Download a sheet of Google Drive Sheets

I received a spreadsheet (workbook) in Google Drive worksheets that contain multiple worksheets (tabs / worksheets).

I just want to export a worksheet from the workbook as an XLS file.

Is that possible ?

I know I can download the whole file as XLS and then delete the worksheets that I do not need, but this is quite tedious. I also know that I could only download my current worksheet as CSV, but I would lose all formatting.

left – How do I navigate to a specific sheet in Google Sheet?

In my previous question, I asked how to navigate to a specific column. Now I also want to navigate to a specific sheet.

So I need a link from a cell, and when I click on it, I want to jump from a hard-coded worksheet in that worksheet to the first row of a column (hard-coded in that cell).

The code to navigate to a specific column is:

= "" & ADRES (1; KOLOM (D $ 1); 4)

I expect something like SHEET? should be added, but this function does not exist.

Which code is required? Preferably I would use the name of the sheet instead of a number.

Formulas – Google Sheet Filters will only receive the lower cell value

I'm trying to filter my Google datasheet (attached) and get the last cell value. In the attached table, I try to determine the newest status of each cylinder based on the cylinder number.

Each gas cylinder is filled on a given date and empty on another date, this continues. But I want to grab the last entry of each cylinder.

I can do this in two steps, but it's not practical because I have at least 20 different cylinders.

First I get the historical status of each cylinder (see J2)

    = FILTER (C2: C, D2: D = G2)

then I find the last row (see K2)

= INDEX (C2: C, COUNTA (C2: C))

How can I combine them into a single formula?

Automatically populate a range of cells from one sheet (tab) to another in a single workbook

All I want to do is automatically fill cells in one worksheet (tab) in a workbook with data and formatting another worksheet (tab) in the same workbook. I know how to do this cell individually. BUT is there a way to do this so that I can select all the cells at the same time?

  • Tab A, area A3: D36 would be filled automatically with data from
    Tab D, area A2: D35,

Formatting – A multi-tab script in a Google Sheet document

Can you please help me with this script? I've tried to edit it to apply to multiple tabs that match the original question. But I think something is wrong. πŸ™ Here is the original code and I want this formatting protection script to apply to Secondary2,3,4 and so on.

function onEdit (e) {// This option is activated whenever the worksheet changes

var tabs = [
‘Prek_K’, ‘G1’, ‘G2C’, ‘G2J’, ‘G3’, ‘G4’, ‘G5’, ‘G6’, ‘G7’, ‘G8’, ‘G9’, ‘G10’, ‘G11’, ‘G12’, ‘Withdrawn’ ];
var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive ()
for (var i = 0; i <tabslength; i ++) {
var sheet = ss.getActiveSheet ()
if (sheet.getSheetName () == tabs[i]) {
var entryRange = e.range
var range = sheet.getRange (1, entryRange.getColumn (), 1, entryRange.getNumColumns ()) //) This is the area where you format from row "1" and the corresponding column based on the edited column receive
Logger.log (entryRange.getA1Notation ())
range.copyFormatToRange (sheet, entryRange.getColumn (), entryRange.getNumColumns () + entryRange.getColumn () – 1, entryRange.getRow (), entryRange.getNumRows () + entryRange.getRow () – 1))
Logger.log (entryRange.getColumn ())
if (entryRange.getColumn () == 1) {// This column value can only be changed in row 1 of the column
if (entryRange.getRow ()! = 1) {// The columns in row "1" can be changed
e.range.setValue ((e.oldvalue == undefined? "": e.oldvalue))

Filtering – Filter RegEx in Google Analytics Addon on Google Sheet

I use Google Analytics SpreadSheet Addon to get data in Google Sheets.

I have referred to this Google Analytics API V3 documentation for filter operators. I use RegEx to filter data.

Everything works fine until I have a maximum of 128 characters in RegEx. The following RegEx works pretty well.

ga: pagePath! ~ ((i. | account. | member. |) * | sortfield)

In the above expression, I also want to filter out 8 specific URLs that start with, so I need to add their path. This will make the expression longer than 128 characters. It is mentioned that I can use the OR (,) or AND (;) operator to combine more than two RegEX values ​​to avoid a 128 character limit.

So I created this RegEx for example:

ga: pagePath! ~ ((i. | account. | member. |) * | sortfield) , ga: pagePath! ~ specific-url1 | specific-url2 | specific-url3 | specific-url4 , ga: pagePath! ~ specific-url5 | specific-url6 | specific-url7 | specific-url8

However, when running the report, the Entier filter is bypassed by Google
Expression; and return the full report without filters. (This contains more than 50,000 records)

I tried different combinations in RegEx – like me! @ ,! = Used to avoid adding backslash "" to "Bypass", but it does not work.

So what can I do to execute the above script correctly?

How can I disable the new line when Google Form captures answers for Google Sheet?

When Google Forms captures responses, it creates a whole new row in the Google spreadsheet that is not wanted because I use a V LOOK UP on another sheet and does not capture the data I'm looking for. Ideally, when a response is captured, I do not want to create a new row, but rather, it's in the same row I created for the v-Lookup feature to work. Any ideas?

How do I draw 2D sprites from a sprite sheet in DirectX 11 without ghosting / artifacts?

I'm new to DirectX and try to wet my feet with a simple 2D game. I chose DirectX 11 and used the DirectX ToolKit support library from here: I recommend starting with 11 and not 12.

The guide I follow to create an animating sprite works great, except when I try to draw a single sprite from the sprite sheet, I see "ghosting" of other sprites behind it. I've created the sprite sheet and saved it as a PNG and BMP and it seems to happen either way.

Here's the sprite sheet I'm using:

pony sprite leaf

It's 336px wide, 48px high, in 48px x 48px squared sprites. When I render the entire sprite sheet or sprite (0,0,48,48), it looks good, but when I try to render the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so forth, the following is displayed:
Pony with ghost images

Here's the code I use to load the PNG file as a texture:

ComPtr ponyIdleResource;

DX :: ThrowIfFailed (
CreateWICTextureFromFile (_D3dDevice.Get (), L "assets / pony_idle.png"),
ponyIdleResource.GetAddressOf (),
_Texture.ReleaseAndGetAddressOf ())

ComPtr ponyIdleTexture;
DX :: ThrowIfFailed (ponyIdleResource.As (& ponyIdleTexture));

CD3D11_TEXTURE2D_DESC ponyIdleDesc;
ponyIdleTexture-> GetDesc (& ponyIdleDesc);

And here is the code I use to draw:

_SpriteBatch-> Begin ();

RECT sourceRect;
sourceRect.left = 48; = 0;
sourceRect.right = 96;
sourceRect.bottom = 48;

_SpriteBatch-> Draw (_Texture.Get (), _ScreenPos, & sourceRect, Colors :: White, 0, _Origin);

_SpriteBatch-> End ();

When I hand over the RECT as, it looks good. Is there a special way to format my image? I tried it both as a PNG and as a BMP.

Reconnect the form responses to the current sheet after the file has been moved to the team drive

I was looking for an answer for the "current" Google form problem I have. It seems that the answers to this problem are outdated as Google is changing its technology as fast as I can change underwear.

I had set up a drive for my corporate files under my personal account and shared them with them. We have a form there that we use and it has about 500 answers.

My organization switched to G-Suite and I migrated our files to the new team drive. I recently copied the form and worksheet to the new Drive Team, and the connection between the form and the worksheet was lost. I tried to reconnect them, but the form wants to create a new table in the existing table and then shows no answers.

I thought, "Okay, I'll just copy the answers to the newly created sheet from the Odler sheet and pick it up from where it left off." No, that did not work either. The previous answers are not displayed.

I tried to follow the link instructions on the G-Suite Forms Response page, but that did not work either.

Is there a way to fix this problem with the current system? We want the previous answers to appear in the charts, etc., that you can view for form responses.

I will humbly submit the down votes if this has recently been answered for the current version of their webapps, and I apologize if it has already been answered.