Why do Conservatives believe that criminals would not give up all their semi-automatic weapons if they were banned?

Surely you would … right after you robbed two banks and you're ready to retire and live a good life because you cast your AR.

No one believes that the criminals will voluntarily give up their weapons. But if offensive weapons are banned, mere possession is a crime. So these criminals and their ARs are taken off the streets. And la Pierre would be happy because we have the guy who pulls the trigger. "Weapons do not kill, people do."

gurps 4e – Using the slide recoil of a semi-automatic pistol as a weapon

When an autopistol is fired, the carriage moves back to eject the current lap and move a new one into the chamber. This is done with sufficient force to cause a hand bite on someone holding the gun incorrectly. At the same time, the carriage of an autopistol can be held still without much effort and prevented from moving.

In view of this, could the backward movement of the slider of a pistol possibly be used offensively in GURPS? If so, how would this be modeled?

This is pure for the style. A way to shoot a man from afar while bumping the man next to you on the head. Such a maneuver clearly has no tactical advantage and probably blocks the weapon, but it's damn cool.

Windows – To create a semi-automatic copy command

We have customer folders in main folders (one per year) 2017-2018-2019 etc.
Each case created first receives a serial number followed by the customer's name and case: 19100 John Doe – new garage

Our customer processing software creates a blank main folder and subfolder structure for each case.
We want some common files copied to some of these customer folders, This can not be done by the customer handling the software, so this must be done manually or in the most intelligent way.

Is it possible to create a command set up to copy files from a specified location to a customer folder identified only by the serial number without specifying the name and task type?

In some cases, textures and images can be used.
They are located at s: textures general textures
They have to be copied in k: 2019 19100 Jens Jensen – new garage 03 pictures textures

Can a command be made to prompt me to the serial number ex. "19100" and then the files are automatically copied to the correct subfolder?

Again, only a few customer folders require the additional file copy. Therefore, I must be prompted to identify the correct folder.
We are 20 people working in these folders. Therefore, I would like to seek this advice to minimize the copying of files through Windows Explorer. Strange things happen when multiple users work together, so a desktop console may be useful.

Thanks in advance.

Nobody needs an attack or a semi-automatic weapon! They should be banned, period! Which part of "We are regulated" do not you understand !?

You can not decide what I need. There is no "weapon of attack". It is a made devaluer.

In addition to understanding that the word "good" is not a contraction for "we become," I understand the meaning of the language the founding fathers used. They purposely used these words.

They were against the government insofar as only the government is the government that the people should have, and this government is "the people," not a bureaucracy of order. The term "well regulated" did NOT mean the oversight of the government. It meant to work properly. In order for a militia to function properly, its members need to have their weapons ready soon – NOT an agreed meeting place where all weapons are kept locked up and distributed only by some higher, also known as Arsenal. You no longer hear the term much, but "regularity" is once applied to a properly functioning digestive system. The irregularity suffered from constipation / diarrhea and medications were taken to "stay regular". THAT is what the phrase "well regulated" means to keep things as they should.

At that time, a militia was not an organized group, in which there was a clubhouse where they had met to shoot weapons. A militia was any capable farmer (the majority), worker, educator, lawyer, merchant, merchant … who kept his weapons in and around their homes and workplaces so that he was easily reached to the places in which they were defending they were called.

This is no different from "the people" who are allowed today to keep and wear their weapons for personal or group defense along with hunting / recreation.

YOU are the one who does not understand.


Is there a semi-automatic way to clean up / dev / loop mounts?

My system seems to generate more / dev / loop mounts for certain updates.
So far it looks like this:
/ dev / loop0 128M 128M 0 100% / pressure / Yakyak / 28
/ dev / loop1 2.3M 2.3M 0 100% / Snap / Gnome Calculator / 238
/ dev / loop2 13M 13M 0 100% / snap / gnome-characters / 139
/ dev / loop3 3.8M 3.8M 0 100% / snap / gnome system monitor / 57
/ dev / loop4 15M 15M 0 100% / snap / gnome-logs / 43
/ dev / loop5 141M 141M 0 100% / Snap / gnome-3-26-1604 / 70
/ dev / loop7 43M 43M 0 100% / snap / gtk-common-themes / 701
/ dev / loop6 15M 15M 0 100% / snap / gnome-logs / 45
/ dev / loop8 13M 13M 0 100% / snap / gnome-characters / 124
/ dev / loop9 35M 35M 0 100% / snap / gtk-common-themes / 818
/ dev / loop11 2.3M 2.3M 0 100% / Snap / Gnome Calculator / 260
/ dev / loop10 35M 35M 0 100% / snap / gtk-common-themes / 808
/ dev / loop12 88M 88M 0 100% / Snap / Core / 5742
/ dev / loop13 102M 102M 0 100% / Fast / Ubuntu Social Kit / 3
/ dev / loop14 88M 88M 0 100% / Snap / Core / 5662
/ dev / loop16 141M 141M 0 100% / Print / Yakyak / 35
/ dev / loop17 128M 128M 0 100% / Fast / Yakyak / 25
/ dev / loop18 141M 141M 0 100% / Snap / gnome-3-26-1604 / 74

Is there a tool that can detect which ones are no longer used and release them? Not that this causes a problem, I prefer less clutter with mount points.