Web Development – Can Cloudflare be used without displaying the "redirect" screen for the user?

Can Cloudflare essentially load my website immediately?
My site is already fast enough, but I would like to use Cloudflare (in addition to the anti-DDos benefits).
From what I've seen on other sites, redirecting adds a 5-second buffer that negates the purpose of speeding up my site, which is already fast.

Battery consumption of the split screen compared to an app in the foreground (iOS)

It is not possible to give a generic answer that is "always true" because the power consumption behavior varies from app to app and even depends on the input data in each app.

In general, each app's power consumption is not just limited to CPU usage when the display itself is out of the question. Other main power sources are GPS, cellular phones, WiFi radios, the GPU, etc.

However, if the app performs exactly the same tasks in the split screen as in full-screen mode, the power consumption is approximately equal to the sum of each app's power consumption in full-screen mode (if it is not recorded).

In practice, the performance of the split-screen app is usually slightly lower, so that the sum is often slightly less than the sum. The difference is negligible.

Again, this can vary greatly from app to app.

I'm having trouble opening a form, accessing it to get it to the maximum screen size

I have an access database with 3 users. I've created all the code on my workstation and the users each open a different front-end on their workstation (the code is managed on a central server).

I've tried several different ways in the code to open the default form when I open Access on the workstation. I used form_load and form_open procedures with doCmd.Maximize.

Here's the problem: When I open one of the frontends on my workstation, the form is maximized, so I suspect it's not a code issue. When I open Access on the workstations, the standard forms are only opened in the size I create, say 5 "x 5". However, when I put the form into design mode and then into form mode, the forms take up the entire screen; H., you are maximizing. This is a problem only if Access is started on the workstations and the default form is loaded.

Can someone refer me to a setting or VBA code variant that maximizes the form when loading? All three workstations run Windows 10.

Forms – What is the best layout for a survey screen on a website?

I'm designing an onboarding survey for a sales education portal, where after enrolling, the student will take a small survey that recommends a program to the learner. This survey should have 6-10 questions, all of which are mandatory.

Here are some options I've worked on for the Survey screen.

Option 1 – List

Show all questions directly on the screen with each other and have a submit button at the bottom of the screen.

Enter image description here

Option 2 – Mage

Show one question each and provide a forward / back button to move forward and backward in the survey. The last step will have a submit button.

Enter image description here

Option 3 – List + Assistant

View a series of related questions and provide a Next / Prev key to move forward and backward in the survey. The last step will have a submit button.

Enter image description here

I think for a larger survey, it's always better to follow Option 3 to get the best user experience, but only 6 to 10 questions in the survey confused me in choosing a solution without compromising the user experience.

Let me know what you think.

How can I prevent the notification of an app from being updated when the screen is off?

I've installed a Bootlegger ROM (Android 9 Pie) on a Motorola Moto E 2015 phone. I have enabled a setting in the adaptive display settings that turns on the screen when a new notification is received. It works well, but my music player (AIMP) updates the notification each time a new song is played, causing the display to turn on (pulsate) frequently and consume extra batteries. I could avoid that by completely disabling the notifications for AIMP, but I'd like to see the notification when the screen is on.

Can I prevent the notification from being updated when the screen is off?

Another way to fix this is to disable AIMP notifications when the screen is off, and then turn them back on when the screen is turned on (for example, using Tasker). The disadvantage of this approach, however, is that the notification after power-up will be displayed at the next title. Therefore, the current title in the notification can not be displayed in this way.

boot – The GNU GRUB screen no longer loads Ubuntu OS

I worked well with Ubuntu, but one day, when I restarted it, it froze the Lap return to the GNU GRUB screen (the purple one), where there are only 3 options: Ubuntu / Advanced option for Ubuntu / System -Set up.
When I press Ubuntu, the screen freezes on the purple screen like it's being charged, but it can stay like that for hours.
I did not create a backup. What are the commands to restore my data?

How can I open a web page in several chrome windows to test the screen size?

I have a responsive webpage that I need to test with different resolutions to check the layout with these different resolutions. Is there a Chrome extension or command line magic that allows me to open a web page in a series of different windows with different resolutions like the following?

Enter image description here

I'd like to find out how to do that without opening a few new windows and adjusting them each time with the Window Resizer extension.