distributed system – How to share dynamic configuration data in a clustered environment?

I’m working on an side-project which will perform some API requests to a third party service. I’m limited how many requests I can send, so each minute the application is scheduled to get a certain number of entities from the database and make API requets for those entities. The application is designed to work in a clustered environment, so if the limit for how many requets I can send to the third party API is 1000 requets per minute, and I have 4 instances running, each instance should sent only 250 requests per minute.

The part that I’m having problem of finding a good solution for, is about the process of retrieving the entities from the database in a way so I don’t send requests for the same entites by more than 1 instance.

In a case when 4 instances are running, and the database holds 2500 rows of those entities, the first instance will query from 0 to 250, do some work with those entities, and then send requests for them to the third party service, the second instance when triggered by the scheduler, should now pickup from 250 to 500, since the first entities were processed by the first instance already.

The schedulers as you know can be triggered at the same time, so it can be problematic.
I’m using Redis for caching, and one solution that came to mind was to use GETSET of Redis, and save the offset and limit in Redis, since it is single-threaded.

e.g. If the first instance got the entities, it would set offset and limit on Redis to 250:500 (offset:limit), when the second instance is triggered, it would get that value, query the entities in this range, and update it to 500:750.

I’m not sure if this is the correct solution, and if there is something out there that can be more appropriate for this use case.

Note: I know that 1000 requests per minute are nothing, and can be handled perfectly by one node, but this is more of a side-project I’m using for learning mostly.

unit testing – Shall QA team share their Test Cases with Dev Team?

I am building the test process for my development team.

Currently, we have multiple ping-pong scenarios between Dev and Test teams.

to send the product to QA then QA find issues and return them to developers then fix them to QA and so on.

I asked the Test team to share the Test Cases they have with the developers and they seem ok with that.

I wonder if this is the right approach to do tests from the development side as they may just rely on the tester to provide them with the test cases and we get even worse quality till QA tells us how exactly to test.

I saw this question for the other way around where Dev shares their test cases with the QA,

Sharing development test cases (unit and development integration) with the QA (test) team?

My question is the QA to share their work with Dev

How to share your wallet key/seed in case you are hit by a bus

This very useful answer says:

Share overlapping parts of your private-key or seed phrase with several family members with instructions on what to do if you are hit by a bus this afternoon.

This sounds like very good advice, but the details of doing so seem like a complicated balance of trust and chance of dying. For example, I may trust my spouse most, but they are likely to be in the same car as me. My parents next, but they are old and frequently in the same car driven by an old person. My siblings next, but there are not many of them. My friends somewhat, but there are lots of them and they do not all talk to one another.

Has anyone devised an algorithm to split up your private key or seed such that you can balance these considerations? Perhaps something like allowing you to specify that any one of these sets of people are sufficient to access funds:

  • spouse and one sibling
  • both parents and one sibling
  • All siblings
  • 7 out of 15 friends

share – Quick way for copying link to file or folder for people with existing access (Sharepoint/Office365)

I often want to create a link to a Sharepoint/O365 file or folder that I use in meeting notes, wiki pages, etc. For files that I have synced to my local file system using the OneDrive Client, I can do so by the following procedure in Windows explorer:

  1. Right-click on the file or folder
  2. Click on “Share”
  3. Select “People with existing access” from the drop-down menu
  4. Hit “Apply”
  5. Click on “Copy link”

This takes up quite a bit of time. Is there a shortcut or some other quick way of getting the link?

Google Analytics – Share Assets via link not working for more than 1 person

I have created some custom reports in Google analytics and want to share these ASSESTS to other people having access to the GA account via “Share template link”.

However the 1st time I generated the link using the 1st option “Share template link”, 1st person was able to open it, when the second person clicked on the link it is in loading page only, they are not able to import the configurations of the shared asset.

I am doing something wrong while sharing assets ?
My understanding was that any person who has access to the account can link on the shared assest link and it will be configured. Google also says so.
Thanks in advance

Share Assests - Set Up

android 10 – Why can I no longer share a URL to Brave or Chrome?

Within the last couple of months a change in Brave had affected my typical article reading workflow. This also affects Chrome, so I’m assuming it’s a change in the underlying shared codebase.

I use Pocket to manage articles to read, and I would typically open an article in the Pocket app, click the share button, and then share the article URL to the browser. Recently this stopped working. Brave (and Chrome) no longer show in the list of all of the apps. Edge, however, does still show in that list.

I originally thought that Pocket had changed the way it was sharing, but I get the same results sharing a URL directly from one of the browser apps (though that app’s Print action does show in the share options). Sharing from Pocket goes directly to the full app list, while sharing from the browser shows just the top options, then your have to scroll right and click Moreā€¦.

My new workflow is to use the copy action (which includes the article title as well as URL), and then paste it into the browser, and then delete the article title so it’s just the URL, then navigate.

Is there something I can configure to get this browser sharing feature back? Does anyone know what the underlying change was for?

magento2 – Requisition Lists- How to enable and share out-of-box in Magento 2 Cloud

Had a question on requisition List. Some users are able to see the requisition list and for some it is hidden. I am aware there is an “enable” configuration for Requisition List at Website level(General -> B2B Features’)

a) If some users do not see the Req. List, does it mean that the config is disabled for their website or is there some other configuration?
b) If out-of-box, user wants to share his Requisition List with other users in the company, is there such a feature, if yes, how would we do that?


plugins – Can I share predefined fonts from theme_support with a gutenberg component?

I have a few fonts defined in my functions.php:

        add_theme_support('editor-font-sizes', array(
                'name' => esc_attr__('Small', 'moderna'),
                'size' => 13,
                'slug' => 'small'
                'name' => esc_attr__('Headline', 'moderna'),
                'size' => 40,
                'slug' => 'headline'

I want to use these defined fonts now in a FontSizePicker Component from Gutenberg. However I do not want to define these two times. Is there any way to get these fonts from php to the wordpress block?

    onChange={(newFontSize) => console.log(newFontSize)}