c++ – What is a good platform to handle Game Subscription (SaaS) sales?

I’m looking to add subscription licensing to a long running Windows PC game with regular updates.

Ideally the provider would handle payments/licenses/downloads/updates as part of the arrangement.

I’d like a solution that is considerably cheaper than Steam – perhaps 5-10% of sales. Although I accept that if an initial sale is made through Steam, they should get their normal cut of the ongoing license fee.

Easy integration into C++ with sample code would be helpful too.

I have looked at:

  • xsolla: Currently the top runner, has auto-updates.
  • gumroad: Just handles the license & initial download.
  • mycommerce: Like gumroad, but more business feel.
  • patreon: Don’t know if this is suitable.

Are there any other providers I should research before I invest the time integrating one?


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❕NEWS – A drop in sales for Bitcoin miners! | Proxies-free

Chinese Bitcoin Miner Producer Ebang, announces almost $ 7 Million losses in the first half of 2020!
Indeed, the measures taken to contain the coronavirus pandemic have heavily impacted the company’s production capacity this year, even causing a reduction in terahash per second (TH / s) of hashpower, sold by 86% compared to the same period of 2019.
But nevertheless, Ebang, the Bitcoin miner, does not lose on the exchange.

How to get my first sales

I just got my product launched on jvzoo and privately on warriorplus. It is in the process of being accepted on clickbank and digistore. What do you recommend for getting my first sales, finding affiliates, marketing, and making money?