How to obtain the VBA Sharepoint Listing Guide in O365

I'm having a problem with how to get from the O365 connection string to the list.

I need to put a full link to the site and list the GUID.

With cnt2

.ConnectionString = _ "Provider = Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0; WSS; IMEX = 0; RetrieveIds = Yes; DATABASE =; LIST = {1B8E09C1-E12A-46BD- A797-54CF0C64F786}; "
.To open

I would like to automatically create a code that only knows the site. Like here "TestowaGrupa".

How to get the link and GUID from VBA.

Please help me.

Sharepoint Designer – How do I save the history with "Append changes to existing text"?

I have several WF lists that are running the approval and we need to save the history that is being edited, sent, approved, and so on. How can I accomplish this by attaching changes to existing text? I know that I need to enable the versioning that I did. I also use Sharepoint Designer 2010.

Prevent the SharePoint Migration Tool Public Preview from executing workflows during migration from SP 2010 to SP Online

We would like to migrate a local sharepoint 2010 to an online Sharepoint. We are planning a test migration with the "SharePoint Migration Tool Public Preview", which was downloaded from

Now our SP 2010 contains many subpages, document libraries and lists + some libraries and lists are linked to workflows. These workflows are executed when adding / editing the elements. So I need to make sure these workflows do not run during the migration, as this can cause hundreds of emails to be sent and external systems to be updated that should not be run during the migration. The workflows must be migrated, but they did not run during the migration. I reviewed the available options in the SharePoint Migration Tool Public Preview tool. However, no option was found to display the workflows that were running during the migration, or will that happen immediately?

Many Thanks

Sharepoint: When opening the file, a warning is issued that is insecure or from an untrusted source

Please help. I inherited Sharepoint without knowing it, and it crashed a few weeks ago, but we were able to recover most features, and that's the only thing left over. When I open documents with WopiFrame, I receive a warning that the material is insecure or from an untrusted source. The valid SSL certificate is installed. I have applied it in bindings. I also added it to the trust relationship in Central Administration. I also modified it in OfficeWebAppsFarm using PowersShell to indicate that a server should be corrected and restarted all servers as suggested, and nothing works. Suggestions would be very grateful. I'm sure I just miss a little thing that I'm not aware of.

sharepoint online – JSLink for the same list view web part on a page hides some fields

We need to create a single jslink file for two equal list view Web Parts that are configured on the same page

Here are the rendering rules that are defined

  1. The first Web Part should contain some columns that you want to show or hide
  2. The second Web Part should contain some columns that you want to show or hide.

We found out something for conditional rendering
ctx.wpq == "WPQ3"

How can we render the view with such a condition?
Any help would be appreciated?

Creating a blank Data View Web Part with Sharepoint Designer no longer allows data source details to be accessed

With SharePoint Designer 2013, I can no longer access a list data source
on SharePoint Online when creating a DVWP

Steps to Reproduce.

  1. Create a new Web Part Page in SPD.
  2. Edit the new page in advanced mode.
  3. Place the cursor in the ZoneTemplate tag.
  4. Click Insert -> Data View -> Blank Data View.
  5. Place the cursor in the newly created DataSources tag.
  6. Click on Insert -> Data Source -> and select a list.
  7. In the data source pane, click the Refresh Data Source link

The server returned a nonspecific error while retrieving data
from the data source. Check the format and content of your
Ask and try again. If the problem persists, contact the server

Did a fiddler session.
Get 500 responses.

soap: ServerException of type & # 39; Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException & # 39; was triggered. An error has occurred.

An attempt was also made to update a data source on an existing DVWP with the same result.

Someone who has this problem?

Started within the last week

I emptied my SPD cache and tried two different clients.

sharepoint enterprise – Script Editor Web Part with which I can not insert (or cancel) any code

Whenever I paste the following code into the script editor instead of clicking "Paste," the entire window changes to the output of my script. There is no way to work around this without leaving the page – see the error below:

Error occurred

For clarity, I've posted my code below (it's a countdown clock, up to a certain date).

    APRA countdown

APRA countdown
2 3 5 7
days hours protocol seconds