Import Export – Drupal 8 specifies how to set a URL alias for nodes created by items imported through the Feeds module (RSS feed)

In Drupal 8 I have nodes of the item type with the module & # 39; Feeds & # 39; created. The source is RSS feed. How can I create a URL alias for each node created for each element?
I tried source: & # 39; Element URL (Link) & # 39; Target: & # 39; URL alias (path) & # 39; assign. It doesn't work because it contains the entire link (including http: // …) as an alias.

What am I missing regarding "…" when generating RSS feeds?

When generating RSS feeds, these translations must be carried out according to the RSS standard so that content is interpreted as plain text rather than XML:

'&' => '&'
'<' => '<'
'>' => '>'

And that's exactly what I'm doing. No problem.

However, it also supports a "" syntax, which is described here:

The use of CDATA blocks is exactly like the first way, only that it is terribly broken: it must not contain "]]>" anywhere, as this ends the CDATA block!

This means that you have to do very confusing little "hacks" to nest CDATA blocks, and since we're issuing an RSS document with a bunch of random content, it can obviously contain "]]>" somewhere very well then you must use an escape routine for everything you put in a "CDATA block".

Why should anyone ever want to use CDATA blocks in this sense instead of escaping these three XML / RSS special characters as the standard defines? I do not understand

The only guess I have is if you have metric tons If you have a lot of "<" stuff everywhere, the number of bytes could be considerable compared to just a CDATA start / end tag with simple characters …

Maybe I answered my own question right away, but is the only reason to "save a few bytes of network traffic"? The part where you have to bypass internal CDATA end tags prevents me from using CDATA blocks.

Web Part – Error using RSS feed web part in SP 2013

I am using the RSS web part to display an RSS feed. It worked fine for 2 years, but a few months ago it stopped working and shows the error message & # 39; The requested RSS feed could not be displayed. Please check the settings and URL for this feed. If this problem persists, contact your administrator. & # 39; I have used other RSS readers to test the feed and it is displaying properly.

I am the site administrator in the manner "I am responsible for this website" and not in the manner "I am the server administrator in the IT department". Therefore, I cannot check the logs or do anything on the server side that is frustrating. The RSS feed is hosted in the same top-level domain as the SharePoint site, and both URLs enforce HTTPS. When I google the error, I have a guess that it is either related to a proxy server or security problems related to the certificate. I sent links to the server administrator but they pull their feet up and I wonder if they don't know what's going on and I want to find something that I can send to the server administrator because if I don't. t, this will turn into a problem that you ignore and hope it will go away.

Change the RSS feed image

I want to customize this part of the WordPress feed:

My Site

Here is a similar question with an incorrect answer. Changing the media settings in wp-admin does not work.

For example, I want to resize the image or customize the entire part with a custom image URL.

Thank you very much