Free high-end SEO advice in return for data

Hello digital point,

I offer free high-end advice for SEO optimization. I will analyze your Google Analytics and Google Webmasters data and give you recommendations based on this data. This is a service I have billed to customers over $ 100 an hour. In most cases, I will give you SEO recommendations that can significantly increase your traffic.

In return for these free services, I may use your historical Google Analytics and Google Webmasters data to optimize an algorithm for SEO recommendations.

This should be a win-win situation, you get high-end SEO consulting services, I get data that I need for my algorithm (which doesn't cost you anything).

In order to be eligible for this service, your websites must be in English and have at least 50 current organic visitors per day (ie visitors from Google search). Your website can be in any niche.

Anyone interested? Please post here or send me a private message! We will then discuss the details.


I'm going to create 50 manual White Hat Authority backlinks for Google ranking for $ 30

I will create 50 manual White Hat Authority backlinks for Google ranking

Fire up your Google ranking with these manual backlinks with high authority from different link platforms. Safe white hat approach. No PBNs, no link farms or guest blog networks, no bullshit. Ideal for link diversity to set up your new websites White Hat FOUNDATION Links & Trust with Google!


  • PDF and document approval
  • Press release
  • Web 2.0 posting
  • Audio sharing
  • Transmission and distribution of pictures
  • Article submission
  • High DA Profile links
  • Business citation links
  • Video transmission and sharing
  • EDU & GOV links


  • 100% manual work, no software or bots used
  • Only domains with high DA and TF
  • Manually spun unique niche content
  • Natural blend of Nofollow / Dofollow
  • Natural mix of contextual / non-contextual anchors
  • White label report in Excel with live links and logins
  • Premium indexing services
  • Professional 24X7 support

10,000 high quality United States traffic to your website for $ 5

10,000 high-quality USA hits on your website

Get 10,000 high quality United States traffic to your website.

Website traffic is both an important indicator and a driver of business growth. It can help you:

  • See how well your marketing works.
  • Gather insights into your audience to make decisions.
  • Improve your SEO and search engine credibility.
  • helps improve your rank, which in turn creates more traffic.

Service functions:

  • Real visitors with a unique IP are directed to your website, not bots.
  • 100% ad network and Adsense secure.
  • 500 – 2000+ daily visits.
  • Increase SEO and Alexa ranking.
  • Low bounce rate.
  • Traffic can be tracked using analytics.
  • Traffic sources are mainly social networks.
  • 100% guaranteed delivery.
  • Increase organic traffic.
  • Increase the credibility and authority of the website.
  • Get more website awareness.

The traffic on your website helps to improve your rank, which in turn generates more traffic.


SEO 2020 – current guidelines for website positioning – audit + recommendation for $ 9

SEO 2020 – current guidelines for the positioning of websites – audit + recommendation


Understanding the source is the basis for diagnosing any problem. The whole sense of qualitative positioning according to the guidelines of Google and Bing is a proper website evaluation. Website optimization is the most important activity that directly affects the position of a website in search engines. Without detailed website optimization, effective positioning is not possible. The site audit is aimed at people who already have a website and want to optimize it for users and search engines, as well as people who are currently submitting a website to search engines. Reporting from the optimized website significantly increases the chances of starting.


11 years of business experience, supported by results, means that we have a lot to offer. When every entrepreneur starts the adventure with e-commerce or another sales model, he strives to optimize costs and generate profits. Many new companies entering the busy market fail and close their business. There are many reasons for companies to fail. Overinvestment, wrong choice of advertising material, lack of financial control of the company or overestimation of the company's income assumptions. Whether you want to start or optimize a business, we can significantly improve its profitability.


As part of the service, I will analyze your one page or subpage. If you don't have a website yet, I'll tell you how to start your project. You will receive a full report from me, which will tell you what you need to change to make your website or business more successful.

I'm going to do YouTube video SEO to rate your video for $ 10

I will do YouTube Video SEO to rate your video

I am here to offer you the best Youtube SEO.
My services:

  • Complete report of my work and your video (PDF delivery)
  • Effective SEO friendly title
  • Algorithm recommended by Youtube

(Note: All offers above are for 1 video only.)

Why should you choose me:

My work strategy is 100% safe, fast and secure

Your satisfaction is my goal.

If you have certain keywords, please contact me before ordering

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GET – Glen Allsopp – SEO detailed blueprint | Proxies-free

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Glen Allsopp – SEO detailed blueprint


"I want cutting-edge SEO tactics that actually rate websites."
It's your job to increase website traffic that actually turns into sales rather than just looking good in your analytics account.
You already know that organic search engine traffic is one of the best new customer sources that exist online. Top rankings can make or break a deal.
And you know that organic traffic helps you reach people when they want what you have to offer instead of interrupting someone like ads.

But there's only one problem if you're looking for higher placements …
There is a lot of conflicting advice. You just want the latest strategies that actually work.
You have read the SEO blogs.
You've heard terms like keyword research, link building, and on-site optimization.
You already know that you need to write descriptive title tags, find the right terms for targeting, and get links to your website on the go.
However, your time is limited and you don't want to use it for the least effective steps you should take.
The worst thing is to ask yourself if the steps you are following are actually current and working in the real world.
There are no secrets about what search engines are actually looking for …
Your website should be fast.
Your content should be original.
Search engine crawlers should be able to easily understand what your website is about.
Among other things, you need links from other websites to act as a "poll" that you've created a great resource (and know what you're talking about).
The Google algorithm can sometimes be a kind of black box, but there are no surprises about what to show up in the search results.
… But there are secrets about how to build and acquire these things.
Legitimate, with link building angles that have not been written about dozens of times.
Advanced keyword research tactics (which even beginners can follow, given the steps) to find terms that your competitors aren't targeting.
Unique approaches to finding problems with your local SEO that you may be holding back.
And certain types of content that can get people talking and give search engine users the results they want.
However, you won't learn these things from a 21-point checklist blog post. Or a "content upgrade" that takes you to a Google Sheet.
Especially if there are different priorities depending on the industry and the type of website you want to grow on.

It's even worse if you try to gather insights from many different sources to put together an overall strategy that makes sense.
What if you knew your SEO strategy had been successfully tested on dozens of the world's largest websites?

Tested by Software as a Service companies that bring in tens of millions of dollars annually.
Used on some of the most successful partner websites in the world.
On e-commerce websites with 9-digit annual sales (that's over $ 100 million).
On fast growing, industry leading news sites.
Implemented in some of the most competitive niches and still with legitimate "white" backlinks.
Here's the truth when it comes to getting top rankings.
There are few tactics that should be a top priority for any site in any niche.
You may need 2,000 words to rate an article on financial advice. That can be 1,800 words too much for a page on a currency conversion website.
If 20% of your website is thin, it can seriously hurt a million page website. Maybe not for one with 1,000.
It could be really important to show your expertise clearly in order to rank in the health sector. That is probably less true in the hobby niche.
If your SEO is "perfected" on site, but you have not created any links, you should not worry about further optimizing your meta descriptions.
You have the idea.
To define the best approach for your situation, a framework is required from which you can choose depending on your location and goals.
A framework that was built through a lot of trial and error.
Top SEO practitioners can spend years building a knowledge base they can rely on, depending on the website they are helping.
This is not an exaggeration.
It doesn't matter whether you're running an industry-leading news website, a highly profitable affiliate website, or just in your first internal SEO position. You always have to stay up to date on what is currently working in your specific field.
You don't do what competitors do.
There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but once you learn what to look for, you can define a strategy that makes sense for you.
A strategy that shows you what you need to prioritize to get the greatest results in the shortest possible time.

We introduce
"A proven, step-by-step system with exclusive, state-of-the-art SEO tactics that you can use today."
This is not a boring training course "Here's what a title tag is".
If you know my previous work, then you know that I would not dream of making it available to the world.
Detailed blueprint covers insights that have never been included in any other SEO training program.
With advice on how to know what applies to your specific situation so that you can make the most of your efforts.
With step-by-step videos, checklists, worksheets and a thriving community, you have everything you need for ranking.
You get an SEO strategy that can increase search traffic for your company.
You get unique link building strategies that are white and scalable.
… about which you have not read in any other program.
You will learn how to find keywords for destinations that are not yet saturated with big brands, but can still send substantial search traffic.
Not only do you know how to identify the biggest local issues that are holding websites back, but you also know how to find them in a unique way.
You get specific insights into what content ideas get people talking and how you can create them yourself.
And you can be sure that everything is based on real results, not just theory.

Regardless of which website you want to expand, you have covered everything with Detailed Blueprint.
In module 1 you will receive the on-site strategy, for which we calculate thousands
Get the exact checklist we use when we check websites for thousands of dollars at a time. Not only will you learn unique things to see if this can hold back websites massively, you will also learn how to find these problems in a unique way.
Module two reveals unprecedented link building tactics
Tactics itself and our customers have picked up some of the best links on the Internet without having to use emails to thousands of people begging for links (which is never good for your reputation).
I am incredibly proud of this module.
Our third module is about finding profitable conditions that can be aimed at with minimal competition
There are no fluff or theories, but pure real results. Including how a single phrase has helped me generate over $ 50,000 in the past 12 months (and there is still minimal competition).
In module 4 you will learn how to write content that makes you talk. It is remarkable.
I firmly believe that a single article can change the overall development of your business, and I have the examples and case studies to prove it. I will tell you exactly what worked in other niches that you can model yourself.
Two experts take you by the hand to dominate the local rankings in module five
I want Detailed Blueprint to be the best SEO course in the world (and the last one you'll ever need). That's why I brought in two local SEO experts – one who classified a company that was later sold for $ 400 million – to share everything they know.
The top marketers share their secrets in the expert module
There is no "best" SEO in the world, but there are people who are among the best in their fields. I used external sources to share their secrets about link building, website speed, website acquisition, and more. One is the founder of a SaaS company worth $ 120,000 / m.

22 SEO insights you can find in a detailed draft …
The key phrase that has helped me generate an additional $ 50,000 in the past 12 months (for which I still rank very well).
The reverse HARO method, which uses the HelpAReporter site in a non-standard way to find great link partners.
The site is much better than HelpaReporter to find better links and less competition.
How to Find Profitable Keywords People are classified "under the radar" using specific lists of online success stories
How I use Zapier to find the people who are most likely to link to something (even works with a free account)
One way to address the linkerati (the people who link) on Facebook. I've never seen anyone talked about
Watch me live check six different websites, cover several niches and business types and find serious problems with them
What happened when I implemented "Ghost Page SEO" on one of my websites – with the actual rankings and hits?
How to find expired domains to buy that I pick up within 48 hours of finding them (and I've only ever missed one)
We follow our exact step-by-step checklist when reviewing some of the largest sites in the world
Four (!) Unique methods that I use to find "secret" pages on any website that probably shouldn't exist (and that could possibly hold you back).
Why you should literally give Google $ 10 (maximum) to find people to connect with – you may not even know that this is possible
A custom tool that allows me to quickly segment and prioritize large lists of websites for reach and relationships – you'll get it too
Get access to the custom website crawler I've spent thousands on before anyone else (works on Windows and Mac)
Exactly what we write to our customers when we find certain problems on their websites that you may copy and paste into your own reports

Six things you can do after you complete the training
Find problems with any website – including internal SEO teams – within minutes of looking at them
Know exactly what steps you need to take to create ethical links to websites (without asking on a large scale).
Find keywords with adequate search volume and minimal competition that work in any niche
Generate ideas for content with the best chance of people speaking (and linking to) this industry that are relevant to your industry
Leverage industry-proven methods for local SEO and local business growth through search
Get answers from course creators and other community members if you get stuck


I will provide 3000 niche-relevant forum backlinks for $ 5

I will provide 3000 niche-relevant forum backlinks

I will provide Dofollow Forum backlinks and on high quality websites

My link building service is a pure white hat. Forum backlinks are very helpful for placing your website in search engines. I offer high quality and follow niche-relevant forum backlinks to generate targeted traffic and backlinks to your website. On the other hand, niche-relevant forum posts immediately index your keyword with great intensity. It is an ultimate source to get organic traffic to your website. Services:

  • Do-follow and authority backlinks
  • Unlimited links and keywords acceptable
  • Full detailed reports in Google Sheet
  • Inexpensive and powerful
  • 100% niche relevant
  • Best backlinks for SEO
  • Increase your UR DR / DA PA
  • Quality work

Why are you hiring me Or why work with me?

  • Experienced affiliate blogger
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Available 24/7
  • White Hat SEO

This gig is for general forums.I will create 1000 forum links a day so it looks natural. That's why I set the delivery time accordingly. If I make 3000 forum links in one day, it looks spammy. Please contact us before placing an order

Thanks a lot

I will do in-depth SEO keyword research and competitive analysis for $ 5 in 24 hours

I will do in-depth SEO keyword research and competitive analysis in 24 hours

Keyword research is the blueprint for your online marketing efforts.

The difference between a website that receives tons of organic searches and a website that doesn't get one is in the keywords you use.

I will find the best keywords and analyze your competitors to find keywords for your website or company. I am an SEO expert and have a STRONG EXPERIENCE in competitive analysis and keyword research. I will conduct extensive research and supply Highly profitable keywords.

What you get in this GIG:

  • Monthly search for each phrase
  • Advanced keyword research SEO OPTIMIZED
  • LSI keywords
  • Average monthly searches for each phrase
  • CPC for each phrase
  • Keyword competitiveness and ranking difficulty for each phrasease
  • Competitor analysis (their detailed statistics)
  • Get everything easily accessible in Excel spreadsheet
  • Delivery in less than 24 hours
  • Complete 24/7 online support

Go ahead and order my gig!

100% satisfaction guarantee.

Thank you so much!

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