networking – Discover IPMI IP address by scanning all possible direct LAN addresses

I have a Supermicro server board that powers on but wont post.

I have connected a LAN cable to the dedicated IPMI LAN port on the board and am trying to discover what the IPMI IP address of the board is.

I have tried scanning the local network via:

nmap -n -sP

However I as the server is not connected to anything other than a laptop via IPMI it does not know it’s on the local network, and I have seen SuperMicro IPMI addresses around 172.17.x.x.

I have not been able to find a list of all possible IPMI addresses to narrow down. How can I scan the entire 172.x.x.x address range using nmap? or any other ideas for finding this server via direct connection to an IPMI port.

penetration test – Nmap scanning with and without proxychains has different behaviour

I’m doing a nmap scan to my own machine to my own machine. First of all I set the port 333 to listen with this command sudo nc -lvnp 333

On the other terminal I run sudo nmap -O -sV -p 0-65535 IP where IP is my local IP. The result I got on the nmap terminal is this one:

enter image description here

But on the terminal where I opened the port, the process finishes and I have this message:

    root@kali:~$ sudo nc -lvnp 333
    listening on (any) 333 ...
    connect to (IP) from (UNKNOWN) (IP) 47462

I got curious and I tried to do the same thing with proxychain just to check which IP would appear, so I run sudo proxychains nmap -O -sV -p 0-65535 IP

The result on the nmap terminal was different I guessed because the limitations of nmap through proxy I read in other places:

enter image description here

But when I checked on the nc terminal the process didn’t finish and it doesn’t seem that noticed some scan was checking that port.
Which is the reason that with proxychains the scan was stealthy?

scanning – Macro lens suggestions for a Nikon D40? Trying to scan Kodachrome slides with the Nikon ES-1

I am trying to “scan” Kodachrome/Ektachrome slides from the 40’s-60’s. I am considering buying the Nikon ES-1 slide copier. I do not have a macro lens, any suggestions? I have a Nikon D40. I am going into this quite blind, I’m not sure what I am doing but I would like to do a good job preserving these photos by converting them to digital. I will do lots of research, but I am worried my old Nikon D40 isn’t capable of giving me good quality. Do you think it is worth buying a used macro lens and using the ES-1 to do this? I just don’t know if my camera is too obselete to give good quality. It is important that they are as accurate as possible, the colors are beautiful and my grandfather was quite good! I have read that the Nikon 40mm f 2.8 is a good option for my camera, do you think so? I also am unsure of settings I should use and what to use for a consistent light source. Lots of research to do…but any suggestions of help would be so appreciated! Thank you!

Algorithms – scanning subsets with repetition

If there is a string S of length n and a positive integer k <= n, we want to randomly and with equal probability select a string from the set of all strings of length k that can be formed with a subset of the letters of S if for example, S = dad and k = 2, we want to select each of the strings da, dd, dy, ad, ay, yd and ya 1/7 with equal probability.

Obviously, one could do this by calculating all possible permutations. But is there a more efficient way?

Camera – When scanning a URL / phone number QR code, is there any way to force iPhone to only display the "Copy" menu instead of opening the browser?

For example, if you scan a URL QR code with iPhone, you'll usually be asked to open the browser with Safari (or ask you to call if the QR code is a phone number). This differs from plain text that only asks you to search the context or copy the context.

My question is, is there any way to force iPhone to ask you to search the context or just copy the context even if a URL or phone number or QR code is scanned?

magento2.3.0 – Error "Protection against misuse – Failed. Google reCaptcha not recognized" after scanning the Magento 2.3.0 site

We are under one Error after scanning the Magento 2.3.0 website "Protection from abuse – Failed. Google reCaptcha was not recognized. It is highly recommended to use reCaptcha in the customer registration form." with Magento security scanner.

Enter the image description here

If we activate the MSP_Recaptcha module and save it with the required parameters for the Google API key and the secret key from the backend configuration, the scan is successful.

However, Google Recaptcha is not required because Magento Captcha is already working properly.

So what we did disabled the MSP_Recaptcha module, but after disabling it

MSP_Recaptcha module, we have errors

"Abuse Protection - Failed.Google reCaptcha not detected.It is highly recommended to use reCaptcha at the customer registration form." .