SQL Server – Employee Shift Check – Nested cursor

I have a query that returns the availability of an employee (only on days when they are available).

SELECT emp_id, emp_number, area, day_date, shift_type, start_time, finish_time FROM employee availability

I also have a query that gives me all available workdays between two appointments that I have written as CTE.

WITH AvailableDates

, DATEPART (MM, available date)
, DATEPART (DAY, AvailableDate)
, 0,0,0,0) as available date
SELECT TOP (DATEDIFF (DAY, & # 39; 2019-01-14 00: 00: 00.000 & # 39 ;, & # 39; 2019-01-21 00: 00: 00.000 & # 39;) + 1)
AvailableDate = DATEADD (DAY, ROW_NUMBER () OVER (ORDER BY a.object_id) - 1, & # 39; 2019-01-14 00: 00: 00.000 & # 39;)
FROM sys.all_objects a
CROSS JOIN sys.all_objects b) Availability data


I need to check staff availability against available data and create an unavailable record for the days they do not have a scheduled shift

But when I join these dates, I get the following.

Returned records

My thoughts are to write a nested cursor to check the date and the employee. Is there a better way to create a record using emp_id, emp_Number, area, and availableDate?

thank you in advance

input – ImGui: Disable the window shift with drag event on the image

I show a picture with ImGUI as follows:

ImGui :: Begin ("Full image", nullptr, ImGuiWindowFlags_HorizontalScrollbar);
ImVec2 size (imageWidth, imageHeight);
ImGui :: Image (imageTexture, size);
ImGui :: End ();

I'd like to add some logic to the Full Screen window so that the window does not change position when you click and drag the image. Can this be switched with a setting?

Depth of Field – Does Lens Shift Affect Focus?

Imagine a photographer with an SLR camera and a PC lens in his standard, non-displaced position, standing on the floor at the foot of a pillared building whose height is X times the person's and only one Meters from it.

The photographer places a frame with the center of the building in the middle of the frame with some space left over it. To do this, tilt the camera slightly upwards, creating a trapeze where the columns converge perpendicular to a point above the frame.

Next, the shooter maintains camera alignment and adjusts the shift of the PC lens until the columns in the image appear parallel.

Is there a change of focus at the bottom of the columns and focus at the top of the columns before and after the layer?

Will a tilt shift lens solve my "crooked building" shots?

Not only do you need the inclination for perspective correction shift is relevant here. There are some switching adapter offered to switch between a DSLR case and a medium format lens would also help; Note, however, that medium format lenses have relatively long focal lengths – eg. 45mm is already ultra wide for the medium format.

One way to visually get a better perspective without special equipment is to use a wider angle Lens. Hold the camera so that the lens is oriented horizontally (for example, in portrait orientation) so that the building fills the upper half of the frame, and take the picture harvest later. In any case, the shift lens works anyway. Only now you waste about half of your megapixels, because the image circle of a lens without shift is smaller and firmer. Here is a picture that used this method (except for cropping, since I liked the extra patch):

Tallinn Town Hall

Which method of correcting the perspective is also used, a slightly leaned Buildings will look more natural in photos than those with perfectly parallel lines, at least as long as we do not learn to float in the air all day long. This tip does not apply to photos intended for an architectural magazine.

How has the shift to economic freedom really worked in the 1980s? What economic freedom has existed since 1980 that did not exist before?

I do not quite understand what you mean by "economic freedom" … for whom?
In fact, the 1980s were the WORST DECADE for consumers and American Americans America was facing shortly before the Great Depression:

1) Savings and loans were de-regulated and like the Silverado savings and loan that Neil Bush ran earlier, it worked and the people who had cash and savings on the deposit never got a nickel back.

2) Ronald Reagan DISTURBED OUR NATIONAL DEBT by cutting taxes on the rich, resulting in a loss of income, and the Republican Congress borrowed from China and Japan to make ends meet. Until then, America owed NOTHING to foreign countries.

3) Ronald Reagan and George Bush believed that our stock market should not be regulated and that many people lost money because laws and regulations were reduced.

4) And worse, huge unemployment, as manufacturers began to "downsize" their employees and let the workers go.

5) The traditional pension benefits offered by the employers were repealed in favor of a home improvement 401-K. Unions lost ground and members. Wages did not match the cost of living.

6) Worse, bank credit cards were allowed to charge a higher interest rate than 25% on outstanding balances! And this made her number one in consumer debt.

7) Predatory loans for mortgages.

8) Consumers were almost encouraged to spend, spend, because everyone did.


macOS / Chrome shortcut COMMAND + SHIFT + M will not work

I'm using macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) and I'm using Chrome (71.0.3578.98). I'm a web developer and would like to quickly enable the "Device Toolbar" via a keyboard shortcut to toggle between Desktop and Mobile views.

When I opened the DevTools window If you are on a site and are driving over the icon that allows me to do so with a mouse click, it means that there is a shortcut of COMMAND + SHIFT + M.

Enter the image description here

When I press this shortcut, nothing happens. There is a similar shortcut of COMMAND + SHIFT + C that allows me to "select an item on the page to check it" that works without problems.

I've removed all system-wide MacOS shortcuts and removed the selections that would use this keyboard shortcut. Likewise, I have not configured any app-specific shortcuts in the system settings for Chrome that use this keyboard shortcut. Finally, I have no other third-party app that overwrites or blocks this keyboard shortcut.

Enter the image description here

I searched online for over two hours for other super user questions, browsing Google Chrome Help documents, and message threads among other users. I'm totally at a loss, but I'm determined to find an answer to why this does not work.

Shift + Home / Shift + End does not work on Linux

As I said in the title, keyboard shortcuts Shift + Exit (and Shift + End) do not lead to the selection of a line from the current cursor position to the beginning (or end) of the line. The cursor only jumps to the beginning (or end) of the line without selecting anything. Is there a way to achieve the behavior through selection?

PS. I've configured Linux to have shift + home select enabled in other applications.