Maximum scientists agree that hair loss is in

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    Hair Juice Accelerator was inherited from Mama's Facet of Relatives, though it was not installed. Propecia in the rescue The coolest thing about Propecia is that it can not help you prevent similar hair loss, but also opposite. More than% of men have a qualified benefit, claiming that their hair loss is stopped within just one month. % Men have claimed to be spotting new hair growth, having a completely misguided desire.

If Jews are not considered white people, many of the best Western scientists were not white. Does that bother someone?

Rogers had this riddle: Q: How many legs does a dog have if you call it a leg? A: Still four legs, because calling a tail a leg does not make him one.

Race is a very important topic for Republicans today. White people are slowly losing their majority in the US and their control. Many whites are very upset about this and the Republicans take advantage of this fear and anger. Their rhetoric is more and more racial, USA against them, and warns that blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, immigrants, etc. prevail.

Judaism is a belief system, an ethnicity, not a race. But Jews are "different". They are & # 39; the others & # 39 ;. So you are a target. But Israel, OTOH, is a valuable ally. So you often hear republican leaders who speak from both sides of their mouth.

For example, fundamentalist Christians have learned that the modern state of Israel is a harbinger of end days. Therefore, Israel must be defended at all costs, and God will punish anyone who deals with Israel severely. But these same people believe that all Jews will go to hell and deserve that! If they say that Jews are a different race, that is completely consistent with this view – Israel: GOOD, Jews: BAD.


What do computer scientists need as skills?

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Scientists, I think evolution is wrong. Why do you think that you are truer than the Torah?

The Torah speaks in English that God makes birds and fish and beasts that multiply.

Then it speaks of male and female people.

I have not seen a female animal give birth to anything else. It takes a man to get pregnant, which I see from dogs and horses.

I see no evidence of evolution. I see more evidence of the order of things as the Torah expresses in terms of life and reproduction.

Read the definition of the word science and tell me how evolution is scientific.