url rewriting – Virtual page that uses URL parameters to solve Facebook sharing problems

I reach for help while my head is spinning! On my site, I can dynamically generate pages and use URL parameters to specify the database and record used to retrieve the information for the ad, artwork, and so on.

The page that uses these parameters is a single page, but can display thousands of different versions depending on the records you use.

The layout is currently: domain.com/details/?ls=00A&ls2=00B

BUT Facebook does not play a ball with the sharing of such a defined page. So I need to convert this into a virtual page that's more of this layout:

 Where parameter 1 is 00A and parameter 2 is 00B

I think this has something to do with changing the rewrite rules or creating endpoints, but since the number of extensions on the page called "Details" can be thousands, this seems to be the point of the dynamically generated pages and to bypass the self-government.

How would anyone suggest to get a wildcard effect of the extension:


It seems to be similar to this post:
Passing and reading URL parameters with rewriting the URL

However, this and similar posts are more for a "fixed" extension, and I am looking for a placeholder extension that can be read via a custom code (via a shortcode) on the Details page.

Other posts like this: Facebook sharers and parameters in URL did not give any useful answer.

On the facebook of I have modified all open meta tags via Javascript and confirmed the existence. It's just a question of this virtual page, which uses parameters as a definition.

Need help.

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ios – Is there a way to disable the sharing of Wi-Fi passwords / PSKs?

While Apple devices refer to them as passwords, I use PSK (Pre-Shared Key) in this question because it's more accurate. Please do not hesitate to replace PSK with a password if this is helpful.

I am now working in different environments where private / dynamic / identity PSKs are used when connecting to the wireless network. For those unfamiliar with these features, the organization can set unique PSKs per user / device. (While these features are still not as secure as WPA2-Enterprise 802.1X-authenticated Wi-Fi, they do offer some of the benefits of WPA2-Enterprise with the simpler and more comprehensive support of WPA2-enabled devices.)

The problem now is that if I have one of my Apple devices nearby, they will seem to automatically transfer the PSK to each other after successfully connecting to the wireless network. This also happens if I exit the "Share Wi-Fi" prompt on devices without tapping "Send password". Although I can understand how beneficial this behavior can be in most WPA2 personal networks, it does cause problems in these environments.

For example, device # 1 connects to PSK1 with a wireless network. I can easily disconnect and restore the connection. Now I go to device 2 and connect to PSK2 with a wireless network. I can now easily unplug / reconnect device # 2, but when I return to device # 1, when I disconnect / reconnect it now has the wrong PSK and prompts me to reenter the PSK. When I then connect device # 3 (PSK3), both device # 1 and device # 2 can no longer disconnect / reconnect without being prompted to call the PSK again. Fixing some "breaks" the others.

I've tried to completely disable iCloud Sync on all devices (apparently before iOS11, iCloud Keychain Sync provided this feature) and this has no impact on behavior. I also tried deactivating AirDrop because I thought this might be the PSK transfer feature, but it did not affect it.

Is there another way to disable syncing these PSKs? Maybe something I overlooked in the settings?

(Although I've found this similar question, it's older and asks specifically about iCloud keychain synchronization, but this does not seem to be the Apple feature that performs this behavior, as I mentioned earlier, with fully disabled iCloud Synchronization still exists.)

iCloud – How can I resolve the "Family sharing can not start" error when I try to set up family sharing?

On my iPhone I go to Settings -> Apple ID and click on "Set up family sharing". This error is displayed:
Family Sharing Can not Be Started - Email is already being used for shared purchases in Jon Lauridsen's family. Ask Jon to send you an invitation to participate in Family Sharing

But I am Jon, and I'm not familiar with any family sharing facility.

And my Mac basically says the same thing when he goes to System Preferences -> Family Sharing (via Catalina 10.15.1):
This account can not start family sharing - email address is used for shared purchases in another family. Accounts can only be part of a family

I called Apple Support, but they said that I need to sign in with the iCloud account my primary account is linked to, but I have no idea which account it might be. In my opinion, I have only a single iCloud account and have made no account changes for years. Apple Support insists that no further information can be obtained.

How do I use Family Sharing in this situation? Or even just debug this? Apple Support insists that they can do nothing. I'm not sure what to do next. Does somebody has any idea?

Screencast – How can I start screen sharing from my application in Android 9?

I'm working on an application where I need to do a screen sharing within the application. We have a projector as a receiver and according to documentation Miracast for Android works.

I have asked for different devices and for some it works with options like wireless display, cast, while some devices have no such option and other devices do not show the projector in the list.

I have reviewed many documents and tutorials, but have not found a way to make it work.

Privacy – Link sharing for Google Photos: private or public

I've just posted this in the Google Product Support Forum but may get more feedback here.

What I'm wondering is whether Google Photos would detect and stop brute-force attempts to detect album share links. What I mean is, someone could set up a server that simply tries out randomly generated Google Photo Album links to see if it's an actual link.

I think it's easy for Google to detect and block this, making the link almost private and available only to those with whom it's shared. The chances of generating a single random link that happens to be an actual album seem to me to be very low.

However, if Google does not try to detect and block such a link search, it can be assumed that shared albums are simply public. In my opinion, this would be a data security leak and I am sure that many contents have already been leaked. It's just waiting for the bomb to fall.

Does anyone have insights into this matter?

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