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microsoft outlook – Windows phone 7 support services

I have a HTC 7 pro windows phone (OS: windows phone 7.8) which I didn’t use for a long time. a few days ago I came back to it. turned it on and found out many services aren’t working.

  1. the store doesn’t load anything
  2. the live account doesn’t sync

I changed the default email server address from eas.outlook.com to smtp-mail.outlook.com. the new emails are downloaded but it doesn’t sync any contact and it still says attention required and in the email app, says updated more than 1 year ago.
the error is 8007007A

I (factory) reset the phone to see if the problem is solved. no luck. and worse, it is downgraded to windows phone 7 (which doesn’t have even a copy/paste functionality!). still no email account (I can’t even make one) and no store or updates.

the Zune app on windows 10 works fine in case of managing the contents. but doesn’t update the phone with error of 80072EFF. so I’m stuck with a barebone windows phone 7 from 10 years ago.

I suppose that’s because of end of support for windows phone 7 which discontinued in 2014. but that’s just 6 yrs ago. it’s a little unfair to leave a phone without any simple functionality. it’s just a simple MP3 player now.

Do I have any other options to make use of this phone ? installing apps and syncing email ?

keyboard – Services Shortcut & Automator: No icon when launching app

I would like to have a shortcut to open my terminal emulator “Alacritty”. It is installed as a mac app (.app directory) and a standalone executable. (Installed via brew)

I made an Automator action for it, which I then could bind to a system-wide shortcut in the System Settings. The desired action would be:
a) The app launches with the icon and b) opens a new instance everytime the run the action (not just brings the current window to focus).

The following things were tried but failed in one way or the other:

  1. Use the “Launch Application” action from Automator. This won’t work, because instead of creating a new instance of Alacritty, it focuses the old one.
  2. Use the “Run Shell Script” action and just enter the binary path. This works, but the Alacritty instance doesn’t have its icon.
  3. Use the “Run Shell Script” action, but enter “open /Applications/Alacritty.app”. This seems to work when I run it from Automator. However when I run it using the shortcut, it still lacks the icon.

Are there any other options I haven’t explored? Thanks!

Does SharePoint Online have plugin tools for SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) or is there an API for accessing and writing reports?

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amazon web services – Schedule, Compress, and Transfer files from EFS to Glacier

I want to create a process to transfer files from EFS, to Glacier – but with compression. Say there are directories with timestamps down to the hour. Every hour, I want a process that checks for directories older than 24 hours (configured), will zip-up the files in that directory, and move the zip-file to Glacier (and both the files and zipfile, deleted). Plus, high-reliability, some kind of failure/retry logic. And ideally, that uses an existing tool, or doesn’t require a lot of external coding/logic.

(Maybe I shouldn’t say EFS – it’s really just a filesystem on an EC2 server).

I’ve found a lot of tools that almost do this:

  • AWS DataSync – moves files reliably – but no option to add compression
  • AWS DataPipeline – transfers files with logic – but doesn’t support EFS? (Or Glacier, but I suppose I could move the files to S3, with a transfer to Glacier).
  • some hybrid solution, like
    • AWS DataSync with a cronjob that does the zip-file – but what about retries?
    • AWS StepFunction Workflows running a Task on the EC2 box where EFS is mounted

One tool that I’m fairly sure would do it, is Apache-AirFlow, which does workflows – but that requires a lot of manual coding, and I’m not sure if AWS StepFunctions would be the same result anyway.

It seems like this should be a solved-problem – schedule and compress a directory of files, move it to Glacier (with retry-logic) – but I haven’t found any really clean solutions yet. Is there something I’m missing?

group policy – Remote desktop services “termservice” is disabled intermittently on boot

I have a domain which has a virtual environment as well as several physical machines (mostly laptops). RDP is enabled via group policy. On the physical machines, never the virtuals oddly enough, I keep running into a problem where intermittently, the RDP service is disabled after a reboot.
enter image description here

I’ve ruled out a firewall issue. Those settings are pushed out with GPO as well. I also made a GPO to explicitly set the termservice to be “automatic” but that hasn’t solved the problem either. Someone suggested that policy might be trying to applied before the physical machines have established a network connection, so I made a GPO to delay that using these instructions


This also did not fix the problem. All of the physical machines are Windows 10 Enterprise and fully patched. There’s one laptop I RDP to all the time, so I notice it the most there, but I’ve also noticed it on other physical machines. Sometimes I can reboot the laptop a dozen times, and RDP will work every time. Other times I can reboot over and over and RDP will fail.

When it fails, I enter-pssession to the laptop via powershell and I can see the termservice is stopped. If I physically go to the machine and look at the services, the startup type is set to disabled, but “Allow remote connections to this computer” is checked. I’ve checked the event viewer on the machine I see this the most on, and the only thing I can find is "'Failed CreateVirtualChannel call on this Connections Stack' in CUMRDPConnection::CreateVirtualChannel at 2622 err=(0x80070032)"

I’m at a complete loss as to why this is happening as this should be a simple and straight forward thing to achieve.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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architecture – Using rest services or python modules directly?

Imagine you’re in a Python setup, with all of the projects you’re working on. Now, as a base line, you have a Python module that is the backbone (backbone.py) to everything when it comes to getting data from a datasource. There is also a FastAPI implementation of this this backbone (backbone-api.py), offering a handy way of getting the data out.

Now, there is another project emerging, which needs to use the data of the backbone. Also implemented with python and FastAPI (different-angle.py). Pretty much just a different angle of the data.

There appear to be two options:

Option A:
Importing the backbone module directly into the new project, to allow direct access to the data and best performance.

Option B:
Using the FastAPI implementation of the backbone, to simplify the process, but at the cost of latency.

To my mind, Option A seems to be slightly better. This is mostly as this will increase performance and leverages Python modules better. Option B has the advantage of being an easy setup, as you don’t need to install the backbone module and its configuration. This is probably also fine for smaller operations, but Option B would probably have some disadvantages when it comes to returning larger amounts of data.

enter image description here