Place your Google website, 28 days SEO backlinks manually for $ 120

Place your Google website, 28 days of SEO backlinks manually

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Well, there are a lot of people who offer thousands of backlinks. But baking alone does not help you. We can offer quality over quantity compared to the others as they use automated software and our backlinks are created manually by our search engine optimization
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We submit your website manually and daily to various authorized and trusted sites in 30 days. We update the report on
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SEO – How authoritative is the Chrome Lighthouse Score?

I have a website that has achieved very good results in testing chrome lighthouses.
However, the customer uses a third-party service for the same purpose, for which the same location has a relatively lower score than the lighthouse.

So my question is, "How valid or authoritative is the Chrome Light House SEO report?" So I can alert the customer that he can ignore third-party reviews.

What are the main changes in the June 2019 Google Broadcore update? – SEO help (general chat)

The core algorithm update 2019 was rolled out at 12 o'clockth March 2019, and Hasaffected search results in Google Indices worldwide. This is the first time in 2019The Google has officially confirmed the release of an update after confirmation of the previous one Google Core algorithm update, in 2018.

SEO – Does a lot of relevant internal links influence the ranking of the pages and is there a limit?

We are revising our internal linkage strategy in my workplace.

The current implementation uses a series of links and places them on a number of pages accessible from the header. Some links appear more often than others.

Consider these two cases:

case 1

Source page: Summer shorts for men

Interner Link zu: Summer Shorts for Women
Internal link to: Ladies hats
Interner Link to: Sweatpants

Case # 2

Source page: Summer shorts for men

Interner Link zu: Swimsuits for men in oversize
Interner Link zu: Men's sunscreen
Interner Link zu: Men's sweatpants

Case 1 contains internal links that are not directly related to the source page, but case 2.

Does one of the two cases influence the ranking of the pages?

Second question: Is there a gold standard for the frequency with which a link can be displayed on the website? What happens if a link from 500 different pages is linked?

Sell ​​- SEO RESELLER – 100 customers, then earn $ 9,000 profit per month.



This site will run on autopilot if you have adequate communication skills. No telephone contact with customers is required. Forward emails only. No Skype calls, just SkypeText chat or email exchange.

When a customer purchases a subscription to the SEO service, they simply place the order with the supplier who delivers the service directly to their customer, and you receive a net profit of $ 90 per customer per month. And most customers will continue their subscriptions, making this a passive source of revenue.

Build a subscription base of 100 customers and then earn $ 9,000 in earnings per month.

Ten consecutive subscribers a month provide you with a solid base with a profit of $ 900 per month. Keep in mind that both the SAME CUSTOMER and the Referral Business are receiving multiple orders for multiple websites. The income of 10 customers will thus double quickly from 900 to 1800 US dollars.

Given the relevance of this SEO service, this is very easy to reach. The market is still in its infancy, and most companies still do not think about ongoing SEO.

What service do customers receive for completing a one-month subscription to the site?

For just $ 99 per month, your customer will receive 30 NEW PR9 High Pr SEO backlinks for their website.

What the hell are backlinks and how does this help your client stay with you from month to month, giving you a passive income of $ 90 per month per customer?

Backlinks are links that point to your customer's website. The number of backlinks on this website is an indication of the popularity or importance of your customer's website.

Backlinks are important for search engine optimization because Google gives more credit to websites with a good number of quality backlinks, considering that these sites are more relevant than others.

Your supplier will provide high quality backlinks only through its extensive network of websites that relate to your customer's website. Your provider uses PR9 backlinks in an extensive network of high profile websites. Within your custom niche, links are created that point directly to the provider's website, while increasing your customer's traffic and Google ranking.

Your customer needs a continuous service to rotate and flip the content and keywords needed to keep his website up in the leaderboard. Your supplier focuses on the ranking of your customers. You can rely on it.

Now you can be the middleman who makes a healthy profit with every transaction, without having to provide services to the customer.

So, how will it work?

1. You buy this reseller site

2. You apply it with the simple marketing plan I provide (that works).

3. Receive requests that are easy to manage as all information requested by the prospect is simply located on the website.

4. The customer is impressed … then makes a purchase via PayPal and immediately receives the balance on your PayPal account for $ 99.00 for a one-month service. (Most customers keep their subscription but do not have to, and there are no contracts to reassure them.)

5. Then contact your supplier by e-mail with the order data filled out by your customer. (Just a cut and paste for you.)

6. The supplier provides the service and provides this work via a link, which you can provide to your customer on request. (They only forward emails.)

You earn $ 90 net profit per month and customer.

How is this calculated?

They receive $ 99 from the customer and pay the supplier $ 5 to provide the service, pay a few dollars in PayPal commission, and earn $ 90 in a very passive manner.

Most importantly, your supplier has provided this service over 30,000 times and is an award-winning operator. They provide a high-volume yet high-quality service, which usually takes only 3 days to get away from what they've paid for and keeps their subscription, even though there is no obligation to do so.

This site is a cash cow for anyone with adequate communication skills and the ability to follow a simple marketing plan to drive traffic and sales.

Build a subscription base of 100 customers and then earn $ 9,000 in earnings per month. This is not excluded given the size and relevance of this market.

This is a real opportunity to build a business that has a tremendous resale value. Given the ease of use you would probably reserve as your full-time cash cow.

So what do you have to do after buying this site?

You generate traffic to your website by following the marketing plan that is on sale. The plan's social media marketing element is the latest strategy that marketers use to quickly generate traffic that is converted into sales. You have access to all this. And you DO NOT have to use your own social media accounts.

Basically, if you put your website on VIRAL, you can handle more than 100 customers per month hands-free. Your supplier will take care of everything and there will be a replacement supplier if you have any problems.

All you have to do is focus on your website generating traffic. There is an extended plan for this, which is included in the sale – and works.

Work from anywhere in the world.

Such a site design would cost well over $ 3,000 if you tried to build it from scratch with a designer, and you would not get any marketing support or planning.

What do you get when you buy this site?

Premium Domain Name

Premium Design

marketing plan

Social Media Marketing Guide

Operation Manual

suppliers Contact

The complete business start-up package at an affordable price.

I can help you write professional SEO articles. for $ 36

I can help you write professional SEO articles.

I'm writing a 500-3000-word Mind Blowing SEO blog article.

Use successful blog articles Premium Content to engage, educate, strengthen customer loyalty and establish you as an authority in your niche. The result is increased exposure and a wealth of sales. How well do your current blog articles do that? I do not suppose well where I come in.

My promise to you: I will create a 100% original, high quality and well-researched blog article to help you gain and engage your audience on a regular basis.

You get:

✏️ All works are factually checked and copy-protected

✏️ A professionally written SEO-optimized article that follows SEMrush's ranking guidelines.

✏️ Convincing and engaging language that attracts the attention of readers

✏️ Thoroughly researched content to establish your authority, including links to high-quality sources that back up facts and reference resources


Clean up RIPE LOA IPv4 @ $ 0.10ct | Clean ARIN LOA Mixed CIDR IPV4 | Ideal for SEO / Proxy ISPs

If you are an ISP looking for clean RIPE assignments for a period of 12 months, we have a pair at an incredible price!

1 x / 19 TIRES
1 x / 20 TIRES

SWIP / WHOIS / Delegation to manage your own GEO! These are sold based on the first delivery. Get it for as long as you can!


We also have a lot of ARIN on LOA (different price ranges) for those who are looking for long term leases and non-MAIL / SPAM usage.

199.xx.xx.0 / 20 / 22 / 22 / 22 / 22 / 22
172.xx.xx.0 / 21 / 19 / 20 / 21 / 19
154.x.x.0 / 19

If you are interested, contact directly.

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I'm sorry if this seems a bit superfluous, but I just want to thank you and your colleagues for the dedication and time they put into these products. I have been using GSA SER for years and the support and updates keep coming back! Truly unbelievable. So from me to you … Thank you. :)