dnd 5e – Can you combine Simulacrum with Sequester?

There is nothing in the way the spells work that prevents this. You create a simulacrum of yourself and then probably someone else sequester on you you're ready for. This allows a simulacrum of yours to do what you ordered. There are some important ways that a simulacrum is not you. It cannot regain magic slots and has half of your maximum hit points. It is a construct in which so many forms of healing do not work. It cannot learn for you or reach a level and it will not go to 0 and save death, but will immediately die at that point.

So what can you do instead of using two 7th level spells and 6500 gp? Fortunately, there is a spell specifically for what you describe (or at least almost): clone. This 8th level spell only costs you 3000 gp (2000 of which are reusable) and leaves full, actual roaming ready with a nice, fresh backup in case something goes wrong.