bip 32 hd wallets – Search Derivation Path for an Address

Has anyone written an utility or something able to search/identify which Derivation Path an Address belongs?

Hi, developer of the FinderOuter here, I have some ideas but haven’t implemented them yet. The biggest challenge is that I haven’t seen any examples of this so I have to guess what the situations are.

One case could be user creating a mnemonic with wallet A and importing it in wallet B and getting a different address. This would be very easy to implement since it requires going through a list of known paths. The only additional work here would be deriving more than one address if the one user has is at an unknown index.

Another possible case could be user modified the path and forgot the modifications. Like password recovery the user would have to reduce the search space by providing additional information otherwise the search space is just too massive to search it by brute force and to make matters worse there are 2 variables: depth and index (depth meaning: m/x or m/x/x or m/x/x/x,…).

Will try releasing these ideas as a new option in version 0.5.0.

google kubernetes engine – GKE elastic search not working with Kibana

I am trying to use my elastic cluster of GKE using my domain for that I am using GKE Elastic And I am using an external load balancer and then I am using ingress to map it with URL.

I can access my elastic cluster via my domain: and It is working fine with my existing python code. But when I am trying to use kibana using docker-compose:

version: '2'
      SERVER_NAME: localhost
      #ELASTICSEARCH_URL: https://<>
      ELASTICSEARCH_URL: http://<ip-address>:9200
      - 5601:5601

When I am running this I can access elastic via kibana but when I am trying:


It doesn’t work and it redirects me to:


So my question is can we access elastic via domain or do I need to pass 9200 port all the time. In my ingress, I can’t add 9200.

So what should I do in order to achieve this goal open port in GKE load balancer or Ingress? Or there is any settings in kibana which I can use to access it using the normal domain.

artificial intelligence – pruning tree search in multiplayer zero-sum games with loss conditions

I’m trying to write a program to play a simple multiplayer game where each player has a number of resources.
Every turn the players make decisions that affect both their resources and the resources of their opponents.
For the purposes of a mini-max tree search, the evaluation function simply returns the number of resources a player has.

This game itself is not yet zero sum, and no pruning can be done.
However we can subtract the opponent’s resources divided by the number of opponents to solve both of these issues:
(player score) = (player resources) - (opponent resources) / (number of opponents)
This also nicely represents the fact that it’s better if opponents have fewer resources.
A bound is introduced for each player’s score; their total score should add up to 0.
With this new strategy, some nodes can be pruned similar to 2-player alpha-beta-pruning.

A problem arises when we add another rule, if any player reaches 0 resources they are eliminated from the game.
The last player to be eliminated wins.
I thought of a few ways to handle this case so I’ll describe the problems I’m facing for each of them.

  1. Decrease the number of opponents, eliminated players internally have a 0 score.
    This does not work because player score can be negative while still playing, they might intentionally try to eliminate themselves to reach a higher, 0, score.
  2. Fixed number of opponents, eliminated player’s scores are calculated as normal.
    Does not work because players are unable to make decisions after they are eliminated, their score can descend to negative infinity while the other player’s scores have no bound so no pruning will happen.
  3. Fixed number of opponents, eliminated player’s scores are set to a fixed very negative value.
    Does not work because other player’s scores will necessarily have to rise to keep the game zero-sum, a player might give up a lot to eliminate a single opponent which is not worth it.

The score and pruning functions work fine without any loss condition.
Adding a loss condition either breaks the score function, and thus the program’s behavior, or it breaks the pruning strategy making the program unbearably slow.

I’ve read some papers on pruning in n-player games but none of them tackle loss conditions.
I’m not sure why there shouldn’t be a way to make this work, but I can’t think of a way to make it work either.
What pruning/evaluation strategy can I use that will keep the behavior sane and the performance reasonable?

PS: not sure if this is the correct place for these kinds of questions, if not please point me in the right direction.

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Amazon: How do I clear text search and see just the category

Here’s something that I’ve been trying to do for a long time without success.

Let’s say I’m searching for something on Amazon, and this is the search page I’m on:

You can see the breadcrumbs for this page:

I’m inside a category, and in that category, I’ve filtered for a certain search text. Since the search text is redundant at this point, I’d like to remove it completely, and just visit the “LED Bulbs” category without any text search.

The only way I know how to do it is to try to reach that category independently of that page, by searching on Google or browsing on Amazon.

Is there a more direct way to get to the category from the page I’m on?

Google Sheets – search multiple columns for specific text

Info added after as response to first comment:
I just realized that the IF(PAGE1!C5=”OPTION1″ probably wont work, probably because I haven’t described the wish good enough.

I will describe with this screenshot:
On PAGE1 C5 is set to OPTION1, and there are selected 2 parts (DEL 1 and DEL 2).
Because of this, I would like the value from A5 (must be same line as OPTION1) to be copied to PAGE2 G5 and G6 (to show the 555 next DEL 1 and DEL 2 on PAGE2).

So, the code needs to be able to work in multiple cells on PAGE2 (next to each “NAME”, and search all of COLUMN D to H on PAGE1, and return the value if it finds a match in a row where STATUS=OPTION1, and one of the PART selected matches that next to the cell with the code on PAGE2.

Apologies if this doesn’t make sense, I have the end result in my head, but no the way there 🙂

New screenshot to clarify description of question


Would like some help to have this code updated, that I was helped to on this forum.
Here is the file:

The code which is currently used is:

But instead of it only looking in PAGE1!D5:H5 I would like for it to look in PAGE1!D:H (the entire columns).

Point is, when it finds a match in any column/row, it will copy a number from the row with a match to this cell.

On PAGE1!E7 “DEL 2” is selected, but 333 (PAGE1!A7) isnt copied to PAGE2!G8 – which is the goal. But only because PAGE1!C7 is OPTION1 – if change to OPTION2 it should remove the value in PAGE2!G8 again.

Why does core Search fail to index the word “HEERF”?

The word HEERF is contained within the body/content of the node, but when I search for the word is is not found. Searching on “Federal” or “Cares” returns the page in the result set.

Content contains “FEDERAL HEERF, CARES Act, 2020 Fall Schedule, Health & Safety, Covid-19, Coronavirus, reopening, Sanitation and Cleaning, Campus Dining, social distancing” etc.

Drupal Version: 8.8.6