block editor – Gutenberg get withState variable in save function

That is not how blocks work. If you want to save something, it must be a block attribute.

withState lets a function have internal state, so it’s useful if you want to add toggle controls to your blocks UI, but it should not be used to store things that need to be saved. So you might use it to help build the UI for a block, hold temporary things, anything that doesn’t need to be solved and can be eliminated. E.g. wether a panel is open or collapsed.

Further, if we ignore this, and try to use withState we run into several issues:

  • the state in the save function would not be the same state, so the value wouldn’t carry over
  • the information would be in the HTML, but because it isn’t a block attribute it would not be saved and the next time you opened the editor it would dissapear and need to be reset or the HTML would change
  • withState is meant to be used inside a React component, but the save method is intended for generating the final HTML to go in the database.

The fundamental problem here is that the LinkToggleControl is using local ephemeral state to store wether it’s toggled or not, when it should be using setAttributes instead.

development – Is there a way to save a site in SharePoint online as a template programmatically (with an API, PowerShell, C#, etc.)?

I have a SharePoint Online site that has custom scripts enabled, and I want to programmatically save it as a template. I do not want to use PnP Provisioning Templates, I want to access the same functionality as savetmpl.aspx but programmatically. I know that in SharePoint Server you can use the SPWeb.SaveAsTemplate method in PowerShell or C#, but this is not present in SharePoint Online. Is there a way to do this?

I also found the following url: I see ExportWeb listed there. Would this work in SharePoint Online?

I looked at this question, but I do not want to use PnP Provisioning

magento2: add product then save error

the error code is :
Class MagentoDownloadableApiDataSampleInterfaceFactory does not exist

I add the product, when I submit and save the product. I test it for many days, it still this error, does I configure it wrong?

the Class of the SampleInterface Factory does not exist?
who can give me the code on how to solve this error?

archiving – Save Entire Twitter Timeline Including Recommendations from People I follow


Is it possible to save entire timeline with recommendations into RSS Feed?

The information in the example below with red markings on it, is what I am after.
Since from what I have found so far, I am only able to retrieve information from my timeline, without twitters recommendations. ( my own tweets, retweets, or likes) I want to archive everything if at all possible.

Alternatives that I have thought of, if this is not possible.

Individually, capture all information of each user that I follow ( their tweets, retweets, and likes)
It would be tedious, but it would be one way.

I do know that their are rate limits.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Sources that I have tried without success

Converts Twitter to RSS Feed

twarc is a command line tool and Python library for archiving Twitter JSON data

Twitter timeline

Example of My Timeline

Twitter Timeline Save Recommendation
Twitter Timeline Save Recommendation

iphone – How save radio station as favorite in iOS Music app?

I have some Internet radio stations on a playlist in iTunes on Windows. To listen to one, I just go to the playlist and select the station. I want to do the same kind of thing in the iOS Music app, but I can’t find a way to save a radio station as a favorite or put it on a playlist.

I know how to search for a station in iOS, but I don’t want to search for a station each time I want to hear it. Essentially, I want to have presents for my frequently used stations. How can I do this?

I’m running iOS 13 on an iPhone SE (2020 edition). I’m not a subscriber to Apple Music, and I have no interest in becoming one.