Samsung gps routing specify location

I look at my girl Google maps from another phone she had her Gmail hooked up on it said she had been to my neighbors house over 300 times when I looked at her timeliness on Google maps it had hotel addresses and when she was next door now I tried to look it up again but she disconnected it from that phone and I try to locate her device now but it tells me there’s a block from looking her up can this happen where ur location is at the same address many times and ur timeliness matching that.? Can someone remotely but that on ur phone or is she just a cheaterstrong text

data recovery – Samsung “My Files” app: where is trash?


There is a Samsung A10 with Android 9. Some files are deleted by My Files app. I tried to find its trash tool by this post:

Open my files. Tap the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner. On the menu that opens select settings. On the settings menu scroll down to make sure trash is turned on.

For me, there is no option to enable trash.

If you’re not seeing anything that says trash then you might try looking for a my files version update in the galaxy store.

I updated My Files app, but still there is no option to turn trash on.


Am I missing something? How can I see trash in Samsung My Files app?

Other questions

  1. I tried some apps like these to recover deleted files. Some of them did find some old deleted photos, but not the ones which are deleted today:
    1. diskdigger
    2. dumpster
    3. digdeep
  2. I also tried Gallery app: its trash is enabled but its restore didn’t work. I think because the files are deleted by My Files app, not Gallery app. Not sure.
  3. What else I can try to restore deleted photos and videos in My Files app?

Yet another question

I tried undelete app. It mentions that there is no root mode:

Without root, the application can only recover cached images.

How can I root the device without messing it up? Just to be able to use undelete app.

untagged – Samsung S21 where is enable auto space after period setting

I cannot find the setting for auto space after period when I’m typing a message on my Samsung S21.

Anybody knows where it is?

*hope it’s not part of the autocorrect, because I have that turned off, because it’s making a mess in my language

rom flashing – Samsung bootloader unlock but failed to flash custom rom

I go to Settings > About Phone > Software Information then tap the Build number 7 times to enable Developer Options.

Then I connected my device to the internet and go to Settings > Developer Options > OEM Unlocking set to Enabled to unlock the Bootloader, (the phone is reset to data factory but the OEM Unlocked says it’s already enabled after that).

Now I want to flash a custom ROM, but I failed to do so and the error in download mode says Only official binaries are allowed to be flashed. I think this is somehow related to Bootloader which is not fully unlocked. Is there anything I should do before flashing custom ROM?

I’m actually trying to root my device and I’m following this tutorial.


Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018)
Android 10
Android Patch is Feb. 1, 2021

Can I drive this 34 inch samsung display with my macbook pro?

I own a 13 inch early 2015 macbook pro and am in the market for an ultrawide display for my home office. I’ve landed on this display as a contender for purchase, but am worried that my macbook will not be able to drive the display properly.

The resolution for the display is 3,440 x 1,440. According to apple here, the HDMI port can support resolutions up to 3840-by-2160 at 30Hz. What about the thunderbolt 2 port? I understand the thunderbolt 2 port also doubles as a minidisplay port, however apple does not mention supported resolutions.

Can I use the minidisplay port to drive this monitor? If not, is my only option the HDMI? Could I do thunderbolt 2 to thunderbolt 3?

Any information on how I might be able to drive this display would be appreciated.

samsung – Lost text messages

Today I did a factory reset on my s21 ultra. I have lost all the text messages. I assumed they would restore from Google, but I’m using the samsung text app and the only back up in samsung cloud is from today after the reset. Is there any way to restore these messages as some of them are very important?

applications – Disabling Samsung battery management from putting my apps to sleep when the phone screen is turned off and running on the battery

I’m looking to disable Android’s battery management.
On my Samsung S10 Plus running Android version 11 are several apps running in the background,
but they only run when the phone’s USB port is connected to a charging source such as the mains adaptor or to my computer or when the screen is turned on regardless of being plugged in or running on the battery. The apps fall to sleep within a minute or two when the phone is running on the battery and the screen is turned off. All of these issues started after I upgraded to the current Android version on the S10+. Also this phone is not rooted. We also have older Samsung phones like the S9 and S8 running Android 10 without any app battery management issues.

I have done the following:
I wiped the cache partition.
I have the “Adaptive battery” setting under “More battery settings” turned off.
I have the “Put unused apps to sleep” setting under “Background usage limits” turned off.
I have added the apps to “Never sleeping apps” screen’s list under “Background usage limits” turned off.

Despite doing all of the above, the current OS seems to be ignoring all of the settings I have set. Do any of you know of an app or any additional settings that will stop my apps from being put to sleep like that? This never happened when running Android version 9 and below.

All help will be appreciated.

samsung – Repurposing a tablet: SMT230NU

samsung – Repurposing a tablet: SMT230NU – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

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