Sell ​​- WiredLeaks – Technology and Smartphone News

Why are you selling this website?

No time to write
How is it monetized?

Paid posts, affiliate s.
Is this site coming with social media accounts?
All social media accounts:

Facebook near 50,000 followers

How long does it take to run this site?

The more you have, the more you can earn
What are the challenges of running this site?
WordPress site, so just simple updates in the admin area.

Sell ​​- Host Hunter | Forum Promotion

If I want to sell I do not have time to wait. Unfortunately, the Xenforo is not transferable, so it is not part of the sale. I will transfer the domain (runs on 29.05.2013) and the Twitter account to you. The direct sales of banner advertising is about $ 300 per year. If interested, please send me a PN or mail here.

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Sell ​​- Dive Watches shop

Premium Shopify Dropshipping Ecommerce Watches Shop

Zero Capital Required to Get Started – You do not have to pre-purchase any product inventory, you pay the supplier only part of what you receive from the customer.

Work from everywhere – If you need suppliers for you, it essentially means you have partners who take care of all the physical aspects of your business while you are responsible for the digital aspects – listing products, marketing, optimization, customer support, etc.

scalability Whether you're carrying a $ 1 worth of mobile phone pocket or $ 2,000 worth of furniture, the workload is the same for you. You must always submit the order information to your supplier. This means that a dropshipping business is highly scalable and is practically limited only by the processing capacity of your suppliers.

Endless selection of products – Because you do not need to buy or stock your own inventory, you can offer a wide range of products and use the sales data to expand your business.

These are the things you might already know, but there is a dark side that nobody tells. So I'll go straight and tell you the facts:

1 – The age of the domain will not play an important role in the dropshipping business. Yes, you read that correctly and it makes sense. Because to get the orders, you have to rely on the marketing channels that need to be used, be it Fb, Instagram, Influencer or anything else. Customers shopping in your store are not internet marketers. So you're not checking the age of the domain you want to buy in your store. If your business looks good, has good inventory and a reasonable price, you get sales. The age of the domain has nothing to do with the store.

If you also need an old domain to start the drop shipping business, you can always buy an expired domain for $ 20 and start the process.

2 – A larger number of products in the shop does not mean that you will generate more sales. Yes, read about "Choice Paralysis". When a customer comes into your store and you see that you sell underwear to car parts and drones, he will jump to Amazon and other shopping sites. Therefore, it is better to have curated products that inevitably have to be sold, and you must first do a lot of research to curate the list.

3 – The only way to sell products from your store is in marketing. If you are new to marketing, you should learn it faster and have at least Fb and Instagram advertising campaigns before you start shipping.

The reason for selling this company
Because I do not currently have the time to take this website to the next level with a focus on paid advertising and additional traffic sources.

What is connected with the management of this business?
In simple terms, the process is simple

First step – The customer orders in your shop

Second step – your shop orders from a third party

Step three – Third party prepares your order

Step Four – The supplier sends directly to the customer

How is this business growing?
First, I would suggest checking the page load speed and see if it can be improved. Then set the content of Pinterest, create additional Facebook ads with videos and product photos, and Google Adwords for search ads.

After that I would definitely try to integrate more products. I think that would make the store a more holistic experience, as a one-stop-shop, so to speak. I would do that in the next 5 years.

To have skills

Social on Instagram and on Facebook Ads knowledgeable. There is tremendous potential for scalability through Instagram using Instagram influencers (send sample products for a shout-out or brand ambassador). We have the potential to bring many visitors to the site via Facebook Ads, and we believe this would play a big role in the success of the store.

Instagram and Facebook accounts included

Buy / Sell Target, Best Buy, Apple, Itunes, Amazon, Ebay, All kinds of Walmart, Gd; All In

Buy / Sell the following quantities daily:
Immediate fast and reliable exchange.
Best price & immediate exchange!

Amazon Gift Cards
Itunes gift cards
Ebay gift cards
Apple Store Gift Cards
Google plays gift cards
Best Buy Gift Cards
GameStop gift cards
Target Gift Cards
Macy's Gift Card gift card
Playstation Network Gift Cards
Xbox gift cards
| steam
Northern Storm gift cards
GameStop gift cards
AMEX gift card
Neosurf EUR, GBP

* Rate is negotiated in the chat!
* Looking for a long-term cooperation!
* If you want to communicate with me, contact me via my Icq Whatsapp Telegram.

* ICQ> 689899989
* Whatsapp +37258946164
* Telegram @Maxkovnik
* Skype aarongood25

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Sell ​​- – Great domain for your Bitcoin business – Great domain for your Bitcoin business

Current Price: 5,999 USD
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Sell ​​- MyED – Blog about erectile dysfunction with Persona

Why are you selling this website?
I have no time to wait for the site.

How is it monetized?
Currently monetized primarily through Sellhealth and Clickbank affiliate programs. I intended to use Amazon for reviewing supplements in the future – an excellent opportunity for a variety of additions.

Is this site coming with social media accounts?
Yes – Pinterest account. At the beginning.

How long does it take to run this site?
Not much. The site really only needs more content. Social media marketing would obviously help increase traffic and results.

What are the challenges of running this site?
At the moment, the biggest challenge for me is the fact that I do not have enough time to write new content. All content on the site is 100% unique – this is important to increase search engine results. The website is very simple – it is based on WordPress. Just add some articles and the website starts ranking. At the moment it has started to rank for some keywords like "vigrx plus", "vigrx plus review" and so on.

Sell ​​Btc

Btc Selling / Today, all payment systems officially operating in the Russian market have the right to provide services only to verified users. However, Bitcoin was originally created as a currency that can be used anonymously. Although the legal status of Bitcoin has not yet been established, it can easily be bought and sold. Obviously, nobody will ban the cryptocurrency – it's all about regulation. If you want to buy a cryptocurrency, you must first register in the system and start a wallet. It can only be used for Bitcoin. If you want to buy another cryptocurrency, you will need different purses. To register a wallet, you can use different resources. You can buy Bitcoin yourself in the following ways: Method 1. For those who do not use e-wallets and have no foreign currency, the most pressing question is where to buy Bitcoin for rubles. It is most convenient for such people to use a website like bestchange. However, this is not a point of exchange, but a great resource that brings together the largest market participants. If you choose the direction of the change, you can see the exchange rate, the exchange name and the currency reserve. If you use Bitcoin this way, you will need to select an exchanger in some exchangers – go through a simple registration process (not everywhere) and complete a cryptocurrency purchase form by entering the required number of Bitcoins or Satoshi and your address Bitcoin Wallet. 67415

Sell ​​- Automated Cryptocurrency News Website – 100% Automated!

Do not miss the chance to start with this Premium Domain + QUALITY website! 100% automated

100% automated News + information Website. Amazing and well-designed news site! Drive this popular niche HUGE traffic! The website has a premium plugin that automatically AUTOMATICALLY imports new videos, articles, articles and products in each category of this website! Put and forget a website that can help you make a good income. You can automatically import from:

  1. Items: Automatically send articles to WordPress.
  2. RSS feeds (any website with RSS feed of your choice) – Search and replace The plugin can search extracted content for any text / area and replace it with specified text.
  3. Amazon
  4. Click on Bank
  5. Youtube
  6. Vimeo
  7. ebay
  8. flicker
  9. Facebook
  10. Twitter
  11. SoundCloud
  12. Pinterest
  13. Instagram
  14. craigslist
  15. Apple – Itunes
  16. Envato Market Place
  17. Daily exercise
  18. reddit
  19. Wal-Mart

Automatically spin the articles and get 100% unique content!

With a domain like this, there are no limits! Make money in all sorts of ways and all sorts of categories! Earn money with AMAZON, ADSENSE, NATIVEADS, CLICKBANK and any other OFFER you can think of.

How can you pay for this website?

  • paypal
  • Skrill
  • CryptoCurrencies (BTC, ETH)
  • Contact us for more options.

Domain Will be published for free in your GoDaddy account.
This business is sold on the basis of potential to generate revenue or traffic.

Sell ​​- elitist social network

Why are you selling this website?
Health reasons, I need money

How is it monetized?

Is this site coming with social media accounts?
yes – facebook 40.000k followers and youtube channel

How long does it take to run this site?
a bit slow, but it can be optimized with better WPress tools

What are the challenges of running this site?
I do not have the time or budget to build this social network. But I know, somewhere in this world, there is a team that can take it to the next level and benefit from it. I'm ready to let my baby go … being raised by someone else. Life is short, really short, I discovered