“Could not save the list changes to the server” error in SharePoint designer 2013

I am trying to create custom new/edit forms in SharePoint online site which was working last week.

But now it shows this error:

enter image description here

Tried these solutions:

  1. Deleted website cache related to designer.
  2. Uninstalled designer and installed SharePoint Online components.
  3. There are no special characters in site name or list name.
  4. Checked to disable “e374875e-06b6-11e0-b0fa-57f5dfd72085” feature. But it doesn’t exists.
  5. Also checked permissions. I have full control permissions on the site.

Kindly help me in resolving this.

sharepoint online – List of reusable CSS classes for Modern UI

Is there a table of all re-usable mdoern CSS classes? That would be useful to have in one place so that we can use them for JSON column formatting or in our custom SPFx webparts?

For example, I am talking about these classes:

  • sp-css-backgroundColor-neutralBackground
  • sp-css-backgroundColor-success
  • sp-css-backgroundColor-blueBackground07
  • sp-css-backgroundColor-warningBackground
  • sp-css-backgroundColor-successBackground
  • sp-css-backgroundColor-blockingBackground
  • sp-css-backgroundColor-errorBackground
  • etc.

Displaying Business Cards on the contact list web part on Sharepoint

I am working on creating a portal for a project on Sharepoint online. I have a contact list web part and I want to display the list of people working on/related to the project in the form of their business cards as displayed on Skype for Business. This Business card will include the picture, name and job title of the individual. I looked online for some resources to help me with this but the procedure they suggested did not work for me either because they were demonstrating it for the older version of Sharepoint(2010) or it might be because I am missing out on something.

I would be grateful if anyone could help me with this or point me in the direction of the right procedure/resource to follow.

P.S I am a Sharepoint newbie. This is my first project on Sharepoint

sharepoint online – How to automate incoming emails with Power Platform to notify and visualize tabular information with PowerApps?

I am trying to automate the incoming mail with Power Automate so when a mail arrives with a specific subject I extract the data and save it in an excel file. Power Apps would have this excel as a data source and would show the changes in table format.

The body of the email would look something like this:

ETA: 02/03 06:00 (CET),


Location: xxx

Identification: xxx

Service: xxx


ETA: 02/03 16:00 (CET)

Other information

Concept: xxx

Errors: xxx

I have this flow: (forgive me for the Spanish of the settings I couldn’t changed)

With this details:
flow details

On the excel where the data is saved, I transformed the body column with power query to structure the categories by columns:
power query

I saved this excel in SharePoint and I did the power query in the desktop to upload it again in SharePoint.

The problem I have is that it seems that the query is not updated when new data is entered and the following error message appears when I open the excel online:


And when I try to update manually from excel online in the queries section:

It is possible that I am working badly with power query because it’s not prepared for this type of automation but I would like to work in this environment.

Later, my idea would be that power apps notify the user with the application when a new email has come (with power automate, it notifies the user in desktop or mobile OUT of the application) and reflects the changes internally in a table or something similar (with a pop up INSIDE the application).

I am thankful for any kind of help!

sharepoint online – Microsoft 365 modern search : how to go beyond full text search

In SharePoint classic, I used to configure a global serach center, with refiners on columns added in pages or documents libraries. Please may you give me information of how to perform this kind of requirements in :

  • modern SharePoint pages
  • global Microsoft 365 search?

Full text search is really good, but not enough considering metadata.

Update members of SharePoint Group by using MS Graph API

Spent already a fair amount of time trying to figure this one out:

Is it possible to create a SPO site collection and then update the members in a group in a SPO site collection by using an Azure AD app principal? How?

What I have done so far – not sure if all point were necessary (would be curious about that):

  • Created an app registration in AAD with:

    • Microsoft Graph – Sites.FullControl.All (Application permission type, Admin consent given)
    • SharePoint – Sites.FullControl.All (Application permission type, Admin consent given)
  • Granted the app following permissions on the tenant-admin.sharepoint.com/_layouts/appinv.aspx page:

    Scope="http://sharepoint/content/tenant" Right="FullControl"

    At this point, I can create the site by using the tenant-admin REST API endpoint.

  • Can also add some users as Site Collection Administrators using PowerShell and CSOM

  • Lastly, I wanted to add users to the site collections groups, let’s say the default Owners group, but:

    • The app principal does not have permissions on the nely create site collection
    • If trust the app on the newly created site (tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/newSite/_layouts/appinv.aspx), I can use CSOM to add the members to the group


  1. Is it possible to trust / distrust an app on a site collection by using CSOM in the tenant-admin context?
  2. Or is possible to use the same app together with Microsoft Graph API to update the SPO site Owners collection group (or any other SPGroup’s) members? Even if more API permissions in AAD are required, would not be an issue.
  3. Or is there any other way?

Another thing I tried:

Probably this would work if I would use a simple AD service account, but I really want to exploit current technical possibilities and recommendations.


sharepoint online – JSON Row Formatting Display Icon based on column value

I am working on some custom JSON using the “rowFormatter” view formatting schema. I want to display an Icon depending on the value in another Column.

My conditional statement is not working. Any help is appreciated.

"children": (
                    "elmType": "span",
                    "txtContent": "(!DataDomain.DisplayName)",
                    "style": {
                      "display": "block",
                      "color": "#333333",
                      "text-align": "left",
                      "font-size": "12px",
                      "font-weight": "bold",
                      "padding-top": "10px"
                    "elmType": "span",
                    "attributes": {
                      "iconName": "=if (($DataDomain) == 'Property', 'CityNext', if(($DataDomain)== 'Tenant', 'People', if (($DataDomain) == 'Financial', 'Financial', if (($DataDomain) == 'Client', 'AccountManagement', if (($DataDomain) == 'Employee', 'WorkforceManagement', if (($DataDomain) == 'Market/External', 'Source'))))))",
                      "class": "ms-fontColor-neutralPrimary"
                    "style": {
                        "display": "inline"

                    "elmType": "span",
                    "txtContent": "=if (($DataDomain) == '', '–', ($DataDomain))",
                    "style": { 
                    "display": "inline",
                      "font-size": "12px",
                      "padding-left": "5px"