I will do very good work in design, data entry and copy paste in a very short time. for $10

I will do very good work in design, data entry and copy paste in a very short time.

I designed this gig for clients like you who need long term committed services. I provide high-quality virtual assistant services beyond data entry, data mining, web research and copy-paste.

When you hire me, you will benefit from my years of experience!

Here are the services I offer:

Data Entry, Copy Paste, Data Mining, & Web Scraping

Spreadsheet Creation/Document Updating

PowerPoint Presentation

Linkedin & Instagram Management

Graphics Design/Photoshop Work

Lead Prospecting & Lead Generation

Real Estate Skip Tracing and Databasing

Property Listing/Management of Listings

CRM Handling/Project Management

Website Management/WordPress/WooCommerce/Plugin Setup

I am offering a special discounted price of $5 per hour for the first few clients.


❓ASK – Short Tips In Growing Money | Proxies-free

We attended a money-making seminar and one section of the seminar strucked me and really hit me, for it’s simplicity, practicality and not to mention profitability.

Since we all are here to make money online, let me share this straightforward short tips to all of you.

These are the things I’ve learned during the seminar.

What are the secret of the rich people while they seemingly able to grow money on trees:

1. They only spend the money they have.

2. They prioritize savings.

They don’t spend their increase.

3. They hate debt.

– They are angry with debt. They only use debt to increase business.
if you borrow money to use for expenses – it’s called BAD debt

4. They live in simplicity

simplicity vs. extravangancy

5. They make their money grow.

Don’t buy house if you earn. Invest in business.

When they earn a profit in their business, then the profit is used to buy house.


customization – Adding shortcode to product short description

I am new to wordpress and finding it quite easy to navigate round. I am stuck though.
I am wanting to add a timer to the product short description when adding a new product to store.
I have the timer plugin and the shortcode, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this on there or how to get it to work.
This is a countdown timer of days and time.
Any help would be very much appreciated :]

i can do perfect data entry in short time for $20

i can do perfect data entry in short time

Do Microsoft Excel, typing, copy-paste, data entry

Welcome to my gig!

Do you need a trust-worthy virtual assistant for Data Entry Projects and any kind of document conversion, copy-paste, typing work, Data mining? Then you are in the right place. My package is not limited. you can request a custom offer as well via massages.? Please check out my expertise below.

I will try my best to deliver your order as soon as possible.

My services

  • Convert PDF to Microsoft Office
  • Convert PDF to MS Word
  • Convert PDF to MS Excel
  • Convert JPG to PDF
  • Data Entry
  • Typing work
  • Data Mining
  • File conversion
  • Typing in word
  • $10 = 1 Hour of Copy Paste Data Entry Work.

why choose me?

  • you will receive a professional convert PDF to Microsoft Office
  • 24/7 available
  • Fast and professional services
  • Great communication through the project
  • Exceptional customer services



How create a short way to convert the keyboard into specific language?

I’m using many languages on my PC, and if I want to move from one language to another, I have to click shift+alt for many times until I get the language that I want. Needless to say that it’s not convenient at all to work in such a way.

Is there a way to make it shorter? For example, to definite some specific keys to change to a specific language by one action (rather than many, as in my case).

mail.app – “Move focus to next window” short cut toggling window order if I interact with a window

There is a very convenient keyboard short cut to go through all windows opened by the same application. For me (but it is not the same for everyone) it is Ctrl < to flip through the window in one order, and Ctrl > to flip backwards. So far so good.

The bug (I can’t think how it can be a feature), is that the order of windows is toggled as soon as I interact with one window. Let me explain with an example

  • I open Mac mail, I create (Cmd N) say 3 new windows with topic Draft 1, Draft 2, Draft 3. If I use Ctrl < it flips through Draft 2 Draft 1 Draft 3 etc… and Ctrl > flips in forward order

  • now I’m on Draft 2, I modify the title to be Super Draft 2. Now Ctrl < flips in forward order ! Draft 3 Draft 1 Super Draft 2 etc… (and Ctrl > backward) !

  • I can reproduce the bug with safari windows (not tab, really separate windows), so it looks like it is not specific to Mail

This is very inconvenient : I can have a dozen draft email windows opened, and I’d like to go through them systematically and possibly modify some. This bug forces me to toggle between Ctrl < and Ctrl > semi randomly in order to be sure I cycle through all windows.

I’m on Mac Book Pro with Catalina 10.15.4 but this behavior is there since I learned to use the toggle window shortcut, one or two years ago.