algebraic manipulation – Why isn’t SameQ working as expected?

First time asking a question on here so forgive my format. Basically, I’m fairly new to Mathematica and I don’t understand why SameQ isn’t working like it should. If I try

Sqrt[1/x] === 1/Sqrt[x]

and evaluate the cell, it returns False. What exactly is going on here? I tried using FullSimply, Simplify, and EqualTo in various combinations but nothing seems to work.

Test expressions with === (SameQ) by factor[], Expand[] and FullSimplify[]

In(30):= a=16x^4 y^5 (81-z^4)-54xy^2 (81-z^4)
Out(30)= -54 xy^2 (81-z^4)+16 x^4 y^5 (81-z^4)
In(31):= b=Factor(a)
Out(31)= 2 (27 xy^2-8 x^4 y^5) (-3+z) (3+z) (9+z^2)
In(45):= c=Expand(a)
Out(45)= -4374 xy^2+1296 x^4 y^5+54 xy^2 z^4-16 x^4 y^5 z^4
In(33):= d= FullSimplify(a)
Out(33)= 2 (27 xy^2-8 x^4 y^5) (-81+z^4)
In(47):= a==b
Out(47)= -54 xy^2 (81-z^4)+16 x^4 y^5 (81-z^4)==2 (27 xy^2-8 x^4 y^5) (-3+z) (3+z) (9+z^2)
In(46):= a===b
Out(46)= False
In(43):= a==c
Out(43)= -54 xy^2 (81-z^4)+16 x^4 y^5 (81-z^4)==-4374 xy^2+1296 x^4 y^5+54 xy^2 z^4-16 x^4 y^5 z^4
In(40):= a===c
Out(40)= False
In(44):= a==d
Out(44)= -54 xy^2 (81-z^4)+16 x^4 y^5 (81-z^4)==2 (27 xy^2-8 x^4 y^5) (-81+z^4)
In(41):= a===d
Out(41)= False

How I understand it == shouldn't work since it's only for numeric expressions and my is symbolic. Buy what is ===? Why === don't give me True in any case?