Spreadsheets – Lock Excel Sharepoint linked to Microsoft forms

I was able to create a Microsoft form associated with an Excel file stored in Sharepoint. Several users have access to the sheet. I want to lock a column with a password. I select the editing area and set a password for column M. Then I select the rest of the area to be edited by any person. Excel indicates that changes will not take effect until I lock the sheet. Answers from the Microsoft form do not get into the document after the sheet is locked. For example, if I prevented Sharepoint from editing its own spreadsheet as well! I need a locked column, but I need Microsoft forms to fill out the rest when we have a new answer. Help?

Sharepoint Online – Verification for this page is invalid and may be corrupted. Use the back button on your web browser to try again

I work on 2 classic online team sites. One site is the root directory that contains the real list, and the other is an infrastructure site that contains some custom scripts and pages that I refer to using the modern embedded Web Part within the root directory site.
Inside the root site, I have a custom list called "CommentBoxSource," and I'll create a simple HTML form + Javascript to submit feedback. but when I submit the form, I get the following error: –

Verification for this page is invalid and may be corrupted. Please use
Click the Back button of your web browser to try again

Here is the HTML code: –

suggestion box:
You have a suggestion to improve our working environment below. Fill out the comments box below.
If desired, leave the Name / Department field blank to submit proposals anonymously.
All entries are reviewed regularly and reviewed by the HR team for their ability to operate.


Name / Department:

and here is the javascript I refer to in the HTML above: –

I am not sure why I get this error? and could this be the reason the above code was executed in a different site collection than in the CommentBoxSource list?

TO EDIT Due to the response from @BigRaj, I modified the script as follows:

            $ ("#submitfeedback") .click (function (e) {

e.preventDefault ();

var namedept = document.getElementById ("NameDept"). value;

var commentcustom = document.getElementById ("CommentCustom"). value;

var itemType = GetItemTypeForListName ("CommentBoxSource");
var item = {
"__metadata": {"type": itemType},
"Title": namedept,
"CommentBoxComment": commentcustom

if (commentcustom.trim () === & # 39; || commentcustom.trim () === & # 39 ;|| commentcustom.trim (). length <= 5) {
$ ("# commentcustom"). css ("background color", "rgb (256, 0, 0, 0.5)");
$ ("# commentcustom"). attr ("placeholder", "Please enter value here");

// Reset the text area by clicking again
$ ("# commentcustom"). click (function () {
$ ("# commentcustom"). css ("background color", "white");
$ ("# commentcustom"). attr ("placeholder", "");

Return; // <--- This prevents the Ajax call if the Custommessage text box is empty or contains only spaces
$ ("# customloader"). show ();
$ .ajax ({
URL: "/ _api / web / lists / getbytitle (& # 39;" + "CommentBoxSource" + "& # 39; / items",
Type: "POST",
contentType: "application / json; odata = verbose",
Data: JSON.stringify (element),
Headlines: {
"Accept": "application / json; odata = verbose",
"X-RequestDigest": $ (& # 39; #__REQUESTDIGEST & # 39;). Val (getDigest ())
Success: Function (Data) {

$ ("# customloader"). hide ();
$ (# S #). find (& # 39; input, text area, button, selection & # 39;). attr (& # 39; disabled & # 39 ;, & # 39; disabled & # 39; disabled);
$ ("#s") .replaceWith (" Your feedback has been submitted successfully");
Error: Function (data) {
$ ("# customloader"). hide ();
Alarm (data);



Function GetItemTypeForListName (Name) {
Return "SP.Data" + name.charAt (0) .toUpperCase () + name.split ("") .join (""). slice (1) + "ListItem";
Function getDigest () {
return $ .ajax ({
Type: "POST",
URL: & # 39; / _api / contextinfo & # 39 ;,
dataType: & # 39; json & # 39 ;,
Headlines: {
Accept: & # 39; application / json; odata = verbose & # 39;
}). then (function (results) {
return result.d.GetContextWebInformation.formDigestValue;

but still I get the same mistake …

SharePoint 2013 discussion forum issues

I have a SharePoint discussion forum for my company asking questions for a big CEO meeting. The basic template for discussions has been changed to include the following fields: Short question text; complete question; Submitters, #likes.

Enter image description here

This is NOT my discussion forum because it's a corporate Intranet, but it's for asking my questions because the view is quite similar.

1) How do I add the answer function again?
– When I changed the fields of the original discussion forum and created my own view to add likes, I somehow lost the ability to respond to the questions. I've added a "Reply" column to the view, but it just adds an empty column to the right of the table. I would like to have the opportunity to add the official answer to the questions.

2) Hyperlink titles do not work
– My board looks similar, with the title in blue hyperlink font and the three ellipsis points. If you click on the hyperlink, you will not get to the full question. Instead, a blank page is displayed in the main discussion forum. I'm not sure what's going on with this feature, but it's confusing. Since the page itself truncates the entire question body on two lines, I had the hope that users could click on the hyperlink to read the full text. If I change the view to display the whole question, I lose the ability to like the question. For some reason, I can only choose one option. (You can click on the ellipsis and see the full question, but why does not the hyperlink do the same?)

  1. I'd like the official answer to appear below the question, but as stated above, I lose the ability to "Like" the question when I switch to a newsfeed view.

  2. I would also like to add the possibility to like the answer, but since I can not even figure out how to add the answer to the question, I do not get that far.

Is that possible?

Many Thanks,

sharepoint online – How to fill out document templates automatically?

I have a document library dedicated to a particular PROJECT. I've linked 20 content types to it (for my 20 different project templates).

All of these templates have "common properties" such as name of the project, sponsor or department.

How do I find a way to display this recurring information (name, sponsor, department) in each template, if I know this information for my particular project? I do not want the project managers to manually copy this information and paste it into each of the results.

Is there a way to automatically populate the templates provided with this known information?

Many thanks

Microsoft Flow – Integration of SharePoint Online into Documentum

We search for documents that are copied from the SharePoint Online document library to the Documentum metadata system using MS-Flow (REST API). How can we achieve this?

Source: SharePoint Online (document library).
Destination: Documentum (Repository).

It's great if someone helps us connect SPO and Documentum (DCTM) to MS-Flow. We know the Data Gateway option, but is there an alternative option (we are not looking for a third-party connectivity tool)?

Thanks and Greetings,

Sachin Shinde

Office UI Fabric not loaded with SharePoint 2016 | SPFX

I have sharepoint 2016 and I'm trying to load the spfx webpart property sheet, but it will load without fabric icons. For example, the Back and Next buttons look like this:

Enter image description here

Is there a way to force loading the UI structure for the web part, or do I have to do this as an external link? I already have these folders in my project:

Enter image description here

thanks for any help!