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Why is guest blogging still important despite Google's negative response?

The updates in Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird have led some people to suggest the end of relevance to guest publication, but the truth is that guest blogging is essential as long as it's done right. The updates require:

  • A greater commitment to relevance.

Panda targets low-quality sites, while Penguin and Hummingbird target spam and irrelevant information. Contentoholic helps by ensuring the following:

  • Brand-intensive content in the form of traffic-heavy guest contributions
  • A high standard of authors

How blogging of guests is important to build links

Any successful search engine optimization strategy is based on a strong foundation of link building that directs inbound links to the pages of your website. Content published:

1. Build your reputation

2. Advocates your brand and increases the value of your blog.

3. Improve your SEO as the host blogger provides links to your blog that help increase its value and make your content easier to find

How is Contentoholic different?

  • The quality service we provide distinguishes us from the rest. With a professional approach and the goal to provide only the very best, Contentoholic guarantees that the work done by the guest contributions reaches your target audience.
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$ 15 for each post


1.) What is the ACT?

Usually 18 to 20 days for 15 guest contributions. However, we try to deliver much ahead of time.

2.) Will the content be unique?

Of course, we do not believe in copied content or Google. The content is 100% unique and is authored by professional native authors.

3.) Which software is best for creating content?

Absolutely no idea !!! We are strictly against any content creation software and all work is done manually.

4.) What do we need from you?

Your URL, anchor texts and name of the author

5.) Do you use blog networks for guest contributions?

No, we only use unique blogs, the IP addresses of all blogs are different.

6.) Do you add pictures to the post?

Yes, we will add 1 or 2 relevant pictures to each post.

7.) Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, but the discount depends entirely on the order. Skype us and I will let you know more about it.

Contact details
Skype: Contentoholic

Selling – 10 Y / O Domain | Complete SEO page

This website was developed and developed especially for the correct SEO rules. At each step, low-competition keywords and appropriate research / analysis are performed. Authority domain with correct backlinks.

Thank you for reviewing my listing.

As I mentioned earlier, a thorough research and analysis was done to build the site for each step. What exactly do I mean by that?

Let's take a look at the domain (

Strong backlinking
The domain is 10 Year old,Pretty authoritarian, huh!) and has some strong ones backlinks that makes it easier in the Google, The created backlinks are not just the backlinks, which are called comment links. The entire URL is back linked properly and the domain is mentioned in the content. To make sure you have a clear status of what I have just stated, here are some backlinks:

  7. schöninspiringmotivationallife / take-anger-management-class.html
  10. crystal–

Click on one of them and you will see the quality of manufacture. They are embedded in the content. In addition, the backlinks are created in similar niche targeting pages, which means that every visitor to your site is a potential target customer.

The PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) domain is pretty good.

PA: 12 DA: 11

This indicates how valuable the domain is. Anyone with basic SEO knowledge knows what these insights mean.

Let's go now Contents Part:

This listing is different from others because it was designed and used from scratch SEO perspective and for Higher ranking on Google,

The site was developed with the following Low competition words :

  1. Anger Management Search volume: 100K – 1M
  2. Adhd symptoms Search volume: 100K – 1M
  3. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Search volume: 100K – 1M
  4. ADHD Search volume: 100K – 1M
  5. Obsessive compulsive disorder Search volume: 100K – 1M
  6. Post-traumatic stress disorder Search volume: 10K – 100K
  7. fear Search volume: 100K – 1M
  8. Symptoms of bipolar disorder Search volume: 10K – 100K
  9. What is a bipolar disorder? Search volume: 10K -100K
  10. Bipolar disorder Search volume: 100K – 1M
  11. Cognitive behavioral therapy Search volume: 100K – 1M
  12. Anger management techniques Search volume: 1K – 10K
  13. Dealing with anger Search volume: 1K – 10K

and many, many more. For example : With the keyword (How to deal with anger) are the following Long-Tail Keyword associated with it in one single post

  • how to deal with anger problems
  • how to deal with the anger management,
  • how to deal with anger in a relationship,
  • how to handle it,
  • Dealing with anger problems anger and frustration
  • how to deal with anger and fear,
  • How to deal with your anger

and this was done with every single post.

In addition, the images used are not copyrighted and are carefully selected from large free image libraries pixabay and Unsplash so it is completely real. All pictures are SEO optimized

Lets move us on the SEO Part:

Our team of experts has spent countless hours doing this for you:

  1. niche research
  2. Keyword research with low competition
  3. The right site structure to easily reach Google.
  4. Correct permalink structure

and all important aspects to get you right


Everything that is written is written carefully and completely On page SEO was made for each article. This includes features like:

  • headlines
  • Outgoing links
  • Embedded links
  • Synonym Dealing with texts
  • keywords
  • Right URL
  • Post title specifically for indexing

and all the best on page SEO practices.

Google Analytics has been added and managed on the website.


All the Off-page SEO Things were also handled by backlinks to Canonical URLS. Website URLs have been edited to streamline the latest Google algorithms.


The entire site is fully indexed in Google. You can check this by simply going to and writing to the search bar:


or you can just do it CLICK HERE


The starting price for the website is $ 109. If you buy it for that price, you will benefit.

  1. Domain transfer to your account.
  2. Site setup and transfer to your account.
  3. Excellent after sales support

However, the customer will receive the purchase through the Buy It Now Award

  1. Free 1-month hosting
  2. 5 Digital and Affiliate Marketing books to help you succeed
  3. Domain transfer to your account
  4. Excellent after sales support
  5. A 50% discount on all purchases you make:

I do not know what to write about this page anymore. Instead of buying a website that has discarded and used content, you get a website that has already created the HARD PART for you, and with real content.

About us:

We are one of the leading sellers in top locations selling marketplaces in the world.

With more than 1100+ Sites on our servers and are getting bigger. On every niche and affilaite Amazon product of any kind. We can create any kind of website for you.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me here or contact me
Me via Skype:

We're here to help.

seo – International targeting with TLDs at country level

I have a domain with country level tld, eg. For example, "". Now I want to target this site for my location as well as for another country (eg USA). What should be the best way? Is it alright to attack people from US with .in? Would you click or would search engines prefer to display this domain in serps?

thank you in advance

WTS High-quality EDU, SEO, health and finance blog contributions




Link picture:

Simple SEO Guide in 10 steps Proxies-free


1 Choosing a niche where you can provide content is probably the most important thing you need to brainstorm before doing anything else. For example, if you have selected the niche "Make Money on the Internet", the CONTEST is VERY HIGH. To work around it, several long-tail keywords are used. Always remember that you are competing with others in the niche, not against a search engine.

What is a long tail keyword? It is the search term that ordinary internet users enter in google to search their content. You can easily fail if you do not think someone is looking for content. Just sit on his chair and think, what are those search terms that users could type in to find content that you need to offer them? What would you enter? For example, you would enter:

  • How many ways are there to make money online?
  • how to make money online easily
  • Where can I find books for making money online
  • Download e-book Making luck online



Regular keywords are:

  • money
  • Money online
  • fast online cash

Less the words, the stronger the competition. More words and high-end users will come to you.


2 If you choose your domain name, make sure it contains your keywords. In my experience, TDL is irrelevant to SEO. I was able to outperform EVERY .com .net and the .org site by doing SEO both on-site and off-site. Just for the purpose of discussion, you want to type in the "Making Money Online" section. You want a name that contains these words, for example:

  • how onemake money
  • make money
  • fastonline money

In this example, you have three targeted keywords that are the best possible solution. For lack of good domains, use 2 words:

  • earn
  • automobilemoney


Third Before you begin, make sure you've set up your WordPress title and description correctly. For this purpose, I would recommend All In One SEO, because with WordPress title and description sux. This is the third most important thing you want to look out for.
When adding your WordPress title and description, use no more than 7-8 words in the title and 20-25 words in the description. Keep it highly targeted and based on your keywords. USE YOU.

Title: Make money online with our proven technology.
Description: Making money online is a simple task for us. We show you that making money online is a breeze with our technology.

Title and Description MUST therefore contain keywords that you use. In Google it looks like this:


The picture is wrong, I just show you what is visible in Google and how Google does it.


4 When creating a new post, be aware of what you write and how you do it. SEO optimized content is the key. But never overdo it, keep the optimization in mind when writing a review. 100% SEO Score for Every Contribution MAY do more harm than keep everyone on the safe side.
Most common and still used techniques use keywords in the post title and then at the beginning, middle and end of the content.
Person person person? Person? Person zwischen person? Person zwischen person? Zwischen person? Person person person person person zwischen person person person? Person zwischen person person? Person? Zwischen person person person zwischen person person? Person? Person?? Zwischen person person? Person zwischen zwischen person zwischen person zwischen zwischen? Zwischen ?ts person zwischen? Person zwischen? Person zwischen? Person zwischen? Person zwischen? Zwischen??? Zwischen? It is not necessary to use keywords in all three places at the same time. You can occasionally, but never in every single post.


5 Images are another way to drive traffic to your posts or blog. Always use descriptive alt tags and titles for your pictures, they are your traffic magnet.
The same applies as for normal keywords. Just think about how you look for a picture, not an article. Add old tags accordingly.

old and title tags are shown in this example:
<a href = "" alt = "Some descriptive tags with keywords" title = "Displayed when the user moves the mouse over the image" />


6 Keywords. Use them in a few first posts, then create a post that does not relate to the topic, make a similar category, but not very targeted.
Use fat as I did HereUse italics to outline keywords. NEVER overstretch it. Google recognizes all these techniques and your traffic will not go up. So mix, as well as the number of posts.


7th Link your posts that target the same or similar keywords by making money online with your keyword, as I've done here, or connecting to another resource posting. Links must not be nofollow. We do it that way, so Google can jump from post to post, index both posts, check the relevancy of those posts, and reward you with a better spot in SERP.


8th Backlinks, oh those backlinks.

When you launch your backlink campaign, you must first of all pay attention to one thing: diversity. What does that mean in essence? You want backlinks to come from all sorts of platforms. and there are probably hundreds of thousands of them. Some of them are:


Social bookmarking sites:

Social networks:

RSS feed aggregators:
blog Digger
RSS Micro

Forums, article directories, Yahoo answers, and tons of other sites and platforms. The best are those with traffic of course.

Remember, you never have a higher rate of Dofollow links than Nofollow.
Since I do not know what the opposite of nofollow is, I have used dofollow :)
I know that there is no Dofollow.

The rate should be between 3: 1 and 10: 1
If you start creating non-nofollow links only, some bells will ring at Google, and your traffic will stop rising. Each time you create a new link, it will push you down in SERPS, which will give you less traffic. The only way to fix the problem is to balance links.

[​IMG]"data-url ="

9 This is a must to remember. Few things you should never practice.

Never post 100 posts in a day, and the next day you stop posting.
Never post keyword posts. This means that in the end, crap is added, filling meaningful text with keywords.

Make money online, make fast money online, make money online fast, get rich quick by making money online … and similar crap. Google tolerates this up to a certain amount and then hits you by de-indexing or hitting you on the 100th page. Whatever he does, that means Byebye traffic.

Never use keywords in the title repeatedly, from post to post.

[​IMG]"data-url ="

10 Best Practices:

Do you have a natural flow of daily items from the first day:
3, 2, 4, 0, 1, 2, 0, 0, 3, 1, 2, 3, 5, 2, 3, 4, 1, 5, 3, 6, 4, 8, 6, 6, 4, 7, 0, 4, 5, 8, 0, 2, 3, 5, 7

This would be a natural example of posts per day for each day. It looks natural, at the beginning a small number of posts, sometimes you post nothing, the next day more, then you start to increase the number of posts, again you go up and down, then nothing for a two days …. You just have to avoid lines at all costs. Plan your posts and have them published if you know you are not online.

Submitting your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools is a great idea.
Sending your own RSS feed to feed aggregators is another.

Well, that's all, I wrote that straight out of my head, so it could be that I missed something. Feel free to add it and I will add it to this text. I wanted this guide to be understandable to any beginner, hopefully it worked.

All of this is based on my personal experience and results.

[​IMG]"data-url ="[​IMG]"data-url ="[​IMG]"data-url ="



Content – Will the SEO of my more detailed articles be affected by short news articles on my site?

200 words are not much content. In general I would say that 200 words are rather poor and normally would not answer the questions of the searchers. Most seekers would be happier with their longer articles.

200 words might be good for some news. It can tell people what they need to know about a current event. With these short messages, users can be good in the right context.

Are these short messages losing the SEO of your in-depth content? Probably not. It's likely that Google sends more traffic to your longer pages and ignores your shorter news articles. However, there is always the possibility that Google's short messages may be considered bad. If this happens, it will have a negative impact on your website as a whole.

To be sure, you can prevent Googlebot from crawling all your new short clicks by following a rule like Do not allow: / news / in your robots.txt file. That would be all news in the /News/ Folder before crawling. It's very unlikely that Google will send you a lot of traffic to any of them, or that your site will be considered poor quality.

If you really want them to initially receive traffic when they are fresh, you can choose one instead After a month mark in the head of the page. This would prevent Google from seeing a large number of them on your website while making the new ones appear in Google News.