I will create premium one product shopify dropshipping store for $80

I will create premium one product shopify dropshipping store

Complete One Product Shopify Dropshipping Store Ready to Instant Sales

I am One Product Shopify Dropshipping Store Expert with all necessary skills required to build a complete and professional one product Shopify Dropshipping store or Shopify Store.

Benefits of a One Product Shopify store?

Focus – Being only one product, You can put all your efforts and time testing various videos and targeting to make huge profits.

High Conversion Rate – Having similar domain name, logo, Product name will result in high conversion rate.

You Will Get:

  • Professional logo
  • High converting one product Shopify theme
  • Responsive design
  • One winning product
  • Engaging homepage content
  • Stunning Description, Gif images, High converting Video
  • High-quality Customized Video For ADs
  • Product Review
  • Create Discount Code
  • Sales Channel setup
  • Conversion boosters (Social proof, countdown timer, etc)
  • Order fulfillment & tracking
  • Customer testimonials
  • Full Store SEO
  • Marketing blueprint

One product shopify store is all about positioning and branding. If you don’t do this right, your business is going to suffer.

Get in touch with me now!


Just scaled a Shopify store to $54k month. Looking for partners to create more stores!!!

Hello guys and girls,

Little info about myself.

I am an entrepreneur based in Istanbul, Turkey. I ve been doing Shopify and Facebook marketing for over 5 years. In my first month as a dropshipper i scaled a store that sells charcoal paste to $30k a month. Cashed little over $200k net profit after 14 months.

Over the past year i ve developed a new technique with Shopify stores and Facebook marketing. Its fast and brings consistent day after day results.

The store i created little over a month ago with this technique just hit $54k revenue today.

I am looking to create 10 more stores with this technique, I need partners for each of them since Paypal and Shopify Payments (the best payment gateway in my opinion) is not available in my country.

What i require from candidates,

1. My new partner must be from/located in one of these countries – USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA.
2. They must have a registered business in one of these countries as well.
3. Must have an aged Facebook account.
4. Must have $300-$500 ad budget available for initial Facebook marketing.

Basically not looking for any payment or anything, but you must have ad budget available for initial testing phase. When we become profitable, we ll be paying marketing cost with our profit anyway. But first phase $300-$500 needs to be available.

My new partners will only be responsible for managing cash flows since revenue will go to your bank account from Shopify Payments. You need to manage payments going to Facebook Marketing, paying suppliers, paying future virtual assistants and also paying my cut which is 50/50.

I will manage everything else with my team.

My system is very sharp and quick, if we agree to be partners, store will be ready for marketing in 2 days and we ll be profitable in 7-14 days.

First 10 suitable partners that contacts me gets to work with me. Hope to kill it with you guys!!!


sales boosting ROI shopify marketing for your store – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Shopify is a complete eCommerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business  and create a customize  online store. Shopify  Marketing and promotion offers the best avenue which will help you get  more sales and conversion more than any other e-commerce platform.

I’m Tim_Shopify_Pro  A successful and proficient eCommerce store owner,designer and marketer with years of experience and applied skills in  this field as a professional, I’m here to provide a proffer solution to the issue facing your store and scale it with a complete marketing strategies which will drive you consistent sales and increase your brand awareness


  • Shopify Promotion
  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Facebook Shopping
  • Active Shoppers Traffic
  • SEO Optimization
  • Klaviyo Workflow
  • Conversion Facebook Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Shopify Store Revamp
  • Email Marketing
  • Clickfunnel salesfunnel.


I am here to provide the best service and deliver you a highly quality service in getting more conversion for your store



Selling – Advanced Shopify Setup

Get all the bells and whistles to jumpstart E-commerce businesses.

Our Advanced Shopify Web Design takes E-commerce websites to the next level with customized Shopify designs and reports.

This package has the following inclusions:

10 Pages

We develop up to 10 pages for the Shopify website.

Up to 50 Products

Display up to 50 products, with customization options for the colors, sizes, and variants (up to 10 Categories).

Custom Store Design

Get Homepage mockups for both desktop and mobile, plus 3 inner pages mockups created by our professional designers based on your requirements and subject for your approval.

Shopify App Installation

Up to 4 Developer hours to install and configure the apps of your choice.

Mobile-Responsive Design

We make sure that your store’s functionalities are accessible across different devices.

Custom Contact Forms

Get contacted easily by your clients anytime, anywhere.

E-Commerce Configurations

We will configure your Shipping, Payment Gateways and Admin Panels so you do not have to worry about starting your online store.

SEO Consultation

We will help you with recommendations on optimizing your online store so that it has the best chance to rank on major search engines for the optimal keyword

Training Session

We will train you and your team so you can make the modifications you need whenever they want.

Post-Launch Support

This is our warranty on the work we have done after the project launches. 15 Business Days of support for your store.

Turn-Around Time

Your new store will be delivered within 22 to 25 business days.

here are a few examples





stripe – Marketplace powered by shopify?

I saw a website (https://soutien-aux-commercants-riviera.ch) providing a marketplace and saying it was powered by Shopify. Since Shopify itself is powered by Stripe, I’m a bit confused about the workflow. I’m curious how much code would be required for a marketplace to be powered by Shopify. I couldn’t find documentation about the use case of Shopify powering a marketplace, only for companies setting up their online businesses.

Could I start a marketplace powered by Shopify, and how much code is involved in the back-end?

[GET] How to Create a T-shirt Dropshipping store with Shopify | Proxies-free

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    [GET] How to Create a T-shirt Dropshipping store with Shopify

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Need a recommendation about shopify alternatives? | Proxies-free


Shopify had been working great for us so far, but we don’t think it’s a scalable option for our business. We want to move, and we had been looking at several platforms. I read a few at https://www.cloudways.com/blog/shopify-alternatives/, and I believe WooCommerce would be a suitable choice. I want to know from people who have been using WooCommerce to give me their opinion.
Can you guys guide me?


javascript – Bypass Shopify auth when developing Shopify apps locally with Koa & Next JS?

So I’m following https://shopify.dev/tutorials/build-a-shopify-app-with-node-and-react but ever since I ngrok‘d it’s too slow.

Is there any way I can develop locally? I know Shopify is a hosted solution but ngrok makes it way too slow for me.

I’m from India & I think the servers are from US & it’s so slow that it takes literally 5 mins & sometimes it doesn’t even load properly at all.

Here’s my current server.js:

const dotenv = require('dotenv')
const Koa = require('koa')
const next = require('next')
const { default: createShopifyAuth } = require('@shopify/koa-shopify-auth')
const { verifyRequest } = require('@shopify/koa-shopify-auth')
const session = require('koa-session')



const port = parseInt(PORT, 10) || 3000
const dev = NODE_ENV !== 'production'
const app = next({ dev })
const handle = app.getRequestHandler()

app.prepare().then(() => {
    const server = new Koa()
    server.use(session({ secure: true, sameSite: 'none' }, server))
    server.keys = (SHOPIFY_API_SECRET_KEY)
            apiKey: SHOPIFY_API_KEY,
            secret: SHOPIFY_API_SECRET_KEY,
            scopes: ('read_products'),
            afterAuth(ctx) {
                const { shop, accessToken } = ctx.session
                ctx.cookies.set('shopOrigin', shop, {
                    httpOnly: false,
                    secure: true,
                    sameSite: 'none',

    server.use(async (ctx) => {
        await handle(ctx.req, ctx.res)
        ctx.respond = false
        ctx.res.statusCode = 200
    server.listen(port, () => {
        console.log(`> Ready on http://localhost:${port}`)

Can I set the dev variable somewhere & bypass Shopify auth (Idk much about koa) to code my app locally & then check the final result on Shopify app store?

I even tried serveo, lynk, sish & many other ngrok alternatives. None of them worked. serveo did until it didn’t. So I gotta use 8 hours of ngrok but any other solutions are appreciated.

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