Set the permissions to view, but not edit in the search

I've created a list of employees based on this guide, but I'm worried about the permission. When I add a user to the "Vistors" group, the search box and restrictions appear, but only one error appears in the People Search Core Results web part. When I add them to the Members group, everything works fine except that at they can get edit permissions to everything and cause havoc when they get angry or press the wrong key. I also tried the Restricted Reader and Excel Services Viewer groups just for fun, but to no avail. I've even tried to create a custom sharepoint group, but the Read permission seems to be worthless, and there does not appear to be a step between missing access and full editing for this thing. Am I missing something or are these just the options I'm in?

Linux – How do I search a PDF via PHP?

I'm trying to create a system where PHP finds excerpts in PDFs with OCR. What brought me here is that I came across a problem.
I am using the following code for the first few tests:

echo shell_exec("find /home/naatan/'Área de Trabalho'/In/pdf/ -exec grep -l 'Pe' {} ;");

In search of "pe" I can find the path of PDFs. However, if I change it to "Pedr", there is no result.
Could someone help me?

magento 1.9 – Catalog search database issues – Clean up unused data

We have recently encountered a problem on our Magento site because we believe that the search function of our site was overloaded by security or SPAM attacks that overcrowded useless data in our database mage_catalogsearch.

The following is the data for the following tables in phpMyAdmin:

phpMyAdmin (database teamss5_mage1)

mage_catalogsearch_query 1,782,506 InnoDB utf8_general_ci 215.5 MiB
mage_catalogsearch_result 700.538 InnoDB utf8_general_ci 47.6 MiB

You can see that these lines store a considerable amount of data. We try to keep the size of our database as small as possible to ensure optimal site performance.

When logging in to the Magento administrator, we also notice that when navigating to "Catalog> Search terms" there is 89.126 Pages and total 1,782,506 Records found. That seems to be an incredibly large amount of data.

Does anyone have any idea what this might have caused and how we can clean up these pages and records so we can streamline our Magento site? Is it possible to trim or delete these records without compromising our site and causing it to crash? And if so how?

Please tell us how to fix this. We thank you for any support!

You can also see the following screenshots with image links to better understand the problem:

How do I filter a long list of sites from Google Search?

I have a list of sites that I want to permanently exclude from Google's search results. This is a large family of sites that plagiarize questions and answers from the StackExchange network (some of which are machine translated), I created a search engine in Chromium with a URL like this one, with around 30 sites on the black list. After I blacklisted another page, Google of course began to complain:

"site:" (and all subsequent words) was ignored because queries are limited to 32 words.

So some of these blacklisted domains are not really on the blacklist.

I've tried using Chromium extensions to filter search results, but they generally work at a higher level. It filters only the results page, so I often have an almost empty page, instead of displaying the pages with more relevant results, as they do Token in the search query.

How can I permanently set up a revocation list for a potentially large number of websites? I'd rather not have to sign up for Google.

How do I limit the search to a folder in Gmail?

With folder do you mean label or? When you navigate to a label, it should already fill the search bar with the required format. So if I have a label called "Finance", the search should be

label: finances and then what you are looking for

If it is nested, it is marked by a hyphen. So if I have a "Bills" folder underneath, that's the case

label: finances-bills search

Is there a way to search for tickets with a rental car before leaving Italy?

I want to know if it is possible to search during the rental period in Italy with a rental car to transport cards. I'm talking about tickets where the driver is notified by letter, eg. Eg speeding, automated ZTL camera tickets.

I ask the question, because most rental car companies charge a fee to announce the driver's name when they receive the traffic violation letter. If I can pay the ticket immediately, the landlord will never be notified.

SEO – Does rendered HTML from an angular app have to be nicely designed if it is only shown to search engine bots?

I have a square app, and while Google indexes it now, many other sites do not.

I have created middleware that crawls requests from crawlers and provides HTML pages that these crawlers can use to index.

My question is this. Since people do not see these pages, I have to make them pretty with CSS and follow the same theme as my website, or can I simply use basic HTML to get the content I need out there. Will basic HTML ever affect SEO?

The main page in question are jobs that our company publishes on a job page. We want these jobs to be indexed. So can I just have a simple HTML page with all job details? – Google Search Console: ID-Mising for breadcrumbs?

I received a large number of console errors this morning, telling me that none of my bread crumbs contain an ID. This is true, but it has never been necessary. When I add an ID property and try to validate with the structured data validator, I see that ID is not a supported field.

I checked the Google documentation for breadcrumbs. If you check the specified markup examples, none will contain an ID. ID is not displayed in the specification, Google support does not show ID support, and Google's structured data testing tool states that ID is not supported and supported. What is this about? Does anyone have an example of how Google should implement this?