What Animal Improvements Can a Simic Hybrid Druid Keep on Wild Shaped?

What Animal Improvements Can a Simic Hybrid Druid Keep on Wild Shaped?
Manta Glide, nimble climber, underwater adaptation, lifting attachment, carapace and / or acid spit?

Does the type of beast that I am working on Wild Shape determine, if I can keep a certain animal improvement? For example, if I wanted to make a wild crab, would I keep my trailer attachment feature? What if I wildly turn into a bear?

Why is the moon so perfectly shaped?

The two theories you describe have been dropped. Too many things are not working (including the form).

The most probable of the remaining theories (there is still more than one – and a better theory that has not yet been created) is a collision between the Earth and a large planetoid (Theia). The collision released so much heat that the ejected material was liquid. Due to the (relatively) small size of the resulting ball (when grown together) it hardened before the new satellite had time to reach "spin-lock". Therefore, the moon did not take on the slightly elongated shape that "Earth Tide" could have given it. It remained [almost] perfectly spherical.
The thickness of the crust varies from one side to the other.


Benefits of Using Chatbots for App Business

Chatbots are generally used in online trading centers to assist customers. They are one of the patterns that shaped the past year and will continue to influence this year. This year will be the time of the chatbots. However, they are not yet used in the way they should be used. In the event that you have an online trading center or are in the application business, you should use chatbots in your company.
User management. Many custom software development companies create a chat bot on their website

In online business communities, chatbots are mainly used to support customers. They are one of the examples that formed the previous year and will also affect this year. This year will be the season of the chatbots. In any case, they are not yet used in the way they should be used. If you have an online business focus or are in the application business, you should be familiar with chatbots in your business.

Workers around the clock

In the event that you gain an individual to handle your customer care, the individual would be your specialist for a maximum of 8 hours, if not more. In these 8 hours there would be inactive time, carelessness, lack of consideration and possibly the failure to deal with every type of customer. However, a chatbot is your nonstop specialist. If set, a Visitor Message will fill the company he worked for 24 hours a day, 7 days, 7 days without any disappointment.

Data and metrics

Chatbots give organizations the ability to gather critical information and measurements about each customer and improve their experience. On the one hand, organizations can manage customers on an ongoing basis, while organizations can review and quantify communication with their customers.
Save time and money

The chatbots are a successful time and cash alternative. They make your work less stressful and allow you to focus on other increasingly critical companies. The chatbots help to reduce the torment of doing business, and customers support the split by presenting the streaming streams and the robot-controlled response.
The hour is needed

Chatbots ensure success waves in all industries. They are a trend that customers want for every type of business. The fast automated response chatbots generate helps customers save time and respond to all their questions and questions in a timely manner. Some chatbots are also helpful in finding the product that customers want.

Start your app

These are some of the best advantages of chatbots in the app business. If you're in the industry, you should integrate this technology into your business application or website to help customers and improve their experience. Chatbots can be your best partners and you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run.


Lens – What are the technical reasons for designing lenses with unusually shaped apertures?

Some lenses have oddly shaped openings such as star or shuriken shapes. It seems to be intentional because "normal" rounded or polygonal apertures are relatively simple (as I observed while dissecting the irises of multiple lenses). What are the technical reasons to make openings like this?

I remember reading somewhere a comment he made to correct a lens aberration but could not confirm.

I am Not Questions about artist-designed openings for artistic effect.

dnd 5e – Does a PC lycanthropic druid obtain the resistance of a lycanthropes in humanoid form and while it is wildly shaped?

I am a DM who plays through Get out of the abyss and have chosen to use Topsy and Turvy as pre-made characters for my players. I want them to be Druids with a desire to control their lycanthropy. They're both wererats, and I'm confused about how to use the lycanthropy bonuses with the Druid Wild Shape feature.

Question 1: The rules seem to imply that the damage immunity provided by lycanthropy also affects the humanoid form (MM, p. 207).

A character who becomes a Lycanthropist retains his statistics
with the exception of lycanthropes. The character receives the
the rates of lycanthrope in non-humanoid form, immunity,
and actions that are not equipment.

Does a human lycanthropic PC lycanthrope provide the resistance associated with lycanthropes? Placing commas in the above exceptions seems to be Yes.

Question 2: The rules seem to imply that a druid using Wild Shape assigns the bonuses of his race, class, and other sources to his Wild Shape forms.

You have the advantage that all functions of your class, your race or others are used
Source and can use it if the new form is physically capable of doing so
so. However, you can not use any of your special senses, such as:
darkvision, unless your new form also has that sense.

Would this include the resistance of lycanthropy? The words "other source" seem to interpret.

dnd 5e – What shape does the Shadow Strength Drain attack have when it affects a Wild Shaped, Shapechanged, Polymorphed, or True Polymorphed character?

The attack of the Shadow Strength Drain says:

Drain strength. Melee attack: Hit +4, reach 5 feet, a creature. Beat: 9 (2d6 + 2) necrotic damage, and the strength value of the target is reduced by 1d4. The target dies if this reduces its Strength to 0. Otherwise, the reduction will take until the target finishes a short or long break.

For a character that is in its true form, this effect is direct, reducing the strength values ​​of the true form of the character.

There is an ambiguity as to how the strength drain is applied when applied to a sign other than the actual shape.

This happens most often when the character is acting under Wild Shape, Shape Change, Polymorph, or True Polymorph, as they transform the character into another creature.

Suppose a wildly shaped character is affected by the attack of the Force Drain in his pet form. Does the potency drain cast its true form when it discards its savage form, or does it affect only the particular instance of Wild Form?

Similar questions also arise for the shapes Shapechange, Polymorph and True Polymorph.