blocks – Adding section components with populated fields to a node

I’m working on migrating content from fieldable panels panes in D7 to Layout Builder in D8. So far, I’ve managed to extract the content I need from my D7 database, but I’ve been unable to add that content to layout builder section components. Backing up a bit, I’m currently trying to just add some inline blocks with sample content to a layout builder section in an attempt to determine how to populate the fields, as follows:

      Add an inline block of 'basic' type to a section
      'basic' blocks only have a field called "body" of type "Text (formatted, long, with summary)"
    $section = new Section('two_column');

    $testcomponent = new SectionComponent($this->uuid->generate(), 'first', (
      'id' => 'inline_block:basic',
      'label' => 'Test component label',
      'label_display' => 'visible',

After I run my migration, I end up with a node with a inline block of “basic” type in the “first” region, as expected, but it’s empty aside from the label. Could someone advise me on how to set field values for section components?

analytic number theory – What’s the average order of the reduction of a section of an elliptic curve

Suppose $E$ is an elliptic curve over $mathbb Q$ and $x in E(mathbb Q)$ is not torsion. We can reduce $x pmod p$ for a prime $p$ of good reduction and it will have some order $n_p$ in the group $E(mathbb F_p)$. Has there been any work on the asympotitcs of the average of $n_p$ for $p < X$ as $X to infty$?

More generally, suppose $x,y in E(mathbb Q)$ are two linearly independent sections and let them generate subgroups $G_x(p),G_y(p) subset E(mathbb F_p)$ for a prime of good reduction. Have the asymptotics of the average of $G_x(p)cap G_y(p)$ been studied?

This question seems tangentially related.

ruby – Rails 6 routing for admin section with arguments in the URL

how can I organize routing for /admin section with arguments before the “/admin”.

For example, /:country_id/:lang_id/admin

Path example, /ukraine/english/admin

I have tried:
scope path:”/:country_id/:lang_id/admin”, :as => “admin” do
resources :cities, controller:’admin/cities’

but “admin_cities_path” create wrong internal links
<%= link_to city.title, admin_cities_path( %>

Path example, /1/english/admin/citie

fa.functional analysis – Nonvanishing section of infinite-dimensional tautological bundle

Let $H$ be a real or complex Hilbert space. In the case where $H$ is infinite-dimensional, let us define a half-dimensional subspace as a subspace $W subset H$ such that both $W$ and $W^perp$ have infinite dimension.

Fix one half-dimensional subspace $W_0$. The Grassmannian of $H$ is
$$mathrm{Gr}(H, W_0) = {W subset H ~|~ W text{ is half-dimensional}, P_W – P_{W_0} text{ is Hilbert-Schmidt}}. $$
Here for $W subset H$ a subspace, $P_W$ denotes the orthogonal projection onto $W$. $mathrm{Gr}(H, W_0)$ can be given the structure of a Hilbert manifold in a natural way (see e.g. the book “Loop Groups” of Pressley and Segal).

The space $mathrm{Gr}(H, W_0)$ has a tautological vector bundle $tau$ over it, where the fiber is given by $tau(L) = L$.

Question: Does $tau$ have a nowhere vanishing section?

I believe that in the case that $H$ is finite-dimensional (say of dimension $2n$), the answer is no, as one can show that the Euler class of $tau$ is non-zero. But how would one proceed in the infinite-dimensional case?

grub – HPE ProLiant gen 10 in legacy boot mode does not see hard drives in boot order section

I have HPE ProLiant gen 10 server with 8 drives. If I use legacy boot mode, but there is nothing in legacy boot order setting. And server tries to boot just from the ethernet.

I have installed grub on hard drives and need to boot from them.

Please any idea what to do? Some kind of another bios settings? I am not an expert in hardware/bios setting.