[ Politics ] Open Question: Can there be anything more cowardly than a draft evading a president who attacks a dead senator who served his country?

Trump said, among other things, "I never got any thanks for giving him the funeral he wanted, because as president, I approved that."

What the hell is wrong with this idiot, is he really that low and selfish ??? ,

Perhaps the elections of Trump, Georgia's Governor Brian Kemp, US Senator Josh Hawley and the appointment of Martha McSally are illegal?

I was not aware of any controversy in Missouri's Senate run.
I also do not believe that the appointment of Martha McSally was illegal. Yes, she lost her race to Krysten Sinema, but this race was for the place Jeff Flake had left in retirement. McSally, in turn, was appointed by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey after Jon Kyl announced that he would only serve until the end of the 115th Congress after John McCain died. The first two are questionable, but I knew of no misconduct in MO's race, and ultimately it was the Arizona Governor who could appoint someone before McCoy's office before the special election next year (I would not be surprised if McSally went for a full term decides).


If "walls do not work", why does every single democratic senator live in fully secured, closed gated communities?

The majority of undocumented immigrants enter the country legally with a visa, but they do not overflow and do not leave. How will the wall work against it?

Drug smugglers place their smuggled goods in vehicles, cargo or parcels and transport them through an entrance port. What they do not do is illegally cross the border with the drugs. How does a wall work against it?

Of the 4,000 alleged terrorists who did not come to this country from January 2017 to July 2017, most were at airports, several at the Canadian border and six crossed the southern border. So Trump's solution is to build an expensive wall to stop 0.15% of the terrorist. How will this work against the others?

Trump's Wall is not a strategy or coherent policy, it's a political assembly song that he's too vain to be wrong, and his followers are too stupid to get through.


Like Mississippi's GOP candidate, Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, "If you're invited to a public hanging, would you like to stand in the front row?"

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