How do I get macOS Catalina Postfix Send Mail (with Gmail SMTP)?

I tried everything (I guess), like writing my sasl_passwd and editing in the folder / etc / postfix (as in described) os-x-postfix-gmail-relay /? unapproved = 2688 & moderation-hash = cf71581ee481cb1c6f76481946c2ef7e # comment-2684). I've also copied my LaunchDaemon list with a name other than the / Library / LaunchDaemons folder (as described in How to Change a Launch Daemon Permanently on OS X El Capitan?).

While these people managed to get Postfix to send SMTP Gmail messages from their terminal under Mojave or El Capitan. I did not manage to get their solutions working under Catalina.

Any suggestions?

Send edit logs from multiple Google Sheet files to a "Edit History" table

I'm creating a large number of worksheets in Google Drive and want to monitor / log the changes in a single worksheet (such as File / Date / Time / User).
My goal would be to keep track of how often and who uses those files within the drive without having to go through each table.

I already have a simple code to log the last edit on each sheet, but I want to create a sheet that logs every change.

Is that possible?

Send DataTable to another MVC C # controller

I am working on an ASP.NET MVC # web application and am trying to send a DataTable created in a controller which I use to send to another controller to use, which I did not succeed.

Is there a way?
How could it be solved?

Here, the DataTable is loaded into the controller.

DataRow row = dtTokens.NewRow();
                    row("Token") = sNuevacadena;
                    row("Descuento") = token_descuentos.porcentajeDescuento;
                    row("Vendedor") = NombreVendedor;
                    row("Carrera") = NombreCarrera;
                    row("Distancia") = NombreDistancia;


                TempData("listaTokens") = dtTokens;

                return RedirectToAction("ListaTokensNuevos", "Reportes");

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json – How to send df1 (client-side) to the Python server in the way shown in df1?

I do not know how the data is transferred and in which data type. On the server side, the output I need is in the list to compare to another list.

import socket
import sys
import datetime

s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
s.connect(('', 8888)) #IP is the server IP

for args in sys.argv:
    if args == '':
        args = 'no args'
        df1 = b'(1, 'black', '2345678jhbv', 'eghji876', 3.0, datetime.datetime(2019, 9, 4, 0, 0))'

import socket
import sys 
import datetime 

def server_program():
    HOST = '' 
    PORT = 8888

    s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)

    print('socket created')

        s.bind((HOST, PORT))
    except socket.error as err:
        print('Bind Failed, Error Code: ' + str(err(0)) + ', Message: ' + err(1))

    print('Socket Bind Success!')

    print ('Socket is now listening')

    while True:
        conn, addr = s.accept()
        print ('Connect with ' + addr(0) + ':' + str(addr(1)))
        df1 = conn.recv(1024)
        print("Received ", df1, "from the client")

email – To use Gmail's Send Mail As feature when the SMTP server requires 2-factor authentication

I used the Send Mail As feature to use the Gmail interface for my business email instead of Outlook. My workstation now has two-factor authentication required for single sign-on. If I add my password in the SMTP configuration, the error "Authentication failed" will be displayed because I do not have the option to add the second factor. Is there a way to get around this?

Enter image description here

Transactions – Bitcoin Cash Bitbox SDK False when trying to send TX

Attempt to execute the bitbox scripts shown here to send the transaction: When I submit the transaction, I always get the following error:

  error: 'mandatory-script-verify-flag-failed (Signature must be zero for failed CHECK(MULTI)SIG operation) (code 16)'

Code excerpt:

const bitbox = require('bitbox-sdk');
const log = require('ololog').configure({ time: false });
const ansi = require('ansicolor').nice;

const Address = new bitbox.Address()

let xpriv = 'tprv8jBszV65QgT8TAxvj8Go5r8C3BXwq3mYUvaEfEnsfjkx6PRuQYG4W8Bpc4HM2zbiT9S384shi2Zrr6qxXD6nUySxuvztP9o25hLuMcDvMYD'; // testnet

/* Transaction builder */

// instance of transaction builder

let transactionBuilder = new bitbox.TransactionBuilder('testnet');

// tx input

let txid = 'b89785f05a50f893f6c5cf395df8fcc8353cf70db9cafed45b8aff318694c173'; // utxo when funding 0'/00
let vout_index = 1;
transactionBuilder.addInput(txid, vout_index);

// tx output

let originalAmount = 10000;
const BitcoinCash = new bitbox.BitcoinCash();
let byteCount = BitcoinCash.getByteCount({ P2PKH: 1 }, { P2PKH: 1 });
// amount to send to receiver. It's the original amount - 1 sat/byte for tx size
let sendAmount = originalAmount - byteCount;
// add output w/ address and amount to send
transactionBuilder.addOutput(Address.toLegacyAddress(address3), sendAmount);

// lock time

// transactionBuilder.setLockTime(50000)

// sign

// node of address which is going to spend utxo
const HDNode = new bitbox.HDNode();
let hdnode = HDNode.fromXPriv(xpriv);

// keypair
let keyPair = HDNode.toKeyPair(hdnode.derivePath("0'/00")); // funded address
let redeemScript;
transactionBuilder.sign(0, keyPair, redeemScript, transactionBuilder.hashTypes.SIGHASH_ALL, originalAmount, transactionBuilder.signatureAlgorithms.SCHNORR);

// build tx

let tx =;

// return hex string to send to BCH network

// output rawhex
let hex = tx.toHex();
console.log("Raw tx hex: ", hex);

// sendRawTransaction to running BCH node
const RawTransactions = new bitbox.RawTransactions(restURL='');
.then((result) => { 
.catch((err) => { 

git – How do I send an error reported in the terminal to github?

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