Software To Plan Photo Shoots

I’m looking for software that will allow me to handle the budget and call sheets for shoots. I’m not looking for software to help with online bookings, invoicing or payments.

This software looked excellent ( but there’s no info on pricing or way to actually buy it. It also looks from their social media that the business isn’t that active.

Does anyone have any suggestion for something with similar features. I tried StudioBinder but was unimpressed for the cost.

Large double onion ring in the middle of the shoots when I use a Sigma 35mm f1.4 DG HSM Art lens on my Canon 6D Mark II

I bought a Sigma 35mm f1.4 DG HSM Art lens, it works well on my APS-C Camara, but doesn't work with My Canon 6D Mark II (large double onion ring in the middle of the shots). Is this lens meant? work on both? Please let me know.

Thanks a lot

Why are liberals so wounded when a police officer shoots a black person?

The whites do not care so much about each other. lol

Seriously, white people usually do justice, and blacks have not done so historically and disportionally.

But the blacks usually protest and make noise and the white liberals want to be part of the action to quench their craving for anti-establishment.

And the media just want to be part of the craving for food, like sharks.

unity – Trying to create a top-down shooter game that only allows top left and right-handed shoots. plz help

So I've been working on it for a while, but I could not find a good answer. I'm trying to make a game with a similar fight as the bondage of Isaac. When I press the up buttons, the shot goes up and when I press the right button, the shot goes to the right and the rest of the code like the shot point instantiates the projectile and the if statement for keystroke. I just want to know where to put vector 2 so I can do this and what to write in vector 2

Ps: I'm new to Unity and C #

private void update ()

                if (Input.GetKeyDown ("up"))
if (time.time> = shotTime)

Instantiate (projectile, shot point);
shotTime = Time.time + timeBetweenShots;



This is my projectiles script

void update ()
transform.Translate (Vector2.up * speed * Time.deltaTime);

At least the parts that I think would be useful

I realized that if I changed vector2.up to let vector2.down say it would shoot now. But I need that to be able to change, depending on which direction I'm shooting