Samsung Galaxy S7 – Did my screen burn in or is it something else?

My Samsung Galaxy S7 seems to be branded, just like in this picture:

Burn in the screen

(Not my phone, picture from Android Authority)

The difference is that, no matter how closely I look, I see no symbols or other irregularities in the white bar. It seems to be completely even. Exactly where my notification bar is in portrait orientation, I often use my phone in landscape orientation, and there is no color / brightness difference on the page.

What causes this?

  1. burn in
  2. hardware
  3. software

cyanogenmod – Samsung Galaxy GT-19070, wiped system in Twrp

You just said that your "/ system" partition has been deleted, meaning that only your "/ system" partition is clean and other partitions untouched. They also said you used TWRP. So I assume that you still have access to TWRP.

What you would need is:

  • TWRP access
  • Your original CyanogenMod Custom ROM zip file

Since you did not specify your TWRP recovery version, I assume that you are using version 2.x.

Step 1:

(Skip this step if you still have your CyanogenMod ROM zip file.)

Download your CyanogenMod ROM zip from the place where you originally downloaded it.

Step 2:

Start TWRP Recovery

Step 3:

In TWRP, go to "Mount" and check the "Internal Storage" and "External Storage" boxes.

Step 4:

Go to "Install" and locate the CyanogenMod ROM zip file that you originally flashed.

Note: The SD Card folder is your Internal Memory, while the SD Card1 folder is your External Memory or SD Card.

Step 5:

After the flashing is complete, go to "Advanced" -> "Restart" to reboot your phone

Your phone should now work normally and CyanogenMod will load as usual!

mojave – Samsung X5 not recognized

I'm having trouble getting Mojave to recognize an external Samsung X5 hard drive. When I plug in the drive, it lights up, but the operating system does not seem to see it. I connected the drive to a Windows PC with Thunderbolt 3 connector and Windows has seen the drive in order, so it is not a hardware issue. Samsung has pre-installed encryption software on the drive. I've disabled these over Windows, hoping that the Mac can see the drive, but no dice. I have the latest version of the Samsung software installed, but that does not seem to work. I am at a loss, any thoughts would be appreciated.

Is there a way to get pictures out of a non-functional Samsung Note 4?

My Samsung Note 4 has behaved lately and is practically dead now. It does not turn on, whatever the method is. As much as I want to let it go, it contains a lot of pictures that I have not written on my memory card and that I do not want to make disappear. I've recommended it to a lot of people and they've suggested reprogramming it, which means erasing every single thing on it. I thought about removing the phone's physical internal memory and putting it on another note 4 and accessing the pictures there, maybe even the entire phone.

Is there a better way to save my pictures? Many thanks :]

9.0 pie – Samsung Galaxy S9 + stops music randomly when the screen is off

Android Version: Pie (last update)

Phone age: approx. 1 year (warranty expired in June 2019)

Since the update a month ago, my phone has randomly paused Spotify and other apps when the screen is off, regardless of the battery level or power save settings. I checked it and the apps are allowed to run as background processes. It only seems to affect apps that play sounds.

It's so annoying because I do not see any patterns. I noticed that this is prevented by a restart of the phone, and I have set it so that it is restarted every morning. This worked for a while, but now the problem came back.

Right after this update, something else happened. I turned off my phone and the next morning refused to turn on. Booting to recovery mode took a while to activate.

Do you have any idea what to do about it? Ideally, I do not want to reset my phone.

Samsung – phone does not update!

I have released a G955U Galaxy S8 + AT & T Factory for Android 7.0

Baseband Version: G955USQU1AQC9 Android Security Patch Level – April 1, 2017

I no longer live in the US and currently in the Philippines. The phone is working well and the signal is good, but I can not get OTA updates. Every time I try to update it, it means it's up to date.

I tried different ways to update it, which I read online. The last one I tried is following the steps given in this thread, but it gave me this issue

My phone is not rooted or just a normal phone. I'm just trying to update it to the latest Android version 9.0 (Pie). I just created this thread because someone might be able to help me with updating my phone.

I also tried to update via SD card and Smart Switch, but none worked. Smart Switch states that my device is up to date: QC9 (ATT).

Recovery Mode – Copy / Modify data from a Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) with Softboot

The Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) I have on hand was turned off after it got hot in standby. When trying to start it again, it was in a bootloop: As usual, it shows first "Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100", then the provider branding and then "Samsung". At the time the PIN was normally requested, the brand's branding was re-displayed and a loop was closed.

It is possible to switch to recovery mode. Among other things (see below), "E: Error in /data/log/recovery_log.txt (No more space on the device)" is displayed.

The phone has the latest firmware (Android 4.1.2) running. (At least I'm pretty sure it was the latest version.)

Is there anything I could try to start again without losing data? For example, the program may not start because the / data partition is full. Is it possible to remove files from this partition if booting the device is not possible?

If this is not possible, all data (including app data and internal USB memory) can be backed up without losing data.

It appears that installing another recovery ROM will allow you to save the data. However, I have read that installing another restore on an S2 with a standard ROM prevents the system from booting. In this case it will not be booted anyway. Can the original system be restored if the problem can be resolved by freeing space on the / data partition?

Some things I have observed that may (or may not) be helpful:

The recovery mode is Android System Restore <3e>"Above" and "# MANUAL MODE #", "- Apply Multi-CSC …", "Apply CSC Code: Apply DTM" and "Apply Multi-CDC Successfully" in the middle, directly above – Error as described above.

When the phone is turned on, the provider sends SMS to anyone who tried to call the number while the phone was off. Although the phone is in a start loop, such a notification has been sent.