sharepoint online – A document is automatically printed when it is moved to a specific folder

This is not possible due to the standard functionality. You should either develop a custom workflow or an event receiver to handle this. With this coding approach we can implement this.

If you are looking for a third-party tool, you may decide to use a Harepoint printing solution:

Printing feature in HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint

sharepoint online – I want to get a user property with API REST

I plan to retrieve a user property (all information such as email, id, title, and so on) using API REST.'c:0t.c|tenant|f5890ec2-77a7-4522-ac2b-ca9404278be6'

This request returns all the information of the selected user to me.

Enter image description here

but I just want to get his email.

I'll go into that here. They all agree that both requests lead to the same result


and the


right? The first user uses his ID, the second user the login name. If I just want to receive the e-mail, just add it /E-mail and we will only receive the e-mail, but for the second it will not work, it will return an error The query string "login_name" is missing or invalid.If we analyze it, all I can do is understand that the query string takes everything into account after ending quote '#' is related to the login name, which is not the case!
Thank you very much

sharepoint online – Use tagged content to retrieve all documents with a managed property value

I want to configure the highlighted content web part on a hub site to recover all documents that have a specific value set in a managed properties column.

I can configure a filter or CAML when I point to a single library, but what if I need to integrate all the document libraries into the hub site family

Here I have set up my managed property

Enter image description here

Next, I will configure my HCWP

Enter image description here

Nest I cry when nothing gets fetched :-(. I wonder if this restriction in HCWPs .. Is there a way to see the final query?

embedded – Sharepoint Embedding online sites into external sites

Is there a way to embed sharepoint sites on an external site? I know it's not possible to use an iframe because the x-frame options refuse, but there has to be a way to embed just one site or section into an external site.

I've seen some services claiming to embed Sharepoint sites, but how do they do that?
Is there a programmatic way? Are there APIs from Microsoft? I can not find documentation at all.
I want to create a SharePoint site without the Sharepoint header, sidebar, and footer, and only embed the main content of the Sharepoint site into another site.

Sharepoint Designer – I'm trying to customize the font and background for a list

I have a list app displayed on a SP page, but the fonts are small and simple. I'm trying to customize the background color and font and add a scroll bar to the items (which may have been expanded).

I managed to change the font size using the script editor and embed the following

.ms-vh2 {
Font size: 20pt! important; }
.ms-vh {
Font size: 20pt! important; }

I'm new to coding, so any help would be welcome

sharepoint online – Custom List – Edit Item

I have created a custom list.
01. Team – Users have "Participate only without editing & deleting",
02. Team – has "participate without deleting"

However, the 2nd team can not edit the list item (I can not edit it either). It will be displayed as activated option. However, if you click Edit Item, the content is not displayed for editing, but only for the title.

I have seen that in "Default Edit Form" there is no editing content, see the attached image how to restore the previous edit form. Enter image description here

Issue with the Sharepoint Add-in Provisioning URL

I've usually worked on my project and deployed the solution, but in a moment after the last deployment, the URL of the solution was changed. The correct URL solution is "… sites / dev / SitePages /app/Pages/default.aspx " but after the last deployment, the URL changes to * "… sites / dev / SitePages /.App2/Pages/default.aspx"*, adding "2" to the solution name (App2)
I do not know what to do, I did not touch the URL in my code, I just added a new line of code, but I do not rename the solution name or something similar

Sharepoint Enterprise – CSS in the style of UL on the page also formats Top Navigation

Yup. This is how CSS works. The rules you define are applied to all elements that match the selection. So if you use something

ul {background color: red;}

Will suit everyone ul Element tag on the page and change the background to red. That's why the Navi is currently being formatted – because it's a list.

Luckily, you can create more specific selectors. If you need to refresh your selectors, and like the work I recommend CSS Diner, it's a fun way to learn your selectors.

Usually, we create a selector that basically says, "Change only items that are in the main content area of ​​the page." You do not know exactly which SP version you are using or which master page, but we have SP 2013 and use Seattle.

#contentBox ul{background-color:red;}

This says, "Apply this style to ul elements that are a descendant of the element that has the id of content box, "

Another approach that you can use is to create such a rule


This says, "Apply this style only to ul, which has a class of Clj style, This would require that you change the markup of a list that you want to format.

sharepoint online – Public anonymous CDN access

I've set up a public CDN in our SharePoint environment and the following cmdlet shows that it was successful

Set-SPOTenantCdnEnabled -CdnType Public

Public CDN-eligible sites:





However, when I try to access it anonymously, I am asked to log in to O365. How can an external user access the public CDN when it is behind a login wall? Do I misunderstand how they should work?

Based on this article, anyone should be able to access the assets in my CDN by having only the URL

sharepoint online – I would like to receive the user email via API REST

I plan to retrieve the user ID (or information such as email … etc) using API REST.'c:0t.c|tenant|f5890ec2-77a7-4522-ac2b-ca9404278be6'

This request returns all the information of the selected user to me.

Enter image description here

but I just want to get his badge.

Thank you very much