528SourceThirdPartyGoogleAndroid”

(20:58:19 3825d80):script :D:Downloadsroot20032021cepheus_eea_global_images_V12.0.4.0.QFAEUXM_20210115.0000.00_10.0_eeaflash_all.bat

(20:58:19 3825d80):Physical Memory Usage:3317760 Byte

(20:58:19 3825d80):start process id 4372 name cmd

(20:58:20 3825d80):info:$set CURRENT_ANTI_VER=1

(20:58:20 3825d80):info:$for /F “tokens=2 delims=: ” %i in (‘fastboot -s 3825d80 getvar anti 2>&1 | findstr /r /c:”anti:”‘) do (set version=%i )

Is it safe to unplug the device and try again?

rom flashing – Doogee N20pro TEE/Google key not write

I have been trying to flash GSI (Havoc) rom to my Doogee N20 pro. Unfortunately something went wrong and i found myslelf in boot loop without any possibility to enter any mode with any key combination.

Only thing which helped me was (format and download) rom with SP Flash tool. Unfortunately i have not created backup before so i had to download stock rom for my device.

After flashing stock rom downloaded from internet stuck with annoying red message appearing on my screen:

Tee key not write Gooogle key not write.

i have tried several methods to remove it:

Removing the Chinese text “未写入google key和tee key” watermark on the screen

and pretty much everything else i could find on google and youtube but none of that helped me to ged rid of that “red overlay”

which led me in to learning about nvram, and missing IMEI.

i have managed to write back IMEI via SN Writer however i could not find over entire internet Attestation key/google key/tee key for my Doogee N20 pro:

which was part of the solution for removing Tee/Google key problem.

It supposed to be in downloaded stock rom but all i could find there was this:

logo.bin, logo-verified.bin, preloader930.bin

  1. Is here any good soul which can point me out to that key, have link, extract it from his Doogee N20pro?

  2. Is here any doogee N20pro owner which can extract nvram and upload it for me somewhere?

  3. if somebody have solution to simply remove TEE/Google key message from Doogee N20pro – that would be sufficient and i would not bother to try 1. and 2.

Best regards Michael

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