Documentation – Correct terminology for Windows: keyboard settings

This is a UX / documentation problem combined with a Windows problem. Hopefully this is the right place to publish it. I couldn't find a Stackexchange site that focused on documentation.

In my documentation for my cross-platform application (OSX / MacOS and Win10) I explain how these operating systems use different keystrokes before they reach the application. This affects which keyboard shortcuts can be ultimateized at the application level. Every operating system does this differently (and then there are the menu calls CMD key vs. control key and the like). Also, the user can override some of these things (at least on Mac … more on that below.) So it's something I want to cover well.

My application can map any internal function to any key combination that it reaches. but what keyboard shortcuts indeed The range depends on which keyboard you have, which operating system you are using and at least on a Mac, as well as the keyboard settings of the user.

So on OS X / MacOS, I'm referring to the Keyboard Preferences To refer them to the operating system's default user settings, they may want to review and / or change whether they want to change which keyboard shortcuts are actually available at the application level. I am primarily an OS X / MacOS user and I am sure that I am using the right terminology and pointing them to the right facilities.

However, I am unable to point the user – ideally so precisely – to a similarly practical Windows settings function so that he "gets" it the first time he reads it. I found this, which seems to mean that there is no such facility, default … but I can't find a built-in way to manage such things, so maybe this kind of find-it-and-add-it- on facility is all there is?

If there is something standard where the hell is it? And what would it be called?


Catalina – Why isn't Google Chrome showing up in the screen capture options in Security & Privacy Settings?

I recently upgraded to Catalina (which I now regret). After upgrading, I had many strange problems, one of which was unable to share the screen in Google Hangout Meet. I have followed some of the approaches mentioned in other forums.

The solution was simply where to go System Settings> Security & Privacy> Screen Capture and make sure Google Chrome is enabled. The problem with me, however, is that "Google Chrome" does not appear in the list when I go to the "Screen Capture" section. And I have no idea how Google Chrome should appear on the list. Can somebody help me with it? Thank you very much

mac – The audio interface is not shown in the output settings of the system settings

Run Catalina OS. Unfortunately the insertion of my Focusrite Saffire 6 interface is not recognized in the system settings> Sound> output input. Very frustrating. I am using the correct high speed USB cable and the interface is shown in my USB tree (About this Mac> System report> Hardware> USB), but only "Internal speakers" is shown in the system settings. I can't find anything online about how the Mac recognizes the user interface. Just an article about deleting temporary files that I did without success. Drivers for the USB 1.1 driver were also downloaded, although I'm pretty sure I'm using 2.0.

mobile – are users interested in notification settings?

It depends on how many notifications you send, how often they are sent, and how relevant they are to the user at that time.

If you only send one or two notifications per day (excluding chat notifications) that are likely to be relevant to the user, you can leave notifications to the operating system / browser to disable notifications when the user does not want them.

In any case, if you have multiple sections or features of the app that provide different notifications, you should consider providing the user with options to enable or disable different types of notifications. I might want notifications about replies to comments, but I don't want promotional notifications, for example. In this case, you can drive users away by sending notifications they don't want.

Before sending the notification, it is particularly important to check whether it is relevant and useful for the user and whether it is timely (sent at the right time so that the user can act). If you cannot guarantee the relevance for the currently available data, you should definitely ask the user whether he would like to receive them by specifying settings.

mobile – are users interested in notification settings?

Prepare the stage:

We have a mobile app with multiple services from different domains. Everyone with their own warnings. We're just talking about MESSAGES


We send notifications from these various services. At different times of the day, led by AI.
Now we are wondering whether we should allow the user to set these warnings. A little more precise; Is the user really interested enough in the settings of their push notifications to start adjusting them?


Should we allow the user to adjust the settings in our own app?
Will they use these settings at all or is it enough to rely on the device / app settings?

Fujifilm – Fuji X100s: Why are high ISO settings (> 6400) only available in JPEG and not in RAW?

While reading an article about the Fuji X100, I came across this quote:

[…] The high ISO setting is only available when shooting in JPEG fine format. When shooting in Raw, the highest ISO setting is 6400.

The camera has a highest ISO of 25600, so I wondered why ISO settings above 6400 are only available as JPEG. Are the 25600 ISO JPEG photos just the result of processing 6400 ISO photos internally?

I like the Fuji X100 very much and it would have ended up in my shopping cart if I could afford it :-]

What settings are required to display manual focus aids on the GX9 when using manual lenses?

I recently got a panasonic gx9 camera that complements my Canon system.

I had trouble getting manual focus aids to work. At some point I managed to highlight a kind of “zebra” that highlights the focus areas, and from time to time display an image in image mode. Enlarging the center of the viewfinder.

I am completely confused by the menus and wonder if anyone knows what settings affect this.

What settings should I use to enable the various manual focus aids when using manual lenses?

If it is important that I adapt many lenses to the EF mount and then to the m43 via the Viltrox EF-M1, the EF adapter and the lens are completely electronic.

Google Play Store – The pop-up prevents me from accessing my settings

Try as I could, the popup prevents me from accessing a program and especially my settings where I can force it to stop, cache, update, etc. I tried to boot the device hard as it is not good for this type of treatment. I'm finished and I'm thinking about emptying the very expensive Samsung S10

Video – I'm trying to render an MP4 with these settings, but it doesn't work

ffmpeg -i Power_1080p.mp4 cabac = 1 ref = 3 deblock = 1: 0: 0
analysis = 0x3: 0x113 me = hex subme = 7 psy = 1 psy_rd = 1.00: 0.00 mixed_ref = 1
me_range = 16 chroma_me = 1 grid = 1 8x8dct = 1 cqm = 0 dead zone = 21.11
fast_pskip = 1 chroma_qp_offset = -2 threads = 1 lookahead_threads = 1
sliced_threads = 0 slices = 2 nr = 0 decimate = 1 interlaced = 0 bluray_compat = 0
constrained_intra = 0 bframes = 3 b_pyramid = 2 b_adapt = 1 b_bias = 0 direct = 1
weightb = 1 open_gop = 0 weightp = 2 keyint = 25 keyint_min = 13 scenecut = 40
intra_refresh = 0 rc_lookahead = 25 rc = 2pass mbtree = 1 bit rate = 4000
Ratetol = 1.0 qcomp = 0.60 qpmin = 0 qpmax = 51 qpstep = 4 cplxblur = 20.0
qblur = 0.5 vbv_maxrate = 4000 vbv_bufsize = 4000 nal_hrd = none filler = 0
ip_ratio = 1.40 aq = 1: 1.00 Power_TEST_1080p.mp4

Hi folks, I'm trying to render and get an MP4 with these settings

(NULL @ 063b0b00) Unable to find a suitable output format for 'cabac=1'
cabac=1: Invalid argument

as a mistake. I have to render the MP4 with these settings (I NOT want to use something else)

What can I do?

XBOX ONE controller inputs disappear in the project settings

I enter the inputs for the XBOX ONE controller in the project settings, but when I try to enter the values ​​for the triggers and click on the next window, this value disappears. I put the value in Positive button, I then tried negative with the same result.

I checked the spelling and axis and everything looks fine. Therefore I am not sure why it suddenly disappears and why I cannot enter a value.

Enter image description here

Any idea why that is?