Phone clone of Samsung S7 locked on Huawei P30?

I'm trying to upgrade a Samsung S7 with the Phone Clone app on the P30 to a Huawei P30.

This works by setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot on the new device and then connecting the old device to it.

This fails every time, but if I look at the old S7, the hotspot has been added to the list of restricted networks, probably because the new phone does not act as a bridge to the Internet and something stupid in the S7 decides that it does not is not a valid network because no internet.

How do I get Phone Clone up and running?

How do I turn off everything on the Samsung phone to block the Wi-Fi hotspot because it's only local?

Galax Store App on virtualxposed does not work properly (Galaxy S7)

I'm trying to install an app from the Galaxy Store on virtualxposed, but I can not sign in. The problem is that I can not log in (if I need to log in the logon activity, which should be loaded but not loaded).
I tried logcat to find the problem, but I did not find anything …
I clone all Samsung system apps from my phone to the virtaulxposed and nothing helps …
I can not install the app from the Galaxy Store on my phone and clone it to the virtaulxposed because it does not work …
Does anyone know what I can do here?
If it can help, here is the logcat.
Many Thanks!

Samsung – Compatible firmware for old S7

I have an old s7. In the settings it says:

Model Number: SM-G930FD
Build number MMB29K.G930FXXU1BPIF
Baseband version: G930FXXU1DEQ

I'm trying to find compatible firmware for manual installation, as the phone does not find anything to ask for updates. The device has Android 6.0.1 with the security update of September 2016, which looks very insecure.

I am trying to find a compatible update, preferably based on Android 8 and released in the last two months. I'm not sure what to use.

Another weird thing is that when I'm looking for the SM-G930FD I can not find the existing firmware on my device. However, I find this entry for SM-G930F with PDA G930FXXU1BPIF. Even if I switch to download mode, the phone displays the following:

I am not sure what to think of it. Is the phone a G930F or a G930FD? And what if I try to find an official firmware that matches the phone's hardware?

Enable data and SMS on CDMA network programmed number Galaxy S7 Edge

My Galaxy S7 Edge (G935P) SIM card slot is broken. It does not recognize a SIM card inserted by me.
I have managed to program my phone number with CDMA Network in the phone. I can make calls, but I can not send text messages or activate data.
When I try to activate data, I get the message "Insert SIM card to access network service".
Same thing when I try to send a text "Submit failed".
Is there a way to fool the phone if there is no SIM card?

mobile data – S7 slow practically useless at the app level

I know that this is a common complaint, but I have reviewed the forums and can not find a solution to this very specific problem. Symptoms: Since my return from abroad 2 months ago my S7 hardly receives data from the mobile network at the app level, e.g. I was just trying to load Google News, and it took about 20 seconds. The next two attempts ran out.

Strange thing is, if I activate the hotspot and connect a tablet or a laptop, the same page is loaded immediately. Therefore, antannae obv. Alright, data transfer test from the laptop to the hotspot are as follows:

Enter image description here

However, I can not even run this test directly on the phone.
With WLAN it behaves much better, without the data transfer is noticeably slower.

What I have tried:

  • Uninstall all games, unnecessary apps from my kids, etc.

  • clear cache

  • Use a cache cleanup app

  • Factory settings reset

  • Hard reset

  • Delete the APN settings and drag again

None of the above statements has any effect. These days, I've decided to hotspot my 7-inch tablet instead of using the phone directly.

Can someone please free me from my misery – I'm just about to throw this thing together.

Rome flashes – Samsung S7 Exynos (G930F) applications crash and the phone starts randomly

My phone started to behave, apps crashed and the phone reboots and reboots softly. I've tried flashing flash flash ROMs, but the phone keeps freezing and apps are constantly crashing.

I tried deleting the factory reset settings, deleting data, internal memory, dalvik cache and cache between each flash, and downloading the latest firmware for my phone.

I appreciate any suggestions, even if it breaks my phone because I do not know what my options are.

Windows 7 – Samsung Galaxy S7 Defective screen workaround

I hope that's not a double question, if so, I apologize. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 with a broken screen. To define this, it is totally black (nothing appears) and it does not respond to touch. I have a Bitcoin wallet with a decent amount on the phone, but I was stupid and did not support it. The phone has turned off file transfer (I do not know how, I've always thought I've activated it since I've often transferred files), and I need a way to get the Bitcoin wallet out of a computer, monitor, or maybe on accessing another phone repairing the phone is not an option as 1) I already have a new one and 2) the repair would cost me more than is in the wallet. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. 🙂