samsung – Galaxy S8 + occasionally emits a short 3-tone signal. Why?

After two years of use, my Samsung Galaxy S8 + split up. The original repair shop of Samsung has informed me that the battery was swollen and replaced a week ago.

The phone works, but there is now a signal (three falling tones ?, fast). The signal comes irregularly, maybe every 1-2 hours at home, and is charged. It often comes after I picked it up and worked a little bit. I held the phone down when the signal sounded.

I only heard the signal once when it was not charged.

The reason I'm taking it seriously is that I once had an old Galaxy Note 3 that often emitted the same signal. After a while it did not charge well. I had to turn off the phone to charge it. It has been thoroughly investigated in Samsung workshops, but no mistake found. Charger, cables and finally internal charging components changed (not in the original workshop). But his load has never recovered. (This entire paragraph was about my old phone.)

I'm running optimization and only a few apps at the same time.

When they changed the battery last week, they asked me to remove the lock screen and briefly plug in the phone.

I asked today in the workshop and they cleaned the contact. I did not use the phone much later, but the signal came back when it was not charging.

So far, charging is fine, but a new battery has not improved its useful life.

What is the reason for the signal? Are there any charging problems with this phone as well? Can I do something about it?

The last question is somewhat conspiratorial:
Will Samsung introduce software on older phones to compromise functionality if they are not charged properly?

samsung galaxy s 10 – SMS messages slow down after switching from S8 + to S10

Recently I moved from my Samsung Galaxy S8 + to the Samsung Galaxy S10.

One thing I noticed is the time it takes for an SMS to arrive after being sent by a service that uses SMS messages for 2FA logins.

On S8 + the SMS would come in the same moment I click on the button on the website. At S10, this process takes about three seconds.

Is that normal? Maybe S10 is a smaller device with less powerful hardware to talk to the provider. You may need to replace the SIM card * that I have been using for the past six years. Or so.

* This card was originally delivered in standard size. It had been scaled down to the nano-size.

Change the default video player on the Galaxy S8 +

I'm trying to change the default video app on my Galaxy S8 +, but I can not find the app to clear the default settings.

Normally I would find it for any other app under Settings> Apps and delete its default settings. The default app for videos is currently the Samsung integrated "video player", which I do not find in the app list.

The intent selection dialog disappears. So I stay with the built-in video player.

Does this special "Video Player" app have a different name in the app list? Is there another way to change the default video app?

boot – My Samsung Galaxy S8 has crashed and the reboot will not go through

My Samsung Galaxy S8 has suffered no water or impact damage. It just stopped working. I tried to go through the forced reboot / reboot, ie, holding down the power button and the volume down key. I also tried restarting the recovery mode – hold down power, volume up and Bixby buttons. None of it worked. The phone vibrates occasionally. It also displays the Samsung Galaxy S8 startup screen, but it does not progress. At one point some "code" information was displayed, but not anymore. I managed to take a picture of it, which I attached. There are some photos on the phone that are not secured and that are very important.

The code / error message is:

# Error opening the recovery cause (no such file or directory) #

#Reboot recovery is cause [UNKNOWN]#

File-based OTA

E: Error mounting / efs: No such file or directory
Supported API: 3
E: Error mounting / efs (no such file or directory)
E: unknown volume for path[/odm]
E: unknown volume for path [/vendor]
dm-verity verification failed ...
E: Mount / Cache Error: No such file or directory
E: Mount / Cache Error: No such file or directory
E: Failed to mount / system: No such file or directory
E: Mount / Cache Error: No such file or directory
E: Mount / Cache Error: No such file or directory
E: Mount / Cache Error: No such file or directory
E: mount / cache / recovery / last_locale not possible

Any help HUGELY appreciated. Many thanks.

rooting – S8 EXYNOS G905F is a safe flashing of dm verity zip

is it safe to flash the dm verity zip?

I ask because I want to see / read some cases when I try to flash a ROM, the phone goes to the delete stage, displays the dm-verity error, and then reboots

I tried flashing TWRP, but every time

NOTE: The dm-verity-zip was never flashed during a TWRP recovery attempt

I try my phone gets a stack in a bootloop nomatter as I start TWRP and regardless of the weather delete the data and format or not

Every time I flashed a STOCK ROM

1. Flash TWRP
2. Check if the phone can still boot into the system
when booting into the system
3a. Try to confirm the availability of TWRP by starting in recovery and system OSs in several ways to ensure that TWRP is always available
if TWRP is not installed (for example, inventory recovery)
if can successfully boot into the system
4a. go to 1.
if boat loops
4a. go to 3b.
if TWRP was successfully installed (TWRP always boots)
5. undefined (you may try to install Magisk or SuperSU - whichever is safer)
if boat loops
3b. Charge STOCK ROM
4b. Start it and wait for the first setup screen to appear
5. go to 1.

I am using Android 8.0, XSA Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F (was very difficult to find ROM for this model)

and I do not want to be able to flash the STOCK ROM again if something goes wrong with the root attempt

If I can not roast manually

becomes a custom ROM (

provide root in the ROM itself

and if so, if I can flash a ROM incorrectly, can I still flash the STOCK ROM and try again?

Porting from Nethunter to Galaxy s8 G950F Oreo

I'm trying to port the Nethunter kernel to S8 G950F oreo.
I'm using kali linux, downloaded kernel source, toolchain64.
When I try to build the kernel with the "make" command, it says:

scripts / kconfig / conf –silentoldconfig Kconfig
Kconfig: 15: warning: environment variable ANDROID_MAJOR_VERSION undefined
drivers / net / wireless / bcmdhd4361 / kconfig: 1: Warning: Unsupported properties are ignored & # 39;

and 214 more warnings like these.

What am I doing wrong?

samsung – How to root on Exynos S8 SM-G950F?

Since the launch of Magisk, rooting is pretty straightforward. This is an approach to rooting your device. All you need is a custom recovery.

The first step would be to install the Custom Recovery TWRP.

This device uses dm-verity!

This means that swiping to allow system changes prevents you from booting when using the root kernel. To avoid dm-verity boot prevention, you must install a kernel with dm-verity disabled in the fstab.

Odin installation method (no root required):

You need to download and install Odin on your PC.

After installing Odin, download the appropriate .tar file for your device via the download link above.

Turn off your device. Turn on your device with the correct key combination to enter download mode, and connect the device to your computer with a USB cable.

Use the tab or button on the PDA to select the downloaded tar file and flash the device.

Note that many devices automatically replace your custom recovery on first boot. To prevent this, use Google to find the correct recovery keyboard shortcut. After booting from TWRP, TWRP will patch the default ROM to prevent the original ROM from replacing TWRP. If you do not follow this step, you must repeat the installation.

Time to root over custom recovery:

`Download the ZIP file from Magisk.

Restart to a custom recovery and flash the flashable zip
Restart and check if Magisk Manager is installed and the version is the same as in the OP

If for any reason Magisk Manager is not automatically installed / updated, please install / update manually! `