Device damage – Does a large scratch in an ND filter affect image quality?

I've found that a used 10-stage ND filter is sold in exactly the size you want at a price of 15% of a new filter, except on delivery it's 21% of the price of a new filter on delivery.

The catch? It has a scratch that starts roughly in the middle of the filter and ends near the edge. The length of the scratch is 1/3 of the filter diameter. The scratch thickness is very thin, so the area it covers is infinitesimal (so I do not think that would affect the 10-level rating of the ND filter at all). It is still visible immediately, if you see the filter, so a fair scratch.

Does such a scratch affect the picture quality in any way? I understand that you can scratch the front lens element badly and the image quality is acceptable in most cases. Does that also apply to ND filters?

I will not use the filter if the sun is included in the picture. In addition, I will use a lens hood with the filter. But I may use the filter at 1:22, and with such a small aperture, scratches may be visible that are invisible at about 1: 5.

At an affordable price, the inner voice in my head says "GET IT !!!" But is there anything I do not understand about the condition of the filter?

rest – How to create a mailing app with web services from scratch

I'm not sure if my question is legitimate for this stack, but it's not legitimate for a stack overflow.
I want to create my own "mailing app / server" with web services.

What I mean by that is:
I want users to have their own inbox and send messages to other people. Each user should be identified by a username and have their own logon password

I want a web service (SOAP or REST) ​​to do most of the work, but I also want a separate service that handles the authentication.

The thing is, I'm building this kind of app for the first time and I have no idea how to design it, what the server should handle, and so on, what languages ​​to use, etc. … SOAP is better for messaging Part and REST for the AUTH or vice versa?

I'm just looking for insights on how to tackle the problem

thank you in advance!

Insert a bug (or spacer) if IMPORTXML can not scratch data in Google Sheets

I use IMPORTXML to create what is essentially a vehicle inventory feed file.

My problem occurs when a price is not included on our main website. What seems to happen is when the price is not included IMPORTXML skip this, without mistakes or anything, and including the next prize, which he finds in his place on the sheet.

This is a problem as we try to keep these trucks in line with their VIN, MSRP, price and so on.

To give a concrete example in my paper: 1FTMF1E5XKKE62311 No price is currently listed on our website. Instead of inserting an empty cell or an error, the IMPORTXML adds the price for the device listed below. This leads to an accumulation of empty prices at the end of the sheet, although the prices for these vehicles are indicated on our website. Basically, this throws off the entire bow after the first skipped price.

So we currently use the Internet price:

=IFERROR({IMPORTXML(A4,"//div(@class='col-xs-12 visible-xs margin-top-1x')//span(@style='font-weight:bold;font-size:1.2em;')(@class='pull-right primaryPrice')");IMPORTXML(A5,"//div(@class='col-xs-12 visible-xs margin-top-1x')//span(@style='font-weight:bold;font-size:1.2em;')(@class='pull-right primaryPrice')");IMPORTXML(A6,"//div(@class='col-xs-12 visible-xs margin-top-1x')//span(@style='font-weight:bold;font-size:1.2em;')(@class='pull-right primaryPrice')");IMPORTXML(A7,"//div(@class='col-xs-12 visible-xs margin-top-1x')//span(@style='font-weight:bold;font-size:1.2em;')(@class='pull-right primaryPrice')");IMPORTXML(A8,"//div(@class='col-xs-12 visible-xs margin-top-1x')//span(@style='font-weight:bold;font-size:1.2em;')(@class='pull-right primaryPrice')");IMPORTXML(A9,"//div(@class='col-xs-12 visible-xs margin-top-1x')//span(@style='font-weight:bold;font-size:1.2em;')(@class='pull-right primaryPrice')");IMPORTXML(A10,"//div(@class='col-xs-12 visible-xs margin-top-1x')//span(@style='font-weight:bold;font-size:1.2em;')(@class='pull-right primaryPrice')");IMPORTXML(A11,"//div(@class='col-xs-12 visible-xs margin-top-1x')//span(@style='font-weight:bold;font-size:1.2em;')(@class='pull-right primaryPrice')")},"")

We had hoped the error handler would work, but unfortunately not. Does anyone have any thoughts on how we could not break the import order if a price is not listed?

Any advice would be very grateful !!

Create an Oracle database on remote server from scratch

Greetings to all.

I make an independent program of the database, using System.Data.Common, DBProviderfactory, etc; I need to create a database on an Oracle server from scratch and then create tables, stored procedures, and functions. The program runs from a location other than the Oracle server. I have already done this with a SQL Server and now I have to do it with Oracle.

I share the code for SQL Server:

dpf = DbProviderFactories.GetFactory(dp); //dp = "System.Data.SqlClient"

conexion = dpf.CreateConnection();
using (conexion)
     //Cadena de conexión a la master para crear la base de datos
     this.conexion.ConnectionString =
          "server=" + this.txt_SD_Servidor.Text +
          ";database=master" +
          ";user id=" + this.txt_SD_UserId.Text +
          ";password=" + this.txt_SD_Pwd.Text;

     dbcmd = conexion.CreateCommand();
     dbcmd.CommandText = "CREATE DATABASE " + this.txt_SD_BD.Text;


     //Cadena de conexión a la nueva base de datos para crear las tablas, procedimientos y funciones.
     this.conexion.ConnectionString = this.txt_CnStr.Text;

     dbcmd = conexion.CreateCommand();

     dbcmd.CommandText = "CREATE TABLE ..."

     dbcmd.CommandText = "CREATE PROCEDURE ..."

     dbcmd.CommandText = "CREATE FUNCTION ..."

I have no experience with Oracle, I only used it to connect to existing databases and manipulate records.

I saw an example in an earlier post, but this article uses a local server, that is, the program resides on the same machine as Oracle.

This is the link to the post office:

Create Oracle database and schema programmatically ADO.NET

As you can see in the previous post, the location of the oradata route is local:

string oracleDataPath = "C:\PATH_TO_ORADATA\";

I have to do the same but direct it to a remote server.

Thank you in advance for the help you can give me.

Javascript – Slider from scratch (html + css + js)

I would like to shed light on how to create a simple guideline of sliders in the style of smooth but without use Slick slider but create it from scratch because the shapes are the CSS style Slick slider have not formatted what I want to create, I have to implement this slider of 3 or more images in a website, if they can not answer here or even better explain my insta is @ Eberth.Silva, thanks in advance.

sitemap – How to tell bots to forget a site and index it from scratch

It does not work You need to map your old URLs to the new ones with redirects for SEO and user experience.

Google never forgets about old URLs, even after a decade. If you are migrating to a new CMS, you must implement page-level redirects

If there is no match for a particular page, you can allow it 404 and Google will remove it from the index. If you use "410 Gone" instead, Google deletes the URLs from the index as soon as they have been crawled without the Google-defined "404 Not Found" deadline of 24 hours.

There is no instruction that instructs bots to forget an old site in the search console or robots.txt.

What if you do not redirect?

Redirecting may be too time-consuming, or your new CMS may not simplify the implementation of the redirect.

If you do not implement the redirects, it will start from scratch. Google recognizes that your legacy URLs return the status 404 and removes them from the search index.

Your new URLs may be indexed, but it may take a while. Changing all of your redirect URLs is a big sign that your site is not stable and can not be trusted. All your placements will be lost and your website will be restarted.

Googlebot will search the old URLs for years to come. The hope is eternal that you can open these pages again someday.

If you redirect, all inbound links, users' bookmarks, and most of your current leaderboards will be preserved.


Why do search engines have no "reset" button? Because there are almost always better options. In your case, it is much better to divert.

In the event of a site being penalized, Google will not offer a reset button as it may remove all penalties.


How do you implement the redirects? You need a list of your old URLs. You may have a sitemap from your old website that you can start with. You can also retrieve the list from your server logs, Google Analytics, or even from Google's search panel.

If you've planned in advance, your URLs will be similar in your new CMS and you can implement a rewrite rule to handle them. If there is a pattern between the old and the new URL, it can be a one-liner in a URL .Access File to output the redirects for the entire website.

If you have to manually search for the new URLs and assign thousands of them one after the other, you can look it up RewriteMap Functionality.

How can I create a rule with Javascript from scratch?

Honestly, if the bootcamp does not teach you how to do that, then what is it about? Hardcore or not, you do not say "go do this" without having previously trained. Are you expected to know this stuff first?

What would you need to make a roulette wheel in real life? A spinning wheel, a ball, and blanks on the wheel where this ball can land when the wheel lowers (or whatever they work for). In Javascript, you would create animations for turning the wheel. And you have to land a ball (your return) and numbers that are picked and a method to get those numbers.

So what would you need to do animations, pick a number, and give it back?

google sheets – Scratch the exchange rate of

A currency conversion formula, for example

= GOOGLEFINANCE ("CURRENCY:" & 2 C $, "Price", A3,)

Displays the closing price by default under "Price". There is no option for the average price. So, when you visit, a different currency conversion than Google Sheets will be returned.

Is there a way to find Oanda's average price instead of using the closing price?

NEW – Scratch Day App Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? | Proxies-free

I recently saw this app advertising while playing with my messenger.
Out of curiosity, I searched for this app and found it in the Google Play Store. I downloaded it and now I test it myself.
This app is based in the UK and I believe it can be downloaded worldwide.

After downloading, you can use this app by signing in with your Facebook account.

The reward will be credited to your PayPal account after the minimum of £ 10 or $ 10 has been reached
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You also have a referral fee of 100,000 coins for each friend who signs up under your invitation code.

Here is the link

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If you use my invitation code, I am happy and grateful for your help.

NOTE: I have just started and I have no proof of payout.