sprites – unity spriterenderer scale to fit screen portion

let me explain what i have.
a camera that render only a sprite ( sprite renderer) and what i’m looking for is to scale that sprite renderer to fit a screen portion (not the entire screen) for example 0.145 (normalized) anyone can help me?

fix : i mean, from 0 to 0.145 so the entire area ( it will be a 125×125 image ) so i need to keep the aspect ( same width and height) and i’m using orthographic camera

Decrease the screen size (not resolution) on android 11 (wm overscan depricated)

I recently bought a Pixel 4a and being used to a way smaller phones before (4.7 inches) it’s gigantic for me. I’m trying to find a way to decrease the usable space of the screen (from the top) and hide the camera cutout. I found out this but the option is only available on samsung (and other brands). then I found out this thread and the “wm overscan” adb command and just as it looked like I found a solution, it turned out Google depricated the overscan command in Android 11. I tried also natcho notch and other “notch-hiding” software but they only “blacken” the notification bar and don’t actually reduce the screen size. Any ideas what I can do to actually achieve this on Android 11?

battery – Screen on when charging on powered off phone

My phone’s screen is always on when I charge it while it is turned off.
It displays this image:

enter image description here

And the screen cannot be turned off. I believe it is not charging either, but I can boot it normally. It charges normally when on.

I believe the issues posted at

are fairly similar, but do no have a solution, as far as I can tell.

Originally, I had the message

Orange State
Your device has been unlocked and can’t be trusted..Your device will boot in 5 seconds

Displayed along the picture of the battery. The phone would not boot (unless I’ve pushed the on button, that is), but the message would continually be displayed.

I’ve followed the tutorial at https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-31664.html and removed the 5 seconds boot delay time in Orange State: I don’t see that warning when I turn off my phone or when it is turned off and charging, but the screen still stays on when I’m charging the phone turned off.

jquery – I want to reorder & filter the custom fields on the admin screen

I am using custom fields for an unpublished page to hold all kinds of data for my site. It works fine except that in the admin page, they’re ordered by their meta_id when I want them in order by meta_key like:

name value
field_a 1
field_b 2 
field_c 3 

instead of

field_c 3
field_a 1
field_b 2

I also wanted to add a filter so that only some fields will be shown at a time & I’d like a confirmation before deleting them.

My first impulse was to try to just do it in jquery so I put a script in admin that was like this:

function sortTable(table) {
  var tbody = table.find('tbody');
  tbody.find('tr').sort(function(a, b) {
      return jQuery('td:first input', a).val().localeCompare(jQuery('td:first input', b).val());
sortTable(jQuery('#editor div#postcustom div#postcustomstuff table#list-table'));

That sorts by the first column, then I did this for the filter:

jQuery( "#postcustom .inside" ).prepend( ' <input type="text" id="custom_fields_filter" placeholder="filter by name">' );

jQuery("#custom_fields_filter").keyup(function() {
      if( !this.value ) {
        jQuery("table#list-table td.left input:text").closest('tr').show();
        jQuery("table#list-table td.left input:text(value*='"+this.value+"')").closest('tr').show();
        jQuery("table#list-table td.left input:text").not("(value*='"+this.value+"')").closest('tr').hide();

There are problems: If I’ve filtered the list of terms and then delete a term, it can delete the wrong one. Is there way to filter and reorder these terms when they’re called from the db instead of doing it in on the front end?

Is there a plugin that will do all of this for me?

shaders – How to convert from frag position to UV coordinates when my viewport doesn’t cover the screen?

So, I’m implementing SSAO as part of my rendering pipeline using OpenGL/GLSL. It works pretty well when I have a camera that takes up the entire screen. However, when my camera is smaller than the full screen size, the SSAO texture doesn’t get sampled correctly. Here is the relevant GLSL shader code:

// Convert from clip-space
vec2 fragCoords = (fragPos.xy/ fragPos.w); // fragPos is MVP * worldPosition
vec2 screenCoords = fragCoords * 0.5 + 0.5; // Convert from (-1, 1) to (0, 1) to sample UV coordinates

// Sample texture
float ssaoFactor = texture2D(ssaoTexture, screenCoords).r;

I know that there is some funkiness going on with the viewport, but the fixes that I’ve tried haven’t worked. My first thought was to scale fragCoords by normalized size of my viewport (e.g. vec2(0.5, 0.5) for a viewport with half of the width and height of the screen), but that just produced a very strange result. Any thoughts?

drivers – Wacom Bamboo Ink Stylus makes notifications appear on screen contact

Whenever I have my Wacom Bamboo Ink stylus touch the screen, a notification appears that says “Tablet battery low. Tablet is in low power (6%)”. I assume this is a driver issue, since I am not using a tablet, but a stylus on a touchscreen laptop (Lenovo Yoga 720). I’ve done an update and also perused https://linuxwacom.github.io/ but I do not see any discernible way to fix this. The stylus works fine otherwise, those constant notifications are just annoying.

headphones – Lower half of Apple watch screen doesn’t respond to touches any more

I’ve had this Apple Watch 3 for almost three years. Earlier this year a hairline crack appeared diagonally across the glass and the bottom half of the screen no longer responds to my touches. Also, the display doesn’t light up when I look at the watch anymore like it used to. The top half work and I can control the watch for touches to the top half, but most buttons are on the bottom and I can’t dismiss screens. For example, I used to have a pair of wireless Anker earbuds but it broke and the Apple Watch keeps searching for it and won’t let me change to my new wireless earbuds. Any one know how to control the watch from the iphone for example, like changing settings and such?

I am going to get a new Apple Watch 6 in a few weeks but trying to make do with a beloved watch that I’ve had 3 years now.

20.04 – Kubuntu 20.08 randomly lock screen without specific pattern

The problem I’m facing is that my Kubuntu 20.04 does randomly lock screen. At this moment I could found any pattern to explain the random lock screen. This has been happening in my computer for 2 months when I had Kubuntu 18.04 and it’s still happening despite I’ve upgraded to 20.04 (thought that upgrading the dist could solve it).
Lock, Log out and Switch User works perfectly, meaninig that after a randomly lock I can log in again without problem and all the programs still open.
I’ve dual boot Kubuntu and Window 10 and I can confirm that this does not happen in Windows, so I discard a hardware problem. ¿Any command to know which process are interfering wiht my lock screen?



keyboard – New macOS install stuck on loading screen, but works in safe mode

First a bit of history:

I had installed Bootcamp on my MacBook and to give it more space, I had deleted macOS recovery and system partitions from Easus Partition Manager on Windows. But because of this, I wasn’t able to install macOS back as Internet Recovery wasn’t able to download.

So I booted it in Target Disk mode and wiped the SSD clean from another MacBook. Internet recovery now downloaded fine, but now I got “Downloading installer information to the target volume failed” on trying to install the OS.

So now I did a Disk Utility “Restore” via target disk mode from the other MacBook, but on booting, I was getting APFS PreBoot volume not found error, I followed this guide to manually create that volume: https://www.tecklyfe.com/boot-failures-after-converting-macos-ssd-to-apfs and now that the SSD was fixed, I clean reinstalled macOS Catalina via Internet recovery.

But after installation, it seems to be stuck at the loading screen with the Apple logo and the loading bar at around 60%. However, it boots just fine in safe mode. Also while in safe mode, I noticed that it can’t properly recognize my in-built keyboard, even though all keys work just fine on trying. If I go to keyboard settings in safe mode, I see the following screen:

enter image description here

The “Change keyboard type…” shouldn’t ideally be there. I know because I tried booting another working MacBook to safe mode and I don’t see that button there.
On clicking on the button, I see:

enter image description here

BTW I got the above screen on the first safe mode boot as well.

Then I clicked Continue, and I try clicking on the button to the right of the left shift key, i.e., Z:

enter image description here

I am not sure if that’s the reason for it not booting up, but just putting it there.

I have already tried NVRAM reset, SMC reset, DFU firmware revive, installing Mojave, Big Sur. None helped.

I also tried unloading and even deleting the Apple HIDKeyboard, TopCase and MultitouchDriver kexts, thinking maybe the driver isn’t able to communicate with the built-in keyboard/touchbar/touchpad properly, but that didn’t help either. I am almost at the end of the list of all things to try. My MacBook is out of warranty. As such, I am asking here for more things to try out before sending it out to the service center.

Thanks a lot!

Trying to backup my iPhone 6s with an unresponsive screen

A month or so ago I dropped my iPhone 6s and the screen stopped working. When I turn the screen on, I can interact with the screen for maybe half a second. Then I have to turn the screen back off and on again to interact for another half second. After the half second is up, the screen starts to get these pink links and spots that cover the screen and the screen becomes unresponsive. I decided since it was already an old phone it was better to just get a new iPhone rather than having to send this one into Apple and wait weeks for it to be fixed (on top of the fact that the fix itself would probably cost more than the phone is worth).

I just bought the iPhone 12 Pro and will be picking it up on October 24. However, the last time my iPhone backed up was October 12 (which it did automatically). While I haven’t been using the phone recently (obviously), I’ve still received texts and other notifications that I would like to keep. I tried to make it backup automatically by plugging it in and waiting overnight, but when I check iCloud it still says the last backup was Oct 12. I think it has stopped backing up automatically every 24 hours because when I turn my phone on and sign in using my fingerprint, it asks me to enter my Apple ID password. Obviously I can’t type it in, because I can’t work with the screen for longer than half a second. If I rapidly click cancel, the next time I turn the screen on it pops back up. I tried using a voiceover and my laptop keyboard to enter the password manually and navigate around to make the phone backup, but no dice (unless I’m doing it wrong?). I saw a YouTube video where the guy seemed to be doing this method successfully but it does not seem to be working for me (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dciP0geH624).

Am I going wrong somewhere? Or any ideas as to how to backup my iPhone?

Thank you for your time pals 🙂