sharepoint online – Can we change the filters within the modern search page?

I am working on a Sharepoint website for online communication. The website contains 10 document libraries. These document libraries share 5 columns of managed metadata sites associated with them. Now I can manually search the documents and view the results on the modern search page. Where we have filters in modern sharepoint search (unlike the classic search that uses refiner), as follows:

Enter image description here

So my question is whether I can use our 5 columns of managed metadata as filters in the modern search. can I filter the document libraries based on managed metadata values?

Thank you very much

Javascript – Enable search accents Bootstrap Multiselect

I have a multiselect input from the David Stutz library

I've added the following parameters, one of which is one enablaCaseInsensitiveFiltering is true So there are no problems with the Mayus, but it does not work with accents

        enableCaseInsensitiveFiltering: true,
        enableFiltering: true,
        includeSelectAllOption: true

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Search Engine feature does not work when upgrading from 19:04 to 19:10

After the upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10 the search function does not work anymore.
No results are displayed regardless of the input.

Same question as here, did not want to kidnap the question:
Search function does not take place

Maybe the same as here: Super + search does not work after upgrade to 19.10

I have not tried the answer yet:

sudo apt-get – re-install the yaru-theme-gnome-shell

No changes have been made, just upgrade.

To search for specific websites using the results source – SharePoint Online

I have a few sites and subsites, and I want to create a result source just for those sites. Then it is my intention to add a new search web part or to use the existing one, but to change it to use my new result source.
Under Query Transformation, click Launch Query Builder.
What do I have to do to add the URL for multiple sites like this?

Path={Site.URL} e.g http://Catalog,http://news,http:blog etc..

It is also possible to remove some properties that should not be returned, eg. Eg changed / created by or some default pages

thank you in advance