pop3 – What are the SMTP and POP settings for yahoo mail to use in outlook (in 2020)?

I have set up hundreds of email accounts in my life and do not understand what is going on with yahoo mail.

So first question – is yahoo free email still allowing the use of POP/SMTP services? My outlook stopped attaching about 2 months ago and I have tried every port and setting possible to get it back and nothing.

Follow up, if it is supposed to work what are the correct settings. Online it says smtp.mail.yahoo.com 465 and SSL (or 587/TLS) and pop.mail.yahoo.com 995/SSL… I get really no error message just doesn’t connect. I have had these settings for years without an issue. Tried changing passwords and many other iterations of ports/security. No dice.

How to enable media settings in drupal 8 media module?

I used Media module in drupal 8.9.5. It doesn’t allow any customizations (eg. increase/decrease playback speed, change video quality, move 10 secs backward or forward). I want a Video player for drupal that can play my local videos and has all the above options available.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

privacy – What settings required to privately run bitcoin core on tails?

I am running bitcoin-core on TailsOS which seems to work out of the box. I think TailsOS blocks all unsafe requests but I would like to know what settings I should enable to run it really privately. So far I start my node via

$ ./bitcoin-qt onlynet=onion

Is anything else required? In this answer I read about a bunch of other settings but feel that isn’t required on tails, correct?

applications – newly installed apps keep crashing/apps not showing up in settings or google play store. What do i do?

All apps installed now are not opening, they open and then jsut crash (apps downloaded before liek instagram and stuff which i already had on my tab before a certain date, all open and work fine.)

Also none of the apps are showing up in the google play store area (that tab where u can see all the apps downloaded and updates pending and stuff). Also in the setting area, when i go to ‘Device Care’, ‘Storage’, it shows a list of like Videos, Images, documents, audio and Apps with the mb next to each for how much each thing uses. But next to ‘Apps’ its says 0MB which doesnt makes sense because i have several apps and this used to work before. When i click “Apps” it jsut says ‘No files’. Please help.

python – Pygame is not responding even though event handler and quit settings are present?

I am a beginner at programming with less than 4 months of experience so, please pardon me if I haven’t asked the question correctly according to the standards

FEW DAYS AGO, I have created a project but whenever I tried to run it on Spyder(IDE) and Jupyter notebook, the Pygame window opens up but it is not responding (not working or showing anything on the screen) I have tried everything I can like updating Pygame to version 2.0,updating Spyder, putting one event handler:

while True:
     for event in pygame.event.get():
        if event.type==pygame.QUIT:

the Spyder console on the other hand shows:

Restarting kernel...


(SpyderKernelApp) WARNING | No such comm: 7657c0fb289911eb9a4124b6fd3c7b5a
(SpyderKernelApp) WARNING | No such comm: e7112fb1289b11eb90d224b6fd3c7b5a
(SpyderKernelApp) WARNING | No such comm: b71d4cc1289d11eb906324b6fd3c7b5a
(SpyderKernelApp) WARNING | No such comm: 8c66b5c828a011eb964024b6fd3c7b5a
(SpyderKernelApp) WARNING | No such comm: 56eda5f928a411eba08524b6fd3c7b5a
(SpyderKernelApp) WARNING | No such comm: d7db00b428a411ebac6824b6fd3c7b5a
(SpyderKernelApp) WARNING | No such comm: 3de6c19428a611eb91d124b6fd3c7b5a

and after I try to close the window it shows:

Kernel died, restarting

and always restarts.
I don’t know whether there is any bug or not in my code because I am a beginner and it is not showing on my (IDE) so please also recommend me how to debug any code and please give a detailed answer for my problem. Some of the starting code that I think may be wrong:

def main():
    global BASICFONT
    def startscreen():
        font=BASICFONT.render("Snake Game X",True,dgreen)
        def keymsg():
           font=BASICFONT.render("Please Press A Key To Start",True, red)
        def keypressed():
           if keypressed==0 or keypressed==keypressed(pygame.K_ESCAPE):
           elif keypressed:
    while run:
if __name__=="Snake Game X":
def run(score,run):
   while run:
     for event in pygame.event.get():
        if event.type==pygame.QUIT:
        def randomlocation():
        assert win_w % cell_s==0
        assert win_h % cell_s==0

        def drawgame():
            def drawapple():
            def drawgrid():
                for x in range(0,win_w,20):
                for y in range(0,win_h,20):
            def drawsnake(snakeCoords):
            def drawscore(score):
                scorefont=BASICFONT.render(('SCORE: ',score),True,white)
        def gameover():
        if snakeCoords(head)('x')==win_w-20 or snakeCoords(head)('y')==win_h-20:
        #apple eating snake
        if appleX==snakeCoords(head)('x') or appleY==snakeCoords(head)('y'):
            if appleX==snakeCoords(head)('x') and direction==RIGHT:
            if appleX==snakeCoords(head)('x') and direction==LEFT:
            if appleY==snakeCoords(head)('y') and direction==UP:
            if appleY==snakeCoords(head)('y') and direction==DOWN:
        #keys pressed
        if event.type==pygame.event.get(pygame.KEYDOWN):
             if keypressed==keypressed(pygame.K_RIGHT)  and direction!=LEFT:
             elif keypressed==keypressed(pygame.K_LEFT)  and direction!=RIGHT:
             elif keypressed==keypressed(pygame.K_UP) and direction!=DOWN:
             elif keypressed==keypressed(pygame.K_DOWN)  and direction!=UP:
             elif keypressed==keypressed(pygame.K_ESCAPE) :
                 print("Invalid Key Pressed")
        if score==10:

and my Python version is 3.8.3 .

php – How to Change CSS Colors from Custom Plugin Settings Page

I have a custom WordPress plugin with a variety of settings that I use across multiple websites. I also use a few of the same 3rd party plugins across all of those pages. I would like to be able to stylize them the same way, but with different colors. While I could add CSS to every site, it is difficult for some of our non-techy admins to go through the CSS and change the hex codes on the correct classes. I am trying to figure out the best way to do this. Here is what I’ve looked into so far:

  • I understand that I could change classes with PHP, but I can’t change the classes on 3rd party plugins this way.
  • Doing it with JS is annoying to watch the page load with default colors and the switch after a second.
  • Tried turning a CSS file into a PHP file with a CSS type header, but it doesn’t seem to work unless I also update the htaccess file. I don’t want to do that for every site, and I see plugins changing other plugin colors all the time, so I know it’s possible without changing the htaccess file.
  • I tried adding style via PHP inside and outside of a function, but I get errors if it’s outside of a function, and with it inside of a function nothing happens:
add_action( 'init', 'getCssOptionsUM' );
function getCssOptionsUM(){
   // ACCOUNT PAGE: Menu Background Color
   if (get_option('eri_um_account_menu_bg') != '') {
       echo '<style>.um-account-side li { background: '.get_option('eri_um_account_menu_bg').' !important; }</style>';
   // ACCOUNT PAGE: Menu Background Hover Color & Text Hover Color
   if (get_option('eri_um_account_menuh_bg') != '') {
       echo '<style>.um-account-side li:hover > a, .um-account-side li:hover > a .um-account-icontip {background: '.get_option('eri_um_account_menuh_bg').' !important; }</style>';
   if (get_option('eri_um_account_menuh_txt') != '') {
       echo '<style>.um-account-side li:hover > a, .um-account-side li:hover > a .um-account-icontip { color: '.get_option('eri_um_account_menuh_txt').' !important; }</style>';

By the way, I am sure that the options page is saving the data.

Any suggestions?

networking – How to set Open DNS settings on router Tp-Link ARCHER MR600 with a 4G network?

I’m trying to use OpenDNS to make my network safer. I use a TP-Link ARCHER MR600 which is a 4G modem router (I have a Sim Card inside it, I’m not on Adsl).

I created my account on OpenDSN.com but when I try to add my network here I’m told that

“you cannot add a network in private IP space”

The IP Address I entered was under the section Internet in the Basic -> Network Map page (see image 1)–>

image 1 - IP Address in the Network Map

I also entered the following command in the command line, by following a thread (what is this for?):

nslookup -type=txt debug.opendns.com

and I got the following output (I override the possible sensitive info with a custom message between < > ):

    Server:  UnKnown

        primary name server = auth1.opendns.com
        responsible mail addr = noc.opendns.com
        serial  = <a set of 10 number here>
        refresh = 16384 (4 hours 33 mins 4 secs)
        retry   = 2048 (34 mins 8 secs)
        expire  = 1048576 (12 days 3 hours 16 mins 16 secs)
        default TTL = 2560 (42 mins 40 secs)

Default Server:  UnKnown
Address:  <here there are 4 sequences of numbers separated by comma, like "">

I also tried to change the DNS manually, but I noticed that my router control panel is missing the WAN section under the NETWORK Page, therefore I entered the LAN settings and found Primary DNS and Secondary DNS there, see image 2:

image 2 - DNS in LAN settings

As I can edit them, I substituted the by entering some others indicated in the OpenDNS page, I saved and rebooted. But I still saw the old DNS server in the Network Map section (see image 1), so I reset to the factory settings.

I can’t figure out where I should go in order to set Open DNS:

  1. Should I change DNS manually from the router control panel? In this case, why do I see two different places with different DNS values and which one should I focused on? In any case, I can’t edit the DNS server in the Network Map (see image 1) and I miss the WAN section under “Network”.

  2. Should I change them from the OpenDNS web page? If yes, why I’m told that the IP is private? Did I add the wrong one or it’s a problem related to 4G modem routers or something else?

  3. What the nslookup -type=txt debug.opendns.com does and what does the output above mean?

settings – Google messages used to hack phone

*#62# to get the number getting your calls. ##002# to disable. Here’s the issue once I disable it they will enable it sometimes in minutes other times in hours but they are doing it remotely. I have talked to Apple tier 3 and AT&t tier 2 they are blaming one another however I think that I have found out how they did it. With message bye Google they asked you to turn off iMessages on iPhones so that you can get regular text messages and I remember a friend asking me or instead telling me that my settings were wrong and that it was safer to send them not as iMessage prior to teaching me supposably how to use the QR code scanner. How can I remove myself from his account do I need a new SIM card, new phone, new phone number or a combination of all three. I have already factory reset the phone and deleted the old iCloud account. Here is what the scary part is they were able to hack all of my information because they can do this with your phone being off and turn your phone on and do pretty much anything with Google messages so I think that that is how it’s done. If you have some information please leave it on here as this has been destroying need financially and this is what actually happened to Joe Biden but I am nowhere near as popular as him the reason I think it was done to me was because we were going to go 50-50 on a real estate deal that was worth $100,000 but since I started getting hacked I let the whole deal go so we lost. if you are willing to help me and need some real estate advice where if you have 30000 we can turn that into a hundred you don’t have to do it to me I’ll simply you just teach you how I run a consulting service where I charge $200 an hour but do for sale by owners so you save the 6% or I consult on big investments and provide you the information. I will give you an hour for free. I have tried everything else and nothing has worked but I do know that it has to do with the friend because I would have never suspected him as he was my friend for 15 years bye where I even started to doubt him was when he started to call me 2 minutes after every call that I would answer and at one point he did that at 6 in the morning which was no time for him to normally call me I have called him out on it and told them I forgive him to please just stop you will not admit it I am not mad at him as I know I have to forgive him in order for Jesus to forgive me and I am serious about it however I don’t want anything to ever cross the line now I’m trying to harm me or my family because that would result in very bad for every single person that I thought could have been it as my father is in prison for bad business deals and even though he doesn’t care about us or love us the simple fact that his family got hurt he would do it for his pride and honor and I want none of that because I don’t want anyone to get hurt even though I have already lost $820,000 job I am still willing to forgive this person. Please help me if you know how to do this or if you are an IT person I am opening a company as soon as I get this solved already have all the licenses set I will offer you job security as we grow and we will grow quickly I helped the company in one year increase its revenue by 3 million incels by training people and going with them to their first events. This would mean the world to me if you can help me look up Google messages they can do everything on your phone it is very dangerous never copy a QR code. Factory reset won’t work. Don’t install anything but att call protect and match the time the person is calling you ignore all suspect and only trust one person. They can call,text, listen when phones off, record via camera and listen. If wnglist isn’t your first language and translations app is set to your language that’s another proof. Use call truth and finally log into Gmail on your phone hit desktop and at the bottom get the up report

bash – How Do I Set All KDE Look And Feel Settings In A Script?

There are multiple parts to a system theme in KDE in different parts of the System Settings. e.g.

  • Global Theme
  • Plasma Style
  • Icons
  • Window Decorations
  • Desktop Wallpaper
  • Login Screen (SDDM)
  • Boot Splash Screen
  • Splash Screen

There are probably more parts but these are the ones I have customised.

All of these can be downloaded from the store and you can apply various different parts manually via the System Settings GUI to create a look and feel that you like.

However, when I re-install or install on a new PC I would like to be able to set all these easily without having to remember all my settings and apply them one by one.

How can I script all these settings so that I have a way to easily get a consistent look and feel each time?