Is the history of the US government on September 11 really credible?

100% credible. The story is supported by the evidence and the experts who have verified the evidence.
"Can the building really fall off an airplane that hits it on the 93rd floor?" Certainly. There were another 17 floors where the plane hit the building. As the columns gave way due to the massive damage and fire, these floors fell and caused a chain reaction that collapsed the building.

"You would fall STRAIGHT DOWN ???? That's not very curious about you ???" Of course they would fall down directly. The towers were not tilted after the impact, so the only external force on the building was gravity, which was just pulled down. Some debris from the upper floors fell outside the footprint of the building, as these floors were inclined.

"Tower 7 also falls without a plane" Hmmmm "Tower 7 was massively damaged by the falling debris of the main towers.

I looked at the footage as it happened. I read what numerous experts wrote. A French idiot with a YouTube video and no basic understanding of physics will change my mind.

If you think the US government is behind the attacks, be an idiot. If so, they hired the people who took over the planes. The whole BS of explosives (would have taken weeks to wire these buildings, someone would have noticed) and remote-controlled military aircraft, which are painted so that they look like passenger planes (not missing), are crazy.


What is the new price of cPanel by its partners after the 1st of September?


cPanel gave its partners enough time, but as a hosting provider, we will not even have 1 hour to decide on the price, as it seems their partners will post their pricing details after September 1, and then we will not getting enough time for migration if new price will not be acceptable.

I read somewhere that the price will be $ 0.10, but how will they (partners of cpanel) make a profit by selling it at $ 0.10 per account? What is your basic price for cpanel? ($ 40 / month or what?)

– No update from cPanel to this situation. They conduct a survey instead of making a final decision. I do not want to wait long. Our business is affected by this crazy move. (I hope legal action will be taken against cPanel / Plesk / Oakley

Many Thanks.

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Chances and status of a British tourist visa for a 23-year-old from Pakistan who is going to university in Canada in September?

I am a 23 year old unemployed Pakistani and would like to go to the UK for tourism, escort my parents to their conference and meet my friends. I completed my studies at a UK university last October and am currently in a year abroad applying for my master's degree. I was admitted to a Canadian university, which starts its course in September. I am currently interested in applying for a British tourist visa as my parents are attending a conference and I also want to enjoy my holidays with them. I would like to know what my chances of getting a visa are. I also want to know what status my application could have. There are options for:

Thanks in advance for any help.

Europe calls the Irish as the 2020 Ryder Cup

Padraig Harrington will captain Europe as they defend the Ryder Cup in the USA in 2020 in Whistling Straits.

The 47-year-old Irishman, avant-garde athlete, was vice-captain when Europe won the trophy in September under the leadership of Thomas Bjorn in France.

Harrington played in 1999 in six Ryder Cups in a row and was four times in the winning team.

"I've won three majors in my career, but the captain of Ryder Cup is a different level," he said.

"I want to find an advantage for the players to fully exploit their skills and hopefully win.

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