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Hi @sven, a mistake that I've noticed since then and that SER has been using a lot lately. In Windows 7 (possibly Windows 10), SER requires "two clicks" when a project is running and you are navigating away from the SER window.

To rebuild the error:

– Open SER
– start a project (activate)
– Click on another taskbar program, eg. Eg Excel
– Wait a moment and do not click on SER immediately
– Click on the SER symbol in the task bar
– SER does not recognize the click, the window does not open
– Click again on the SER tray icon and it will be displayed correctly

This is a small but very annoying issue because when you click on a program, you expect it to be displayed accordingly. It could be a Windows problem, but I have not experienced it with any program other than SER.

To update: I just had this problem without an active project. Does SER have a kind of "sleep mode" that requires 2 clicks to reopen the window after you have not clicked it in the meantime, or something?

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SEO – How can I index Sitemap of my website?

I would like to optimize the sitelink on my website via the search console / webmaster

I want to search on google that certain menus appear. For example, menus, a, menu b and menu c

I'm looking for some references. To be able to set using the search console, only a sitemap.xml is required, which is searched first

So I accessed this https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/. I enter my domain and click on the start button. After the process is complete, I downloaded the Sitemap file

my question is if i upload the xml file directly to my hosting? or do I have to edit it first to determine which menus to display when entering keywords in Google?


My xml as follows:






There are 2000 lines of code, but here are just a few

SEO – URL Character Counting – Where should I start counting?

I'm redirecting URLs for a website. I know this could affect SEO, but I have no choice but to rewrite it and redirect the old URLs to their new URLs. I would like to try to get the new URLs short and to the point.

If I count the total number of characters in a URL, I should not include the protocol https:// counting in my character, right? Should contain all characters after the first letter, including periods, hyphens, slashes, and so on. https:// or something else? I'm assuming that I count characters, as I'll show in an example below, but I'd like to check that out.


Would count a total of 25 characters, right?

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