How do I care for dogs? Husky is the right way?

How do I care for dogs? Husky is the right way?

Husky dogs are really curious and hyperactive. It will be very difficult for you to take care of these dogs! So, how do you really care about husky dogs? Please read the article under Pet News.

Worth knowing about Husky

Husky dogs are a very lively breed, they can run and run all day long. Husky is also a very loyal and friendly dog ​​and loves life.

That is why Husky is loved by many owners and the number of people who raise him is growing.

However, sometimes Husky is quite persistent and hard to train so you have to be ready for any mission. When you raise a husky dog, you should check to see if you have the time, patience, energy, and dedication to give them a long, happy, and complete life.

How do I care for dogs? Husky is the right way?

Like many other breeds, Husky needs to be rich in protein, vitamins, and calcium so they can grow well in terms of health and physique.

Husky dog ​​diet by age

From 1-2 months:

Let Husky eat mixed rice and dry soft food with warm water for about 5 minutes with lean meat and divide it into 4 – 5 small meals a day.

From 3 to 6 months:

You should give Husky more rice with meat such as pork, beef, chicken, chicken eggs, vegetables and dry food to give the dog enough nutrients to grow. Husky dog ​​food should not be too pure or too thin. At this stage you should also avoid dogs eating large bones, as this is dangerous for dogs.

From 6 months:

From this point on, feed your dog 2-3 times a day and eat more food and calcium from meat, bones, animal organs, protein, protein and dried food. for big dogs, green vegetables, fruits, fruits like pumpkin, cabbage, need vegetables, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, nuts, …

Dogs should be fed 2 – 3 eggs or duck eggs every week to feed raw or boiled eggs in order to take care of husky dogs with a good coat.

Some things to consider when feeding husky dogs:

Drinking water for her must always be available, should be changed 3 times a day.

Avoid giving Husky babies too much starch, fat, fatty meat, fishy fish, or rancid products that cause Husky dogs to suffer from bowel disease. Do not feed your dog too much and do not let your dog be too hungry to cause indigestion.

Dog food should not be available, but it requires a stable time to feed your baby and clean clean dog food items daily.

So clean and care for feathers for husky dogs

Husky dogs have a thick, thick coat, but husky dogs are easy to care for. In particular, Husky's feathers fall only seasonally, so you do not have to worry about this problem. To cleanse and care for the Husky dog's coat, brush the dog with water spray only 2-3 times a week and brush off the dog to remove dead hair and straight hair. Husky has a thick and thick coat. Use a soft brush and brush 2-3 times a week. Use a jet of steam before brushing to remove dead hair. Soft, smooth.

For Husky you do not need to bathe regularly because they need time. You only need to shower them once or twice a month. Due to frequent bathing they sometimes lose hair, hair and skin diseases.

Husky dogs need to keep their bodies dry. You should dry them for dogs and whiten your dog regularly in the morning or evening to support the hair and prevent skin and fur diseases. Should a bath oil be chosen for dogs with low pH, the hair will be better supported for husky dogs.

For more information about pet types, visit the news page.


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