python – This is a Seat Reservation System. How can this program be able to print tickets of more than 1 customer and the ticket should be “Name, Seat No.”?

available_seats = (‘1A’, ‘1B’, ‘2A’, ‘2B’, ‘3A’, ‘3B’, ‘4A’, ‘4B’, ‘5A’, ‘5B’, ‘6A’, ‘6B’, ‘7A’, ‘7B’, ‘8A’, ‘8B’, ‘9A’, ‘9B’, ’10A’, ’10B’ )
user_tickets = {}

def print_tickets():
“””Print the tickets of the user.”””
for user_name, seats in user_tickets.items():
print(f”nCustomer, {user_name.title()}, has chosen {len(seats)} seat(s).”)
for seat in seats:
print(f”tSeat number: {seat}”)

print(“Welcome To The Seat Booking Portal!”)

start = input(“Would you like to book a seat?”)
if start.lower() == ‘yes’:
while True:
seats = ()
wanted_seats = input(“How many seats do you need?”)
wanted_seats = int(wanted_seats)
if wanted_seats > len(available_seats):
print(f”n–I’m sorry, we only have {len(available_seats)} ”
“seats available–“)
print(“–Please try again–“)

    user_name = input("Enter your name:")

    while True:

        print("nHere are the available seats:")
        for seat in available_seats:

        seat = input("Please enter the number of the seat you would like to book:")

        if seat in available_seats:
            print("n--I'm sorry you have chosen an invalid seat--"
                "n-Please try again-")


        if wanted_seats > 1:
            print("nYou can now choose another seat.")

    user_tickets(user_name) = seats

    if available_seats:
        go_again = input("Would you like to let someone else book their tickets? (yes/no)")
        if go_again == 'no':
print("nWe will now redirect you to the payment portal."
    "nThank You for choosing us.")

print(“You can always come by later!”)

tickets – Checking Seat Capacity on Previous Flights

Unfortunately this is key competitive information and it’s closely guarded by the airlines. Sorry.

If you just need a rough guess, you can look up past flights on a site like Flightradar24 and then check the capacity of the airplane in that airline’s config with SeatGuru, which will give you an upper bound. Then check historical price data with Google Flights: on days/flights that are expensive, load factor will be close to 100%, while on cheaper ones it will be less (maybe 80%, rarely less these days).

However, this assumes normal flight loads. In 2020 due to COVID all bets are off and many airlines are flying with much lower load factors than usual.

legal – International children car seat standards for multiple regions

The main incompatibility is indeed that Australia requires the use of a top tether strap, so all child seats sold in Australia are built with this in mind, and all cars sold in Australia after the mid-1990s will have the attachment hooks for the tether strap. Also, Australian child seats use the adult seatbelt to attach the bottom of the seat to the car. Note that the Vicroads link you point to is about tethers being optional for some models of booster seats, not child seats. These are meant for children 4+, and are not suitable for younger children.

EU standard child seats use the ISOFIX system, where the child seat is secured to the base of the seat instead; this replaces both the tether and the seatbelt. Cars in the EU may not have the attachment hooks to allow the use of an Aussie seat, and EU child seats will not have the seatbelt path needed to secure them into an Aussie car without ISOFIX.

In 2013, Australia started accepting the use of ISOFIX attachments, and newer cars in Australia as well may have ISOFIX built in. However, the rules state ISOFIX attachments can only be used in addition to the top tether, a rather literal “belt and suspenders” approach. You’d thus think there were some seats on the market that did this, but I’m not aware of any, and even if you did find one, you’d have some trouble ensuring that your rental car was compatible.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Petulant loser AOC got destroyed by Michelle Caruso-Cabrera in the debate. What are leftist zombies gonna do when their hero loses her seat?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Petulant loser AOC got destroyed by Michelle Caruso-Cabrera in the debate. What are leftist zombies gonna do when their hero loses her seat?

management – How to get UX/Product a seat at the table?

As the sole product designer in my past two startups I have been an essential piece towards bringing the product to reality (user research, ux, visual design, qa). However, in both situations I found myself not sitting at the leadership table when discussing the future of the product.

Marketing, sales, support, development all had multiple employees and each department head would get a seat at the table, while I found myself on the outside looking in.

I brought this up several times (along with trying to lobby for more resources in my “departments”) in 1-1 meetings with the owners but to no avail. I possibly have delusions of grandeur, but in my view if anyone should be at the table with ownership it would be the individual that is creating the experience that customers are going to pay for.

Any suggestions for how to improve/approach this situation or book recommendations that might help?

Air travel – How do the Thai air travel authorities determine whether someone needs to be assigned a special seat reserved for at-risk passengers on the plane?

I read this quote from a flyer on PR Thai Government's Facebook page that summarizes the new rules and measures from CAAT and the airport authorities:

  1. Special places must be reserved for passengers at risk on routes that take longer than 90 minutes to minimize contact between passengers.

Enter the image description here


How do the Thai air travel authorities determine whether someone needs to be assigned a special seat that is reserved for vulnerable passengers on the plane? In other words, when is a passenger classified as risky?