Share package functions without sharing context

I'm trying to find a solution to a problem I've been struggling with for some time. I've asked a variant of the question here: automatically load init.m without releasing CellContext, but I think I've clarified what I'm trying to do enough to justify a new question – if it doesn't, that's it okay.

Basically, I have three requirements that I try to meet:

  1. I want all newly created notebooks to automatically have their own context. I don't like sharing variables / functions between different notebooks.
  2. I want all notebooks to automatically load a package I created that contains a number of variables / functions that should be common to all notebooks.
  3. I don't want local variables from my package to be loaded into newly created notebooks.

I can easily achieve (1) by putting CellContext on the Notebook in the Options inspector. I can achieve (2) by putting Needs("MyPackage") in my init.m. If I have tried so far, however, I cannot get both to work. If the CellContext is globally set to Notebook, when I load a new Notebook and enter a variable (e.g. XX) from MyPackage, the automatic completion recognizes XX in the context of MyPackage, but the evaluation of these variables does not return anything – i.e. the Variable is still undefined, although autocomplete recognizes this.

The other annoyance is that in the case where CellContext is set to global, not only all functions / variables of MyPackage are available in newly created notebooks, but also the local variables! In other words, let's say I have a role f(xx_) in MyPackage. The variable is not only completed automatically f in the context of MyPackage, but it will recognize xx also. To run xx does not return a value, but the syntax is highlighted in black as if it were a defined variable.

I feel like I am fundamentally misunderstanding how contexts / packages work in Mathematica and have not been able to achieve an apparently fairly simple set of goals. Any advice on setting up my configuration would be greatly appreciated. I read most / all of the package / context documentation, but obviously missed something.

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Applications – Is there an Android app to share selected contact lists (groups) with another Android user?

I have a small business with two team members (me and another colleague). I am looking for an app (preferably free of charge) with which I can share selected contact lists (or contact groups) with my colleague in real time. For example, when I receive a call from a potential customer and save their number with some notes (e.g. their requirements), my colleague should also be able to see them on his phone. Is there an app for this? If not, what would be a good way to achieve this. I don't want to share all my contacts with him, but only selected ones (let's say I save some of certain groups / lists). I know I can easily "send" the contact to him through messaging services, but I would prefer automatic sharing, which is updated in real time.

P.S. I hope the question is new to this group.

c ++ – Is this a great way to share class responsibility without disclosing private information?

I find that most of the articles / theories that discuss the SRP often ignore how the new classes that take on separate responsibilities access the data that was previously private to the original class. For this reason, I strive to find good ways to split classes without disclosing private information.

For example, take a Gripper Class that represents a robotic gripper in a graphical computer simulation. This class deals with the logic of a gripper, picks up objects, rotates them, puts them in a different position, etc. The gripper can also draw itself on a GUI.

This breaks the SRP. There are 2 reasons for that Gripper Class to be changed: Changes the logic for the operation of a gripper and for drawing a gripper. However, Gripper has some private data elements that are used by both the logic and the drawing part. It feels like a step backwards to expose these members with some (const) getters. I would disclose implementation details and limit myself to supporting this new "interface" and that seems to be completely wrong.

So I came up with the following:

class Renderer

    /* Takes the data needed to draw a gripper and does so. */
    DrawGripper(const Foo& foo, const Qux& qux);

    /* Additional methods to draw other things. */

class Gripper

    Draw(Renderer& renderer) const
        renderer.DrawGripper(mFoo, mQux);


    Foo mFoo;
    Bar mBar;
    Qux mQux;

Pro & # 39; s:

  • Better separation. Next to the Draw Function, consisting of 1 line of code, the entire drawing code is now away from Gripper,
  • Renderer could be an abstract interface that easily allows different implementations.
  • Data can be passed with const reference to DrawGripper While a simple member function would have full access to all members.

Con & # 39; s:

  • Gripper has another Draw work and know Renderer,

I think the scam is handy. In the end one of the reasons for Gripper to exist means to be dragged onto the screen at some point, so the fact that there is another Draw function doesn't seem too bad. Maybe this is a case where you have to choose the lesser of two evils? The alternative to disclosing private data is far worse.

Am I on the right path here? Is this a good system that can be used in such cases? Problems or better options?

Mount NFS file share mounted but folder is empty

I am using Windows Server 2019. I have created an anonymous access NFS file share.

Configurations for sharing nfs files

When I try to mount the file share from the same Windows server, the mount seems to be successful, but no files were found in the mount target, even though there are files in the file share folder. The following happens in cmd.

C:UsersAdministrator>mount -o anon localhost:/nfs z:
z: is now successfully connected to localhost:/nfs
The command completed successfully.
Volume in drive Z has no label.
Volume Serial Number is 569F-0A43
Directory of Z:
File Not Found

Any assumptions about the reason or suggestions for sensible directions of investigation? Any help would be appreciated.