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I am looking for user to test

To earn ways

Unlimited number of videos .- TV feature that allows a user to earn 1 – 2.50 USD / day / US-Dollar ip

Quiz – Jungle offerwall (Click to .001)
Offerdaddy – installed, registered, etc.

Immediate withdrawal on Paypal, at least $ 2.50

Tips and tricks – My online friend is asking for money to visit my home country. Is this a legitimate request or a scam?

The first rule for any such question is simple:

If you must ask, it is probably a scam

While we can not possibly investigate every possible situation from every angle, online scams are just too commonplace to trust someone you only know on the Internet or who seems to be just one real friend or relative who may have hacked his email accounts or could just be embodied. So the basic advice is: Do not send private data, pay anything, and do not send money for any purpose.

Some common examples are:

  • Love interest, who wants to meet you.
  • "Probable" friend in need.
  • Profit / lottery.
  • Inheritance of a distant relative.
  • Person in need asking you to pay attention to your financial assets.
  • some government / private fine / tax / loan / bid fraud

If you know the person who apparently sent the email and personally asked for money, contact them in some other way or let them answer a personal question, to which only they know the answer, before using their email as really accept.

In many countries, there are organizations that can report Internet fraud or suspected Internet fraud. They also offer advice on common fraud attempts and their detection.

In the US: The IC3 (part of the FBI) โ€‹โ€‹(more information from the FBI on romance fraud)
In Canada: The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center
In the UK: Action Fraud

The second rule for each such question is also simple:

google this requirement

A legitimate request, if any, will be found on relevant official sources, including airline or embassy websites. For example, Indians have to show $ 500 / week to enter Thailand.

In many countries, visa applicants must also prove financial resources. However, cash is rarely accepted as such (as it can only be borrowed for one day), and depositing the cash into the applicant's bank account the day before applying for a visa usually fails.

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I'm Edin, owner of, one of the oldest PTC sites on the Internet. We created Goldenclix in November 2012 and launched it in January 2013.

We've weathered many crises in the industry when Liberty Reserve failed (oh yeah, we were online then), Payza failed, and PayPal blocked all PTC and TE sites.

Site already paid more than half a million dollars to members.

Earn up to $ 0.01 per click and $ 0.01 per RR / DR recommendation click.

We have many offerings and surveys available: PTCWall, Offers4all, Clixwall, MyAdsWall, MinuteStaff, AdGateMedia Rewards, OfferDaddy, OfferToro and KiwiWall.

Some time ago we made it easy for free members and people who want to quickly test the site – there is no minimum payout! Only what free members have to do is have 1000 pay points when they withdraw. You can earn pay points by creating offerwalls and clicking on bonus ads. 1 payout equals $ 0.0001. For example, if you click on an ad in the value of $ 0.0001 in PTCWall, you will receive 1 point. If you make an offer worth $ 0.10 you will receive 1000 points and can withdraw it immediately! After withdrawing, the system will deduct 1000 points from your account.

Please post the proof of payment here if you receive it ๐Ÿ™‚

All the best,

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If you try to retire, and you have not paid, mark as fraud. But if you do not, do not flag it as a scam. KELTA is a real company and they pay. You say bullshits … sorry. Please give me proof that I do not pay. KELTA is from Slovakia and I live here. My friends who make money each month withdraw. KELTA has a real team, real buildings, real mountain farms. I do not know what proof you need : D Posted on Categories ArticlesTags , , , ,

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Bitdeer is now hosting a Chinese New Year celebration, where you can open red envelopes and win prizes, such as days of free mining.
I just won 3 days free for a 120 day contract.
However, you can open such an envelope every day.
There is also a kind of new recommendation program.
If you invite a friend to accept an order, you will receive 4% of the maintenance fee and the friend will receive additional days for the removal
The link to the festival page:
Also the referral link, if you want to join:

Here is a picture of the page: