samsung – Why did my phone suddenly close?

I was listening to some music on Youtube with bluetooth headphones and my phone suddenly closed. I turned it back on to continue listening and after a few seconds it closed again. Again, I turned it back on and my friend was calling me through whatsapp. I asked her if she called me before and she said no. I tried to listen again, and it didn’t shut off again. I blocked the auto-update for Youtube on Play Store.

I have a Samsung A7(2018), Android 10. I had this phone for 2 years and it didn’t happen anything the same.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 – GAPPS error(s) – LineageOS

I am getting error(s) while trying to install GAPPS on my Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016). Have installed LineageOS (17.1 – Android 10) successfully, but when I am trying to install GAPPS I get two errors so far, Code 64 and Code 20.


ARM64 -> Android 10.0 -> Nano => Code 64

ARM64 -> Android 7.0 -> Nano => Code 20

Could you please help me out here? Thank you.

windows 10 v2004 – is over provisioning work at my samsung ssd?

After i reinstall windows 10 update 2004 , i start see after instaliation some strange , after C partion is system restore reserved partion , i was precinfigurate 10% of ssd before install os.
Now at magican i see some strange situatioun i cannot cleare that over provisioning , and if i choise manual i can add more over provisioning at C partion at end. If i choise other drive there all as expected.
Qustion is if it work as expected or i need reinstall os and after install create over provisioning for it work normal ( at this way system restore reserverd partion be at end )

more clear – if it work and no be vory about it , or this can work no as expected and better do all how need , and how i remember older versions of windows was create always system reserved spaces at start at of disk , and C was always end partion. This why it confuse me.

enter image description here
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Very Slow Ubuntu 20.04 On Samsung Solid State Drive

I am trying to get Ubuntu 20.04 to run on my external Samsung SSD 860 on my Macbook Pro 2012. I am able to use Refind boot loader to go into the Ubuntu Linux filesystem but everything is extremely slow. Please see the output of sudo fdisk -lu | pastebinit here: All I did was used the default installation of Ubuntu on my SSD and I wiped my regular hard-drive that had Mac installed (I plan to mount that for extra storage). The only thing remaining from the Mac side of things is the default EFI boot loader that shows up when pressing the option key. Thank you!

lock screens – Turn off “double-tap to unlock” on Samsung Galaxy S7

For some reason, whenever someone calls me, the Samsung Galaxy S7 now shows the phone put, tells me to double-tap to unlock, then it does it a few seconds later. I have never seen this before, never wanted to double-tap.

I have gone to the talkback and it is off.

I don’t know why it started doing this but how do I make it stop?

wi fi – Samsung Andriod Mobile does not detect 5GHz Wifi from Verizon Router

I am sorry to tell you..

Your phone is not 5g.

Your phone was created in 2017 before there were any 5g carriers or even 5g phones.

Network technology for this phone is limited to 2G, 3G, and 4G but don’t fret! this is still a really nice phone and supports wifi!

Why don’t you just use Wifi? It’s fast.. faster on most ways.. slower in a few others.

reboot – Samsung Galaxy A10 restarts automatically

I have had my mobile for almost a year, but recently it started to restart unexpectedly. This happens most often while charging, but exceptionally it happens at other times. It only occurs to me that it causes unstable applications, but I can only guess which causes it, unless the problem is somewhere else.

Please help.

Thank you.

PS. Samsung Galaxy A10 – Android 10 (ONE UI 2.0)