mac – Safely delete files downloaded from Safari

I'm sorry to ask such a basic question, but I'm helping my parents who have a Mac remotely, and I'm neither familiar with this system nor at home.

You received a fake order confirmation email and my father clicked the button to cancel the order. This opened another tab that claimed a security issue and downloaded several files. You couldn't close the tab.

First I told them to Shift-restart Safari so that the tabs would not be restored.

Second, they checked and deleted the download list (unfortunately before taking the photo I requested).

Now I'm not sure if the files are still on the computer. A number of sources, including, assume that deleting the download list will delete it, but I'm looking for a positive confirmation. Could someone familiar with OSX / Safari confirm this?

My mother told me that she couldn't find a folder called "Downloads" (or its localized version). Could it be that the folder is hidden when empty?

If there is such a folder: What is the safest way to empty the Downloads folder without risking opening one of the files? Remember I have to explain the procedure on the phone.

I don't think anything worse has happened. This looked like a scam that required them to call a phone number that would have asked them to pay for "technical support."

Thanks in advance.

How can I safely and permanently deactivate Windows 10 updates in the LTSC version?

I am currently looking for a way to completely disable Windows 10 updates in Windows 10 LTSC 2019. I am currently doing a dirty workaround by renaming the file C: Windows System32 wuaueng.dll, which works until a user runs sfc / scannow.

However, all other solutions that I have found so far are not permanent, i. H. Windows will reactivate it after a while.

I understand this for a beginner, but is there a way for experts who know what to do to safely and permanently disable all updates or selected updates (i.e. security updates only enabled)?

God bless America! We can safely overcome the epidemic.

God bless America! Nobody knows COVID-19 better than Trump
Recently, the governor of California, Newson, announced that he had found 514 old-model ventilators. West California West United Medical Services found 39 million N95 masks. A garbage recycling company found that 36,000 whole boxes of N95 masks were lost last year. It is estimated that 39 million masks require at least 10,000 cubic meters of volume, at least half a soccer field, which corresponds to China's 39 production days. Such numbers and standards are of …

God bless America! We can safely overcome the epidemic.

Do you agree with President Trump? Is it better to live safely in slavery than in freedom when there is a flu-like virus?

Nobody caught me. What about you?

If Trump doesn't hold you captive, you're not his slave. You can go wherever you want.

I save my money so I can have this option and I don't care if the borders around the world are closed.

I still don't think all borders are completely closed!

If I had enough money, I could leave my own country alone if I wanted to go, but I still don't have enough money to buy what I have in mind.

I think it is better to live in freedom than in slavery. Because people who are free can do and go where they want, and this does not mean that all people go where the virus is. Because I think this is an option, but other people might choose to go somewhere where there are either very few or no people. If someone chooses to go where there are no people at all, he or she most likely cannot be infected with the corona virus.

If someone chooses to go where there are no people at all, he or she could likely be or catch their own food and then cook it.

Updates – How can I safely update an unlocked phone?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 from Virgin Mobile with the SIM card unlocked and am now using Mint. I was asked for an update by Samsung and my phone was locked again. I had to contact Virgin Mobile to unlock the update again. This took several days.

I am now prompted for another update. How can I install without locking my phone again? I also have this permanent notification that my phone cannot connect to the Sprint OMADM network ("Configuration not completed"). Can I just install a new Android image?

Evidence of Solvency – Is there a way to safely prove that you control a certain number of Bitcoin?

I would like to know if there is a function supported by Bitcoin Core that uses the current amount in your wallet.dat and is output so that another person can take the data and check whether you have the X amount of Bitcoin , obviously without giving up the private keys / control over the coins and somehow binding them to any string, e.g. For example, a real name, nickname, email address, greeting, etc.

If possible, how is it done and how does it work on a technical level?

And is / could this be done without actually revealing it? Which Coins / parts of coins you control? Just that you have X amount of BTC in your wallet.dat?

And how easy is that? check this "public coin-safe" lump of cryptic characters? One might assume that most people would only look at the amount of Bitcoin on this "receipt", this welcome text and the subsequent encryption-oriented text and assume that it must be the right person without actually feeding it into Bitcoin Core. The check should therefore be very simple, e.g. For example, dragging and dropping the file / image into a Bitcoin Core GUI window to immediately get the pop-up "Correct: X BTC" or the checkbox "Proof could not be checked" blob. "Error message.

ubuntu – Safely limit the number of SSH connections per user

How can I safely limit the maximum number of SSH connections that can be started by a user group?
I added the user group limits.conf with this line

@usergroup - maxlogins 2

This works in most cases, but not when users start a tmux / screen session.
You can create many tmux windows (which is desirable), but if you close the terminal window without closing the tmux windows, you cannot log in to the server again because your tmux windows are considered SSH connections.

This effectively locks them out. How do I prevent this?

sha256 – Download Bitcoin Core safely: wrong checksum

I downloaded the "classic" Linux Bitcoin core 0.19.1 (tgz) from

In the SHA file on the website, this is the key:

5fcac9416e486d4960e1a946145566350ca670f9aaba99de6542080851122e4c bitcoin-0.19.1-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz

If I use the file name sha256sum in my terminal, I do not get this key.

Even if I start it, I get a (FAILED)

sha256sum –ignore-missing –check SHA256SUMS.asc

1) Am I doing it right?
2) If yes, does this mean that has been compromised?