active directory – Mounting Windows shares on Linux using cifs fails after CVE-2020-1472 update

A patch/update to Windows domain controllers to address the CVE-2020-1472 vulnerability at my organization is causing cifs-based mounting of shared drives to fail on Ubuntu Linux machines.

The Linux machines are connecting to the Windows shares using directives in /etc/fstab, like so:

// /home/username/shared_folder cifs credentials=/home/username/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 0

I have verified that the credentials in the /home/username/.smbcredentials file are correct.

This was working until our IT dept applied updates to the domain controllers last week, now I get an error when attempting to mount the drives:

mount error(13): Permission denied

In /var/log/syslog:

Feb 18 14:58:53 MyServer kernel: ( 8722.931641) Status code returned 0xc000006d NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
Feb 18 14:58:53 MyServer kernel: ( 8722.931655) CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -13
Feb 18 14:58:53 MyServer kernel: ( 8722.932725) CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -13

Microsoft has some documentation about the updates here, unfortunately the advice is a bit vague:

If the non-compliant device supports secure RPC with Netlogon secure channel, then enable secure RPC on the device.

Any tips on how to overcome this, or to “enable secure RPC” on my Ubuntu machine would be greatly appreciated.

I have tried adding server schannel = yes to /etc/samba/smb.conf as suggested here, but that did not solve the issue.

mining pools – Higher Hashrate VS Incorrect Shares

I recently started mining eth on my 5700 bios flashed to XT, mining on Nanopool. Getting around 48MH/s but i saw a method by Red Panda Mining which can increase my MH/s by around 10 giving me 60MH/s but a high ratio of incorrect shares using a config edit on Phoenix Miner. Im wondering if this is worth the increase in hashrate but ultimately still leads me to incorrect shares. My incorrect share rate is 2:1 using this edit. Thoughts?

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network shares – Can’t access windows 10 shared folders with account/password

I’m trying to access the folders I shared on Windows 10 through my Android phone. Using Samsung’s “My files” I am able to add the SMB network drive.

When I turn OFF password protected sharing and sign in anonymously, everything’s fine. I can access the files/folders I share. But when I turn it ON and access with my windows account email and password, it doesn’t let me in. Seems like either the account’s Username or Password are incorrect.

I have only one profile on my windows, registered with my email. I changed the password to be sure I wasn’t remembering it incorrectly. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be using some other password?

2013 – Analytics and Gthsrvc Shares folders Permissions

SharePoint Search Service has some Analytics and Gthsrvc Shares folders and it has below certain permissions in Application Servers

enter image description here
For Some security regulations can I stop these Shared Folders in production APP servers?
because when any domain users access these shares appear (when entering the UNC path: <SharePoint_servername> )

pr.probability – What is the probability that a group of friends shares the same free day of the week?

A group of 6 friends wants to find a day in the week (Monday to Sunday) that all of them are free to hang out. Given that each of them is busy 5 days of the week (hence, each has 2 free days), what is the probability that they can find at least 1 common free day?

linux – nfs mount mismach on different shares

I’ve installed a lot of servers which export nfs shares, but this time I struggle on a strange behavior which I’ve never seen before.
First of all: I actually see no errors or warnings in the logfiles.

I mount my first share, which works well:

nas21:/export/scratch             58T     0   56T   0% /net/research-scratch

Now I mount my second share, which should mount on /net/tests:

mount nas21:/export/tests /net/tests

The expected result should show like this:

nas21:/export/scratch           58T     0   56T   0% /net/research-scratch
nas21:/export/tests             58T     0   56T   0% /net/tests

but instead the second mount mounts the scratch share of the server on the local share /net/tests:

nas21:/export/scratch             58T     0   56T   0% /net/tests

when I then unmount the /tests share, it shows me again the first mount:

umount -rlf /net/tests
nas21:/export/scratch             58T     0   56T   0% /net/research-scratch

Some ideas how to solve this mismatch?

  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Kernel 4.15.0-128-generic
  • The storage /export is a mounted RAID6 system, ext4
  • Both HD’s (OS and storage) are located on the same physical server (no iscsi or so)
  • For the actual tests, no firewall enabled


UUID=45969d85-757e-4a3c-839b-3e55c72f0b9c /export  ext4    errors=remount-ro 0 0 



The actual user rights on the folders:

drwxr-xr-x  2 root root  4096 Dec 23 18:15 scratch
drwxr-xr-x  2 root root  4096 Dec 23 18:15 tests

Windows Firewall allows the connection to more than one user who shares the same external IP address

I wrote a stand-alone anticheat. When the client anticheat connects to its server, the server creates a firewall rule allowing the game client to gain access to the server.

The problem is the firewall creates rules by IP address. If NAT is used, then one of the NATed IPs accesses the anticheat server, this server creates a firewall rule for all IPs behind the NAT.

How can I solve this “NAT” issue? Is it possible to solve this using Windows firewall API?

I don’t want to block NAT’ed connections, I want to allow it if there is a way to authenticate users’ devices with Windows firewall on the anticheat server first.

The anticheat server and game server are on the same PC.
Windows firewall blocks all inbound connections for the game. The only way you can connect to the game server is to authenticate first with the anticheat server. But, firewall add rules by IP address. If I have two users with the same external IP, one of them accesses with anticheat client and the other has no need to do it because the server already made a rule for the IP.

How to restore the original mnemonics from shares?

I just read that an original mnemonic can be split into parts, I am a little confused about how the system can restore the original mnemonic from these mnemonic pieces.

example i have mnemonic

radar warm pizza grief worth attack van ribbon milk surface guitar bachelor

and then i split and get 5 shares mnemonic

1. demise reopen sort defy forward gorilla live cannon scan large thing action
2. arch peasant act box try install indicate organ tourist hungry biology thought
3. gun win grace exhaust movie sail cable news bundle glide bright minimum
4. load sunny bicycle dragon ghost sort turtle buzz orbit slender bargain photo
5. recipe snake submit gentle squirrel tattoo boy penalty sail summer tongue dove

The three 3 shares that I combined, turned out to be really the original mnemonic. but here I have a question. If I only remember 2 of the 5 mnemonic shares, can I recover my original mnemonic? if possible please show me how?

thank you