Driver – Increase Scroll Selection Time on Acer Aspire Laptop / Windows 8.1

I recently had to reinstall Windows (8.1) to fix some issues with my computer (Acer Aspire). After the installation the scroll function of my touchpad did not work anymore. I have installed the ELAN driver from the Acer website, restoring scroll and multi-finger functionality.

However: I noticed that I need to click on the screen while browsing Firefox before I can scroll. Click seems to & # 39; activate & # 39; the scroll for about 3 seconds after that I have to click again & # 39; reactivate & # 39; it (where nothing was done to deselect Firefox). Does anyone know how to extend this time? Or where can I find these settings? I did not find anything relevant under Mouse Properties.

Any help would be appreciated!

Website Design – Are Scroll Bars Dead in 2019?

This view comes mainly from the Mac environment, where scrollbars are usually displayed briefly when the content is first displayed and then hidden. If scrolling is performed (triggered by the user or otherwise), the scroll bar reappears. Only the handle is visible (as semi-transparent, rounded black bars). no arrows or gutter. If the cursor is over the displayed scroll bar, it will widen and allow you to drag with the cursor. At no time does the size of the content change. It behaves as if the scroll bar is not present and the scroll bar is rendered at the top.

This applies to the use of trackpad or trackpad-like input mechanisms (such as a laptop). When you use a mouse, normal scroll bars are still displayed by default.

Of course, this also applies to mobile devices. iOS uses almost the same behavior (minus cursor interaction). In fact, I think it started on iOS (where scrollbars were too small to type reliably) and migrated to MacOS.

Overall, this has advantages and disadvantages:

  • The lack of scrolling space simplifies the page design (less disturbing elements) and allows more space for the content, especially if there are multiple scrolling areas.
  • Mac users are used to this behavior and expect it.
  • There is no jump in content size when an area suddenly becomes scrollable, which also eliminates a frequent ambiguity in which a scroll bar may be needed as long as it is visible and is not needed when it is hidden (e.g. of text break).

  • On the negative side, as mentioned earlier, you'll need to find another way to indicate that the content is scrollable. No such problem for the main body of a web page, as this is expected anyway, but depending on user expectations it can be a problem for internal content. The initial lightning helps, but is not always enough.

  • User interaction to move to another location in the document is cumbersome. The user must move the cursor to the position where the scroll bar is displayed, scroll gently with the mouse wheel or "2-finger scroll", grab the displayed scroll bar, and drag to the desired location. Momentum scrolling helps in some cases to avoid this.
  • Since the scroll bar is displayed on a transparent background, it may be difficult to detect a dark background. MacOS offers a white alternative scroll bar that can be used in this case (I think browsers automatically switch to them if the background is sufficiently dark, but not 100% foolproof). In addition, it gives the bar a subtle glow (or a shadow), which appears to be fail-safe enough.

If possible, stay with such things naturally with the browser-native components. They ensure that every user gets a natural experience for their platform (I've certainly seen many sites trying to replicate momentum scrolling and elastic scrolling with gruesome end results). Mac users will not be grateful that you enforce visible scrollbars where they would not expect them, and Windows users will not thank you for hiding scrollbars where they would expect them.

pathfinder 1e – Can the archetypes Separatist and Scroll Scholar be combined?

Each of these archetypes changes the way the cleric's domains work, and I'm not sure they can be combined.

The separatist chooses a domain from those that his deity usually offers, and a secondary domain that can be almost anything. For this secondary domain:

Granted powers from the second domain of the cleric function as if the
Cleric level, wisdom and charisma were 2 lower than normal (minimum
Level 1) in terms of effect, DC and use per day. This also means the
The separatist receives the superior ability of the domain only from 2
Levels later than normal. If the second domain grants additional class
Skills that the separatist earns as usual.

The scroll scholars get diligent students who

… replaces one of the granted powers of the 1st level of her
domains – The character can choose which of his first two levels he wants

Here are the ways I could see how this is regulated:

  1. The archetypes can not be combined because they both change the domains class function
  2. The archetypes can be combined, but Diligent Student must replace the ability of the primary domain, as this is the only domain power the cleric has at the 1st level.
  3. The archetypes can be combined, and Diligent Student can replace the power of the first level of the second domain, although the cleric usually gets that power only at level 3.
  4. The archetypes can be combined, but Diligent Student can not be used until level 3 if it replaces the ability of the second domain. In this case, Diligent Student functions as if the cleric were 2 levels lower, just like the second domain.

Is there an official way in which these archetypes would work together, or are they mutually exclusive?

Two scroll bars

I have the same problem on a website that I want to update for a Minecraft server.
The problem is I have two scroll bars on the side. I've found coding on this site to fix this problem, but I can not figure out where to place the encoding to fix the problem with my .css file. Can anyone see my encoding and show me exactly where to add the rules to remove the additional scroll bar? Many thanks.

pathfinder 1e – Can a wizard learn a spell from a divine scroll?


Magic Scrolls are always either Divine or Arcane, and this is determined by the caster who created them. If they were a divine spellcaster, the scroll would be divine, if arcan, then arcan. If they have multiple classes, they must select which role they are at the time of creation, and can only write spells of that type.

So if a scroll is a divine scroll, the wizard can not learn spells that may be on his list.

Many scrolls contain spells that can only be divine or just arcane. So it's obvious what type the scroll is. However, if a scroll contains only ambiguous spells, the GM must decide which one to do. Sometimes an adventure creator forgets this rule and creates impossible hybrid scrolls. If I come across it, I'll simply call it two scrolls and divide the spells accordingly.

plsql – Oracle – Scroll through the list of databases to check the status

I have a table with database names and connection strings. Do you know a method for traversing the list of database names (and / or connection details) and testing database connectivity (you just need to know if the database is active)? The only problem is that I do not have any DBLinks that reference these databases, but we use OID if that could help.

Thanks a lot!

CSS – How to do horizontal scroll bar?

Hello, I have a scroll bar with pictures and information, it works fine with the pictures, but my problem is when I put information into my h3 that breaks everything and I do not know how to paste it

Without the h3 it fits me perfectly !! The problem is, if I want to put the h3 on every picture!

Thank you very much

div.scrollmenu {
    background-color: #ffffff;
    overflow: auto;
    white-space: nowrap;

div.scrollmenu a {
    display: inline-block;
    color: white;
    text-align: center;
    padding: 14px;
    text-decoration: none;

div.scrollmenu a:hover {
    background-color: #777;






Noob question about scroll effects

I'm totally new to creating websites, so I learn while I'm walking. I'm building a blog site and I really like the way the blog posts have a scrolling effect like this site: Can someone help me achieve the same or similar effect for my main blog page? Is there a code I can copy and paste to achieve this effect? Thank you in advance. Looking forward to your replies.

unity – How can scrollRect content be dropped if the scroll threshold is not reached?

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