Provider Hosted App-Not able to get data from list using JSOM or Javascript in sharepoint 2016 On-Premise

My Provider-Hosted App published and hosted on IIS with https. The URL is like:


How can I get list data using JavaScript or JSOM.

Please share the helpful code snippet.

sharepoint online – All my browsers (Chrome, IE, Edge, Opera and Firefox) download a Office-files instead of open it

First of all I apologize for my bad English.

If a user opens for example an xlsx file he downloads it. From now on it is no longer connected to the uploaded xlsx file and changes will not saved. That’s exactly not what I want my browsers to do. The file should be opened on the client with Excel and still connected to the file which was uploaded on the server. I’ve tested it with all my installed browsers: IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera and it’s every time the same problem.

I’ve done some research and didn’t find any solution which works for me. The OpenInClient feature is activated. Many thanks for your help.

sharepoint online – Can we remove file extensions from default Name column of document library?

We have document library with .pdf, .docs, .pptx, .url and .jpg type files and file viewer web parts to preview those files. But customer want to remove file Extensions from the Name column and want to keep the link to document with edit menu option in Name column.

So, how can we remove the file extension (.pdf, .pptx, .doc) from the Name column?

sharepoint online – Viewing files after adding with PnP

I am attempting to upload images to my site assets folder using the Add-PnPFile powershell command. The command executes successfully and I am able to go to the ServerRelativeUrl and see the image, but I am not able to see the images when navigating to the Site Assets folder inside of Sharepoint.

The following is the command I am running:

Connect-PnPOnline -Url
Add-PnPFile -FileName test.png -Folder "Site Assets" -Stream $stream

Where $stream is a System.IO.MemoryStream that contains the image.

Here is the result of running the command:

Name     Type Items/Size Last Modified      
----     ---- ---------- -------------      
test.png File      33827 7/8/2020 7:47:31 PM

The ServerRelativeUrl returns /Site Assets/test.png, and going to Assets/test.png shows the image correctly, but it does not show up in the Site Assets folder in my site. Is there a different folder path I am supposed to use to upload it to the correct folder?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

How to suppress Excel Services query warning in Sharepoint online?

I am using Excel Services to display items from an Excel workbook that has a query connection for its data. Each time I load the Sharepoint page, the Excel Services web parts ask if I want to run the query. How do I suppress this warning? I found the ‘Application Management’ approach for on Prem farm, but there is no Application Management section in the Sharepoint Central Admin site for online. Is there another place to set the query warning to False?
“Be careful. This workbook contains one or more queries that might be unsafe. Do you want to enable these queries?”
Query and Refresh Data warning

SharePoint 2019 – Document Sets are deleted from the list by SharePoint and re-created

I have a list template that has on it some content types and document sets. When I create a list from that list template something strange happens. After the creation of the new list is ready, trash is full of document sets. The list is created as expected, with content types and document sets, but the trash also contains document sets. Anyone knows why ?

Is it possible to retrieve a web template (not a site template) in SharePoint Online?

A web template is persisted in the SharePoint database as a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Solution, which is a file that has a .wsp extension. The .wsp file is stored in the Solutions Gallery of the site collection. The solution can also be deployed as a sandboxed solution.

Users create web templates on the Save as Template page (or through code that uses the SaveAsTemplate method of the Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb class).

Source: Web Templates

Issue: Unfortunately, the SaveAsTemplate method is not available in SharePoint Online.


In SharePoint Online, you can use Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate using PnP PowerShell to generate a provisioning site template from a web.


  1. Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate
  2. Introducing the PnP provisioning engine

sharepoint online – Document Data to List

First thing, in SharePoint Online, mostly list is not the place for holding documents. The way we can have is to use the list attachments to hold the documents. If you have a large number of documents, you may need to write a PowerShell Script to do so. BTW, I do not think using a list to hold these documents will be an easy option as it does not save your work, but add more.

Then if a user is able to see/view the document in a library, then he/she is able to download them. Using the browser to print the document is always a trick to create a pdf file for downloading. If you have decent security concerns, it may better to consider deploying IRM.

And for creating form for list, it is comparatively easy.You can use InfoPath or PowerApps to create a custom form for that list. As InfoPath is going to retire, I will suggest using PowerApps.