game design – Why Beat ’em Ups don’t allow players to face toward or away from the screen

Most Beat ’em Ups don’t allow players to face away or towards the screen: example, in Streets of Rage, when you press up, the character moves up but still facing either left or right and same goes when you press down. Even in modern Beat ’em Ups, this is the case. What is the reason for this? I used to think this is because the graphics are 2D so its harder or more work to get characters to face towards or away from the screen. But even in Beat ’em Ups that uses 3D graphics, this is still the case, like Double Dragon Neon.

unity – How can I set perspective camera in portrait to fit screen sizes

I want to fit a perspective camera in different mobile portrait resolutions to see always the same objects in screen.

Doing a research about my problem I have found this post Scale camera to fit screen size unity that have a similar problem than mine, but he ask for an ortographic camera also horizontal.

My problem is the same but in perspective and vertical, I have tryed to adapt the solution code to my project but I don’t know why isn’t working, can someone explain to me the code or helpme to understand the maths behind them so I can figure how to do it?

My code for vertical

public float VerticalFoV = 60.0f;

// ...

void Update() {
   float halfHeight = Mathf.Tan(0.5f * VerticalFoV * Mathf.Deg2Rad);

   float halfWidth = halfHeight * Screen.width/ Screen.height;

   float horizontalFoV = 2.0f * Mathf.Atan(halfWidth) * Mathf.Rad2Deg;

   Camera.main.fieldOfView = horizontalFoV;

Sample code for horizontal

public float horizontalFoV = 90.0f;

// ...

void Update() {
   float halfWidth = Mathf.Tan(0.5f * horizontalFoV * Mathf.Deg2Rad);

   float halfHeight = halfWidth * Screen.height / Screen.width;

   float verticalFoV = 2.0f * Mathf.Atan(halfHeight) * Mathf.Rad2Deg;

   camera.fieldOfView = verticalFoV;

What’s the reference screen resolutions to start preparing mockups for desktop?

Design for the most common screen resolution in your userbase. If it’s an internal company application then you can hopefully find out the various devices being used boy contacting the internal IT department. If it’s an external application then you’ll have to go by statistics available in that location.

Sites like can give you stats by country, which is a place to start.

HOWEVER – just because screens have a certain resolution, that doesn’t mean the application window will always be set to maximum for all users to make the most of. People use applications in all sorts of ways, have different sized monitors connected, have them set to different zoom levels… So you need to make sure the application can scale to a variety of different sizes.

microsoft remote desktop blank screen when host PC’s (win10) monitor is off or not connected. Also LAN connections don’t work

as per title, everytime I try to connect using the android, iOS clients (official MS ones), it always shows an unresponsive black screen when the host PC’s monitor is off or disconnected. All my power settings are OK (no sleep, no hibernation, no auto turning off network card to save power etc etc). I’m really at a loss as it doesn’t give any error messages.

Another strange issue I’m having is all local network connections don’t work. It fails to connection everytime saying the PC can not be found regardless if I use IP address or PC name. I’ve disabled windows firewall too. Works fine over the internet though?

Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch!

7.0 nougat – My phone screen keeps randomly going black

(If there is another post which can answer my question please feel free to direct me to it.)

Recently my phone has started to go to a black screen for a few seconds before going back to normal. The closet question I could find which was similar to mine is this one

However I don’t have any magnets near my phone. If anyone is having a similar issue or nows that cause of this I would be glad to know. Thank you!

(The image from the previous link is similar to what my phone looks like when the issue occurs)

flutter – Consigo colocar mais de 2 imagens na Native Splash Screen?

Tenho um projeto onde uma imagem seria meu background, uma seria um logotipo centralizado na tela e uma outra que ficaria na parte de baixo da tela. Eu consigo fazer isso no Native Splash Screen ou teria outra forma de fazer isso? Consegui fazer a Splash Screen com as duas primeiras imagens com o Native porém não consigo adicionar a terceira imagem. Exemplo de como deve ficar:

Imagem de como deve ficar:

unity – How to transition a coin to the middle of the screen then up when collecting it?

I have a coin sprite that animates spinning in place, like this.

When the player picks up the coin, I want to make a transition while keeping the animation. First moving towards middle, then much faster all the way up until it leaves the screen like this:

Sketch of coin transition

My question: Is this done mostly via adjusting the Transform component component via scripting? Or are games implementing something like this in a different way?

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