CSS – How can I combine many external Javascript scripts in one?

I check my website with gtmetrix and my website is recommended for less HTTP requests to reduce DNS lookup. So I have to combine many external Javascript scripts into one for combining

By default in my layout like that

For CSS:

For js:





How can I combine many external Javascript scripts into one?

If the combination does not affect the website? JS and CSS websites are unproblematic

Do you need help? Delete specific cells in multiple tabs in Google Sheets Scripts

I am having trouble editing this code to handle multiple sheets at once. It works for anything that is active, but I want to disable that and use it on every tab named after each month, and when I try to use getSheetByName () it does not seem to work. Here is the code that works.

function onOpen() {   
.createMenu('Reset sheet')  
.addItem('Remove all metrics', 'userActionResetByRangesAddresses')  

function userActionResetByRangesAddresses(){  
var sheet1 = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();  
var rangesAddressesList = ('D4:E53', 'I4:I53', 'M4:O53','D60:E109', 'I60:I109', 'M60:O109','D116:E165', 'I116:I165', 'M116:O165', 'D172:E221', 'I172:I221', 'M172:O221','D228:E277', 'I228:I277', 'M228:O277');  
resetByRangesList_(sheet1, rangesAddressesList);  

function resetByRangesList_(sheet1, rangesAddressesList){   

Any help would be appreciated!

Custom scripts for your tasks (automatic publishing, re-uploading bots …) | WJunktion


– Automatically post from other websites on your website (if there is a new post on a website, this post will be created entirely on your website)
– Get and save all data from other websites on your website
– DMCA protection (generate a new link when your video is deleted)
– …
I can create scripts to make your job easier

If you are interested in these scripts or have an idea for your project, write me a PM

Some scripts are ignored? Please help :(

I'm working on a little project that gets in my ass. Basically, I have 2 simple scripts that work well on their own, but when they do not work together. I'm having trouble finding the problem, so it can not really narrow it down, but I'll do my best.

There is a form with a specific procedure, but it does not work as expected:
1. Select the request type "Music" and then the section "Premier Sales".
2. This includes the music form from an external file and enables the disabled Custom option in the Select Music Request Type drop-down list.
3. If you select Custom as the option, you should see related fields that are hidden by default, but this is not the case.

The last script at the end of the .js file in the following project works by itself, but not in the project.

You can find the project files at https://github.com/BrandonOrndorff/MoodRequest. Please tell me if further details are required, but it is very difficult to narrow down to a specific question.

Any help would be very grateful, as I am at a loss.

magento2 – Magento 2: When exporting PHP scripts to csv no values ​​for backorders are exported

I use Magento 2 as PIM for other shop solutions. I have to export the residue value once an hour until we have created an API.

The following script works fine, but the values ​​for "residues" are not exported. How can I fix this?

$state = $_objectManager->get('MagentoFrameworkAppState');
$registry = $_objectManager->get('MagentoFrameworkRegistry');
$registry->register('isSecureArea', true);

//Store id of exported products, This is useful when we have multiple stores. 
$store_id = 0;

$fp = fopen("export2.csv","w+");
$collection = $_objectManager- 
->addAttributeToFilter('type_id', 'simple')

foreach ($collection as $product)
$data = array();
$data() = $product->getUpdated_at();
$data() = $product->getSku();
$data() = $product->getStatus();
$data() = $product->getBackorders(); (doesn´t export value)
$data() = $product->getPrice();

fputcsv($fp, $data);    

Microsoft Activation Scripts v1.1 | NulledTeam UnderGround

Microsoft Activation Scripts v1.1 | File size: 4.3 MBIn case you do not want to get any further

Microsoft Activation Script.cmd Windows and Office Activator, open source and antivirus detection.

– This script is the merger of earlier scripts,
W10 Digital License Activation Script
W10 LTSB 2015 Digital License Activation Script
Online KMS activation script
Digital + KMS pre-activation script
Added KMS38 activation

These previous scripts will now be discontinued and from now on I will only work on them
"Microsoft Activation Script"

Windows 10 Digital License Activation:

– Digital License (HWID) is a permanent activation for your system hardware, so unique
activated, you will automatically receive a digital license, even after reinstalling the system,
However, you will need to connect to the Internet once to get the license after reinstalling.
– You can set up all supported editions, digital licenses in your system.
To easily set up the HWID for all editions, you can use the "Change W10 Edition" option.
– This activation will not install any files on your system.
– For a successful immediate activation, the Windows Update service and the Internet must be enabled.
If you do it anyway, the system will be automatically activated later if you enable it
Windows Update Service and Internet.
– Use of VPN and data protection, anti-spyware, privacy-based hosts and firewall rules
may cause problems with successful activation (due to the blocking of some MS servers).
– The activation process may display an error regarding the blocked key or other errors.
Note that the reasons for these errors are either the above or the wrong reasons
System files or rarely MS server problem.
The "Blocked key" error is displayed because the system was unable to connect to MS servers for activation.
This script activation process does not use blocked keys.
– In the same hardware, after activation, if the user reinstall the same Windows edition of one
& # 39; Retail (Consumer) & # 39; Windows 10 ISO, then the system is automatically activated at the first online contact.
In the case of & # 39; VL (Business) & # 39; Windows 10 ISO, the user must insert this window
Edition Retail / OEM key to activate the system if the user does not want to reactivate the system
Use this script.

Windows 10 / Server KMS38 activation:
– KMS38 activation means enabling Windows 10 through 2038. It is not permanent and after Windows
Reinstall users must re-execute this activation.
– Unlike the Digital License, KMS38 does not require an Internet or Windows Update service under
the time of activation.
– No files are stored in the system to maintain activation.
– If you plan to use KMS38 along with 180-day kilometers for the office, you must do so first
Apply KMS38 and then use a KMS38 compliant kms activator.
– KMS38 activation clears KMS IP and port. After the application, you can use any Office activator
– The system may be restarted to complete the activation. Save your work before proceeding.
(If Windows is enabled for 180 days kms, then fix the KMS38 activation script
automatically uses slmgr / rearm as soon as a reboot is required.)

Online KMS activation:

– The online KMS activation method is 100% virus-free.
– This activation script is based on KMS_VL_ALL from @ abbodi1406 (Standalone Activate-Local.cmd).
The script has been modified to work with the renewal task of Multi-Kms servers and servers.
(See Creadits for more details)
– This activator skips activation of a permanently enabled product and KMS38 activation.
– KMS activates Windows and Office for 180 days (for Core / ProWMC editions it takes 30 to 45 days)
– This activator allows immediate global activation in Win 8.1 and higher, ie in the case of
later installed / changed Office product (except Office 2010), Windows edition change,
Date change, hardware change, etc. The system is automatically activated when it is online.
You do not have to run the activator again.
– This activator contains the list of the most stable kms servers (6+). Server selection process is
completely automatic. You do not have to worry about the availability of the server.
– If you only want to activate for 180 days and do not want to have any activation leftovers in your account
The system must then be activated first and then the full uninstall option must be used. (Used to remove
Server name from the system)
(but I advised you not to use full uninstall option because server name is only
Registered in the registry, there is no file created for this registered server name
Useful for automatically reactivating when you change the Office license
Windows Edition or system hardware or another cause for an activation error)
– For lifetime activation, use the Create renewal task option (requires internet at least once)
six months)
This renewal task is primarily to renew online KMS servers and not the reactivation system
Renew activation automatically when online with registered server.
This renewal task creates a weekly scheduled task (only runs if there is an internet connection)
Renew the KMS servers and create the required files in C: Windows Online_KMS_Activation_Script
– If your system date is incorrect (longer than 6 months) and you are offline, this is the system
is deactivated but automatically activated if you only correct the system date.
– Why choose the online KMS activation method when you can easily go offline?
KMS activation program?
The main advantage of online kilometers is that they are 100% free from any detection of AVs
All offline kms activators have AV detection.
If you or someone else around you has trouble managing the exclusion of AV for KMS
and you want to get rid of false positives or you want a 100% clean system then you should
choose this.

Extract $ OEM $ folder (preactivated Windows installation):
– In case of online KMS pre-activation (separately or with digital license or with KMS38) this is the case
Create two scheduled tasks and two CMD files in C: Windows Online_KMS_Activation_Script
After the first Internet contact, a scheduled task executes a .cmd file and then successfully
When registering the KMS server, a task and a .cmd file are automatically deleted.
and there is only one task and one .cmd file left to run weekly for a lifetime.
– In the case of an online KMS + Digital license
For online miles, Windows activation is completely skipped, but the KMS is registered for other products.
and all later installed Volume (VL) products (Office) are automatically activated when they are online.
In the case of Online KMS + KMS38,
Online kms do not skip the Windows activation, but the KMS38 activation and register the
KMS for other products and all later installed Volume (VL) products (Office) will run automatically
Activate online.
– Perform the following steps to perform the pre-activated Windows installation.
Extract the $ OEM $ folder.
Now copy this $ OEM $ folder to the "sources" folder on the Windows installation media (iso / usb).
The directory is displayed in this way. iso / usb: sources $ OEM $
Now use this ISO / USB interface to install Windows. It is automatically activated when you first contact the Internet.

Supported products:
Digital License / KMS38:
Windows 10 –
Core (N) (Digital License / KMS38)
CoreCountrySpecific (Digital License / KMS38)
CoreSingleLanguage (Digital License / KMS38)
Education (N) (Digital License / KMS38)
Enterprise (N) (digital license / KMS38)
EnterpriseS (N) (LTSB 2015) (Digital License)
EnterpriseS (N) (LTSB 2016) (Digital License / KMS38)
Company (N) (LTSC 2019) (KMS38)
Professional (N) (Digital License / KMS38)
ProfessionalEducation (N) (Digital License / KMS38)
Professional Workstation (N) (Digital License / KMS38)
ServerRdsh (Digital License / KMS38)

Server –
ServerStandard (Core) (KMS38)
Server Datacenter (Core) (KMS38)
Server solution (Core) (KMS38)

Online KMS:
Windows 7 (Pro / Enterprise / Embedded)
Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10
Windows Server 2008R2 / 2012 / 2012R2 / 2016/2019
Office (VL) 2010/2013/2016/2019

What's new:
– Introduction of a new ticket generation method (The Integrated Patcher (with a modified version of SLSHIM 6.4))
by * Anonymous and @mspaintmsi – Original (co-) authors of HWID and KMS38 activation
This method works with all editions and versions of Windows 10, including LTSB2015 and older versions
who were known to return a false skid for some editions.
– HWID Activation for Windows 10 1903 IoTEnterprise added. Thanks to @mspaintmsi for the notification.
– The ClipSVC token recovery part has been removed from the scripts. @ Sebus tests have shown that this does not help
Enable another computer if the same backup is used when restoring.
– gatherosstate.exe has been changed to version 14393, the size is quite small. Also HWID / KMS38 scripts are now sharing
same "files" folder files.
– The KMS38 protection script has been updated with the latest changes made by @BAU in the reg_takeownership.bat file

Online KMS:
– The list of top 3 KMS servers in the script is now sorted randomly, so a server does not get the full load. Thanks to
@ abbodi1406 for the help.
– The script base has been updated to the latest version of KMS_VL_ALL v34 thanks to @ abbodi1406
Important change for the online KMS script part,
Improved detection of sppsvc / osppsvc to prevent the script from hanging when the services are not working
– The KMS server list is updated.
– KMS servers are now being tested with Powershell TcpClient instead of Test Netconnection to speed up the process.
Thanks to @ abbodi1406 for the idea.
– Now it is $ OEM $ setupcomplete.cmd have the option which renewal mode you want to choose.

– Moved from Powershell to VBS to accelerate the process on low-end systems.
Many thanks to @AveYo aka @BAU for handing over Args and preventing loops (using a temporary vbs file) and (using wsf).
– Updated from @AveYo aka @BAU to Compressed 2 TXT 5.3
– Admin ID detection code has been updated with an error on some (highly optimized) systems. Many thanks to @AveYo aka @BAU
– The codes for "Extract the text from the batch script without drawing problem" have been updated. Thanks to @AveYo aka @BAU
– With each Powershell code, a NoProfile switch is added to speed up the process. Thanks to @ abbodi1406 for the idea.
– MAS Separate files version now removes $ OEM $ folders. Now I've added an $ OEM $ extraction script to eliminate the redundancy of the files.

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magento2 – When exporting PHP scripts to csv, no values ​​are exported for Backorders and Product_Online

I use Magento 2 as PIM for other shop solutions. I have to export the residue value once an hour until we have created an API.

The following script works fine, but the values ​​for & # 39; product_online & # 39; and & # 39; backorders & # 39; are not exported. How can I fix this?

$state = $_objectManager->get('MagentoFrameworkAppState');
$registry = $_objectManager->get('MagentoFrameworkRegistry');
$registry->register('isSecureArea', true);

//Store id of exported products, This is useful when we have multiple stores. 
$store_id = 0;

$fp = fopen("export2.csv","w+");
$collection = $_objectManager- 
->addAttributeToFilter('type_id', 'simple')

foreach ($collection as $product)
$data = array();
$data() = $product->getUpdated_at();
$data() = $product->getSku();
$data() = $product->getProduct_online();(doesn´t export value)
$data() = $product->getBackorders(); (doesn´t export value)
$data() = $product->getPrice();

fputcsv($fp, $data);    

postgresql – Postgres with powershell scripts – where do trigger messages go?

I have a Windows (10 Pro) Powershell script that reads messages from an external server and inserts them into a Postges (10.5) database table.

The table defines an AFTER INSERT trigger that contains some RAISE NOTICE statements for generating simple messages. When I manually insert a single record using pgAdmin, the message RAISE appears on the Messages tab.

Where do the trigger messages go if they are put into the same table from a powershell script?
How can I display the trigger messages in the Powershell console window?

script – Are redeem scripts often reused in practice?

Let's look at an example of this type of transaction:

The following example is the same 1-out-of-2 P2WSH script with multiple signatures, but nested within a BIP16-P2SH output.

witness:      0  <1   2 CHECKMULTISIG>
scriptSig:    <0 <32-byte-hash>>
scriptPubKey: HASH160 <20-byte-hash> EQUAL

For example, suppose the user who created this script accepts multiple payments to the same script. To be able to output the bitcoin received in the script, they must provide the same redeemScriptbut one thing will change with every transaction, and that's it , Since the transactions are not exactly the same every time, the data to be signed changes. Even if they may have been signed with the same key (possibly with key2), a different signature will be created.

This is not necessarily bad, but it is more common for a company or vendor to generate new scripts / addresses for every payment they receive so they can be easily tracked and verified.