tablet – Can’t Open/Close/Switch Tabs in Google Chrome on a Samsung Tab S2

I have been having an issue with Google Chrome for about 3-4 months now whereby after awhile of usage the ability to open or delete another tab is disabled or ignored by the application. I can open a new tab using the 3 vertical buton menu but it won’t do so using the plus sign next to the tabs. If I fully exit Chrome (by swiping the chrome box in the area where you can see all previously opened tablet apps) and then restart it, it works fine for a time before once again locking up. Even when I’m having the tab issue all functions on the current tab seem fine.

My tablet is a Galaxy Tab S2. All others apps seem to work fine.


samsung – Does deleting a photo from my android phone’s gallery app also delete it from Google Photos(I have backup & sync turned on).If yes, how to prevent it

I have a samsung (android) device and I use samsung gallery app. Question: Does deleting a photo from the gallery app also delete it from Google Photos in which I have my backup and sync turned on. And if yes, then how to prevent it. ie I want a photo to stay in Google Photos even after I delete it from Samsung Gallery app.

PS: If the solution is to turn off sync then how to Turn on just backup on Google Photos without turning on sync.

What’s the best way to migrate data from multiple user profiles on a Samsung tablet?

I have a Samsung galaxy tab s4 with several user profiles. I bought a new Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite that I would like to migrate to. However, when I used smart switch, it only transfers the admin account without the additional user profiles. Smart switch does not seem to support user profiles at all. Third party apps like CloneIT don’t seem to connect. Is the normal method in this case manually copying everything by hand? What is the best way to migrate multiple user profile data to a new Samsung tablet?

Lack of available storage on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet

My samsung galaxy tablet is low on storage and i have no idea where the storage is being used. When I go into setting and look up storage I get a reading for the various sources documents,apps,pictures, etc. When I add up the usage I get about 5G. The usaged defined on the tablet is 15G. Where is the other 10G being consumed. Cache has all been cleared so I know it is not that and that should have been in the 5G anyways. Is it the operating system?

samsung – How to recover glitching Galaxy S9?

The bad

Last week I totaled a galaxy S9’s screen which I owned for over two years. I liked the phone so I headed up on Facebook market to look for another one.

I discovered a phone that I liked and went on to buy it.

When I had the phone in my hands, before paying, I run a service code (#0011# to see if all sensors/screen etc worked). This passed so I bought the phone.

Also, the phone won’t do samsung updates. It would either throw an error after download (The downloaded file is not correct) or restart when attempting.

The ugly

Here’s the harsh part: not long after leaving the dodgy seller, while going home, the phone started behaving really weirdly: sudden restarts, some screen glitches, and artifacts. The phone also loses battery pretty quickly, either due to the weird sudden restarts or else.

The good

The first thing I looked at was the water damage sticker beneath the sim tray:
enter image description here

I then managed to charge the phone fully and log in with a google account, which allowed me to do further diagnostics. I installed Geekbench and run a test. The phone has a normal score for this model.

I tried filming, calling, playing games on the phone and all seems well.

The only times when the phone restarts are after receiving an error like “Google Services App crashed” or “Samsung Services App crashed” or suddenly when I try to use a service or disable/uninstall blootware.

I also managed to get the phone to update through Samsung Smart Switch to the latest update (Security Patch 1 Dec 2020)


I have a few options for repairing this weird phone

  1. Find what version of firmware I could flash on the phone and hope for a stock experience (including bootloader etc) – This option assumes that the hardware is intact, the chipset has no water damage, etc.

  2. Open the, in which case I lose IP68 (assuming this is not lost already) and change the motherboard with my old phone’s.

How to proceed from here?

I am a bit unfamiliar with choosing the right firmware etc. I have the following information in the phone’s software info:

  • One U.I 2.1

  • Android 10

  • Baseband version: G960FXXSBETG8

  • Kernel version: 4.9.118-18847185 # 1 Mon Aug KST 2020

  • Build number QP1A.190711.020.G960FXXSBETH1

  • Knox 3.4.1 API level 30 TIMA 4.0.0

  • Service provider SW ver.: SAOMC_SM-G960F_CKH_DRE_QQ_0009 / 2b282a7f23017ece (DRE/DRE/DRE)




I tried downloading this firmware version, but from what I’ve read the bootloader version here is too old and cannot replace the current bootloader. How can I determine the bootloader version on my phone? XDA forums say it’s the 5th digit from the Build Number. However, my Build Number doesn’t seem to respect the format of the above file.

Can anyone suggest what to do next? I’m itching to open the phone, but I think it’s wiser to try and repair it from firmware.

samsung – Messages for web not updating with new texts and statuses

I am trying to use Android Messages for web. I am able to connect to the phone using the QR code, but after the initial connection, I do not get new messages automatically or any notification – I have to reload the page to see them.

When I send the message, the “Sending…” status remains and is not updated to “Distributed” either.

I have tried in Firefox and Chromium. I am using Ubuntu. The computer and phone are on the same network, and I tried with the computer using a cable or WiFi. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9 and the app is allowed to run in background (no battery optimisation).

I have had the problem for quite some time now, I couldn’t say if it used to work in the past.

cache – Chrome tabs on Samsung s20

When I use my pull-down bar on chrome, there are literally hundreds of tabs open. I have touched the dots and closed all the tabs. then I receive a message that Chrome is not working. I have rebooted my phone, cleared the history, cleared the cache,most all, and every time I open Chrome browser there are hundreds of tabs open. Is somebody able to help me to resolve this? Thank you

wi fi – where is the “Keep wi-fi on during sleep” settings in Samsung s9?

My Samsung S9 phone wi-fi connection goes off when it goes to sleep mode (after a while whenever the screen turns off ). I’ve found there where a setting option called “Keep wifi on during sleep” in the wi-fi settings advanced menu before the Android version 9, but I can’t find such an option in my phone setting. It is very annoying nowadays during remote work from home.
any help would be appreciated.

storage – The device is not ready warning on Samsung A50s for USB transfer of data

I want to transfer data from my mobile phone to my external USB hard disk.
The data stored in mobile is approximately 60Gb.
But during the transfer I get error the device is not ready.
the device is not ready error

However the Samsung A50s mobile phone is connected and from computer
I am able to access the folders.
accessing mobile from computer
I am not able to understand how can I transfer mobile phone content to USB hard disk in this case.