c # – Parameters between two senders in csharp

Hi! I have a question about passing parameters between two grid views.
I have a form with a grid that lists data from registered customers.
In this form, I've included a button that invokes another form with a grid that in practice lists the contacts of the customer I'm positioned on, but I could not pass the contact grid client code as a parameter to only list the contacts of this form client.
Could someone help me so I understand how to do that?
Thankful for the attention.

Gmail – takes precedence over blocked senders and filters

If you've blocked senders in Gmail, emails with that FROM address will be moved to the SPAM folder. If you have filters that fire on these emails, will they still fire? After the email has already been moved to SPAM? Any recommended best practices here? I see advice online that suggests using a filter that collects and redirects all emails, rather than using the forwarding feature of Gmail (which we had problems with). When I do this, however, I have to make sure my blocked addresses are not forwarded (w

asymmetric – encryption with multiple senders and one recipient

I have received this article from my teacher and would like to expand it.
It carries the title Modified El Gamal algorithm for encrypting multiple senders and single receivers,
I have planned to do it so that the algorithm can accommodate multiple transmitters and multiple receivers.

I was very confused and would like to ask for help in encrypting this modified algorithm.

(Key generation)

receiver generates {P,g,a}, and sends {P,g,b} to public(?) for the senders to get.
P = prime
g = generator 
a = private key of receiver
b = g^a


Sender 1
generate R1 (private key)
computes c11 = g^R1 

Sender 2
generate R2 (private key)
computes c12 = g^R2

Sender 3 
generate R3 (private key)
computes c13 = g^R3

message(m) is encrypted using this formula

c2 = m*b^R2 / b^R1*b^R3

The cipher keys {c11,c12,c13,c2} is then send to receiver.


m = c2*c11*c13 / c12

I would like to ask how the other senders got to the private keys of the other senders. I think I miss something.

The Gmail label will still be visible after I filter messages from senders and the Gmail label / folder

The Gmail label will still be displayed when I open the message. Above next to the actual brand name I want. I now know how to skip the Inbox and archive the Inbox label, but not the Gmail label.

My second problem is in the Gmail label / folder in the left pane. Inside are thousands of e-mail messages for which I have already created labels, eg. "VA", "Move", "Legal", etc. In addition, the correct label is displayed when scrolling through the messages. You are not displaying "Gmail" next to the correct label name. So I am confused. Why are they displayed on the Gmail tab, not just the label I created for these messages? If there is a quick fix, shoot, I think any solution for it, your help would be SO SO very grateful. Many Thanks.

P.S. I hope I did not ask the same question with my two questions. If so, I'm sorry.

List of automatic senders for DDL sites (send one click) | Proxies-free

Did not JMZ have a DDL transmitter that has saved settings (auto-linker)? I remember that linkplz ddl also had a submit user saving the settings, but it was closed. Most users have never used the save settings.

The way people submit is terrible. All you need is the e-mail address that the website uses to submit, and you can provide this e-mail address.

A few years ago, when DDL sites generated much more traffic, people set up a DDL site and made it public on WJ. It could all be done in less than an hour. People with 5-star warez sites on large DDLs would send to this new fake site and use the same email address they use to send to all DDL sites as this is easier and the only option if you are using a DDL transmitter.

The person who has created a new DDL can then register as a regular member on the 5-star website, post their own topics and links, and then use the email address on which the 5-star website uses DDL website has submitted the 5 star site to larger DDL sites. Your posts would then get many downloads and earn a lot of money. Your own personal DDL site was just collecting e-mail addresses to avoid traffic or downloads.

You can still do this, but as DDL sites do not get that much traffic, it's not that common. It happened a lot when I was working on MechoDDL because Mecho was one of the biggest DDL sites after Katz closed down. To prevent this, I used to determine from which IP address they were transmitted. So the real owner used Phazeddl to send. Then I would mark it for review if submitted topics came from a different DDL sender or IP address than was normally the case. Much more work was done, but it was the only way I could not implement a password system because it would use the same password anyway for all DDL senders to make the transfer easier. I tried a more secure API delivery system, but it did not really work because they already had their own system.

What became even crazier were smart guys who were able to track from their own fake DDL sites, which DDL submitter used the admins of 5-star Warz forums, and then only use them to make unofficial submissions to pursue.

This is one of the reasons why you have often seen 5-star Warz sites submit junk mail or topics that did not have the required number of Gold-rated hosts and were allowed to keep their rank, as it was not really their fault.

Who would have, even though it is a subterranean world for DDL submitter?