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Hello FP users! I want to try a new exchange game because I’m extremely bored and would love to help people get posts for their forums. :D

Exchange Roulette will work like this:

1. You will PM me (@HolisticStorm) the URL to your site. I will then put it in a spreadsheet, which I will post in the thread as a screenshot, and the game will start once I get twenty URLs (wild, uneducated guess).
2. After the game begins, you will make a post in this thread and ask for a URL. I will give you a URL, and you will go to the forum and make as many posts as you can. You have forty-eight hours from the time that the URL is given to you.
3. I will make DOUBLE the amount of posts on your site as you made on the site that you visited. For example, if you make three posts on your assigned community within forty-eight hours, I will make six on yours.

This could be fun, or it could be a total disaster. Let’s see how it goes! PM me your URLs to enter! :D

I’m going to tag some people who have awesome communities here so that they might enter, but feel free to PM me regardless!

@ZandraJoi @Lämmchen @Empire @Ash @Ashley @Jazzy @meetdilip @Pennywise


list manipulation – i need to simulate a roulette table where a perosn bets $10 on red 1 time, 5 times,20 times, 100 times and 10,000 times

i need to simulate a roulette table where a perosn bets $10 on red 1 time, 5 times,20 times, 100 times and 10,000 times, i then need to find out how much the person wins or loses once they play 10,000 times.

i have no idea how to do this the only line of code i have is

RandomChoice[{17/36, 17/36, 1/18} -> {red, black, green}]

Roulette online

Roulette online

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  1. Roulette online

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It's about how much you need to guess, or whether you need to bet on purple or black at roulette.

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Sicbo / Dadu Online

With more pairs per 15 issues, repaying this online roulette payback is 36 times higher than the symbolic bet placed near the flat level of the deposit. Online Dice

From RebekahBos on
Sicbo / Dadu Online
With more pairs per 15 issues, repaying this online roulette payback is 36 times higher than the symbolic bet placed near the flat level of the deposit. Online Dice
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python – Simple command line roulette game

I developed a simple command line roulette game. Your only options are color, but you can bet multiple times in a round

Import a copy
Import distutils.core
import sleep from sleep
Random import randint

red_slots = (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 30, 32, 34, 36)
black_slots = (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 29, 31, 33, 35)
master_color_dict = {red red #: 0, black black #: 0, green green #: 0}
quit = false
bal = 500

def roll (num, bet_choice, color_choice):
color_dict = master_color_dict.copy ()
Hit = 0
for _ in the range (num):
sleep (.1)
r = randint (0.36); print (r, end = "")
if r in red_slots:
color_dict['red']+ = 1
if color_choice == & # 39; red & # 39 ;:
Hit + = 1
print (& # 39; - HIT x & # 39; str (hits))
to press()
elif r in black_slots:
color_dict['black']+ = 1
if color_choice == & # 39; black & # 39 ;:
Hit + = 1
print (& # 39; - HIT x & # 39; str (hits))
to press()
elif r == 0:
color_dict['green']+ = 1
if color_choice == & # 39; green & # 39 ;:
Hit + = 1
print (& # 39; - HIT x & # 39; str (hits))
to press()

if color_choice == & # 39; red & # 39 ;:
return color_dict[color_choice]* bet_choice - color_dict['black']* bet_choice - color_dict['green']* bet_choice
elif color_choice == & # 39; black & # 39 ;:
return color_dict[color_choice]* bet_choice - color_dict['red']* bet_choice - color_dict['green']* bet_choice
elif color_choice == & # 39; green & # 39 ;:
return color_dict[color_choice]* bet_choice * 34 - color_dict['black']* bet_choice - color_dict['red']* bet_choice

Def color selection (msg):
while true:
To attempt:
Color = input (msg)
if color == & # 39; r & # 39; or color == & # 39; red & # 39 ;:
Return & # 39; red & # 39;
elif color == & # 39; b & # 39; or color == & # 39; black & # 39 ;:
back & # 39; black & # 39;
elif color ==? g & # 39; or color == "green":
Return & # 39; green & # 39;
print ("Invalid input")
except ValueError:
print ("Invalid input")

select def between (msg):
while true:
To attempt:
bet = int (input (msg))
if bet> = 0 and bet <= bal:
                return bet
            elif bet > bal:
print ("You do not have enough money!")
elif bet <0:
print ("You can not bet negative money!")
except ValueError:
print ("Please enter a positive integer less than or equal to your balance")

def Rollchoose (msg):
while true:
To attempt:
rc = int (input (msg))
if rc * bet_choice <= bal and rc > 0:
Return rc
elif rc * bet_choice> bal:
print (f "You can not afford to roll {rc} times")
elif rc <= 0:
                print("Please enter a positive integer")
        except ValueError:
            print("Please enter a positive integer")

def money_change_format(num,paren=False):
    if num >= 0 and paren == true:
return & # 39; (+ $% d) & # 39;% (num)
elif num < 0 and paren == True:
        return '(-$%d)' % (-num)
    elif num >= 0 and paren == False:
return & # 39;; $% d & # 39;% (num)
return? - $% d?% (-num)

def padding (msg):
while true:
To attempt:
rep = distutils.util.strtobool (input (msg))
if rep == 0 or rep == 1:
repeat rep
print (& # 39; Please indicate if you want to fill up your balance & # 39;)
except ValueError:
print (& # 39; Please indicate if you want to fill up your balance & # 39;)

print ("Welcome to Roulette! Payouts are x2 for Black and Red and x35 for Green, your starting balance is $ 500  n").

while not stopping:
while bal> 0:
color_choice = colorchoose (& # 39; Which color would you like to bet on? & # 39;)
bet_choice = betchoose (& # 39; How much money do you want to spend? & # 39;)
roll_choice = rollchoose (& # 39; How many times would you like to roll? & # 39;)

old_bal = copy.copy (bal)
bal = bal + roll (roll_choice, bet_choice, color_choice)
print (& # 39; New Balance: & # 39 ;, & # 39; $ & # 39; + str (bal), money_change_format (bal-old_bal, True))

rep = refill ("You're broke! Want to top up your account balance of $ 500?")
if rep: bal + = 500; Print (& # 39; New Balance: $ 500 (+ $ 500) & # 39;)
elif not rep: quit = true

print (& # 39; play again and again! & # 39;)

`` `

Site that combines Shopping + Roulette

Hello! I've combined online shopping with games (roulette) … just to see where it goes :) At the moment we are only focusing on fashion. However, the idea could be applied to more products.

The site is called ZORTEE: https://www.zortee.com/grid/?utm_source=forums&utm_medium=forumsdigitalpoint

We are just getting started and know that there is room for improvement. I would definitely appreciate feedback from this good community. Especially around one of the following topics:

– Were you confused in the first few seconds of your visit?

– Do you still have questions that have not been answered?

– Is there a specific action that you wanted to take during your visit but that you were unable to do?

– Helpful tips (from your experience) to improve our: (a) user enrollment rate & (b) reduce bounce rates? Basically, we want to see which low-hanging fruit we have overlooked.

Thank you for all your help in advance!

I really hope some people answer!

P.S. : Some of you may not see a game (after clicking on a product). They were probably sent to an A / B control page. Please ignore me – alternatively it should work in a diff browser.

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