magento2 – Magento 2: Implement the function columnControls (hide / show) in a user-defined administrator grid

Here I created a user-defined grid (within admin) with block. Now I want to add the controlColumns (Hide / Show) function to this custom grid.
With the Ui component, it's easy to add this functionality using the following code (on the grid list page):

But I want to put this functionality in a custom grid that is created with block.

I am also attaching an image file related to this problem.

Enter the image description here

Please give me an idea how I can achieve it. Any help is appreciated.

8 – Show comment form on your own page or popup

I'm trying to figure out how to display the comment form on a separate page. So far I could show it on a separate page. All I had to do was go to the field comment setting and uncheck the "Show answer form on the same page as comments" checkbox.

In this way, the comments can be displayed on a new page. The only problem is that the text on the new page still shows up. Is there a way to hide the text on the comment form page? Enter the image description here

Ideally, I would like to load the comment form into a popup or modal. Can this be done with Bootstrap Modal or Colorbox Inline?

macos – Is there a way to show if more than one Google Chrome window is open in the Dock?

Yes, I know I can use tabs, but sometimes I have to open a new Google Chrome window. Unfortunately, I have poor memory and always forget that I have opened a second Chrome window.

In Windows 10, the taskbar shows whether two Chrome windows are open. This is indicated as follows


Is there any way macOS can notify me when two of the same apps are open?

Measure theory – Show the following: $ int_ {E} {g_ infty (t) d mu (t)} leq lim_ {n} { int_ {E} {g_n (t) d mu (t) }} $

To let $ (E, mathcal {A}, mu) $ be a finite space and $ {f_n } $ to be a consequence of $ mathcal {L} _ { mathbb {R}} ^ {1} $, so that $ { min big (0, f_n (.) big) } $ (the negative parts of $ f_n $) can be integrated uniformly.

To let $ {g_n } $ let a sequence be defined by: for all $ n geq 1 $, $ g_n = sum_ {i = 1} ^ {n} {f_i} $. In order to $ { min big (0, g_n (.) big) } $ can also be integrated uniformly.

We assume that it exists $ g_ infty in mathcal {L} _ { mathbb {R}} ^ {1} $ so that:
g_ infty (t) = lim_n g_n (t) qquad a.e.

Show that:
int_ {E} {g_ infty (t) d mu (t)} leq lim_ {n} { int_ {E} {g_n (t) d mu (t)}}

An idea please.

Ease of use – Show that the input can be edited in the list

I have a list of items that can be changed.
When the user clicks on the item, it can be edited.

editable list

What is the most intuitive way to show the user that they can edit the elements?

The following options come to mind:

  1. Display an edit icon when the cursor is over an element
  2. Always display an edit icon. When the user clicks it, the item text box is highlighted
  3. Display a gray frame when the cursor is over an element
  4. Display a gray square when the cursor is over an element
  5. Leave it as it is

Plotting – combing plots in show[] moves them strangely

I have two diagrams for the same function func1(x_,y_):= Exp(x)-y. One is represented in a "fake" logarithmic linear manner as:

p1 = ContourPlot(func1(10^(x),y) == 0,{x,-3,-1},{y,0.1,10.}) (the x-axis is "log" scale) and the graph is:


The other is drawn with the built-in one LogLinearPlot() work as:

p2 = LogLinearPlot(Exp(x), {x,10^(-3),10}, PlotRange -> {Automatic,{0.1,10}}, PlotStyle -> Green) and the action is:


Then I combine them with Show(p1,p2). And since I expect them to collapse, I get the following graphic (blue is instead) p1 and is green p2):


I do not understand why the two graphics do not coincide …? I checked and the green graph is shifted (and si wrong) while the blue one is correct (at y=10, x=0.35 (correct) for blue curve during x=0.834 for green).

I know that Show() takes the axis scaling of the first diagram into its argument (here) p1). But I thought that instead of matching scales, Show she would draw with that x,y Coordinates of the respective diagrams (I don't really know how Show() combines diagrams with different scales, but same value ranges). Since the x,y Values ​​are the same in both cases (I don't know how Show() would know that though), I expected them to collapse.

Alternatively with Show(p2,p1) I get


Why do they cross exactly? y=Exp(1)? Why the blue plot in the last picture p1 is not horizontal up x=10^(-3)? How is it decided how the land should be combined? I feel like I'm missing something small but important here. Thanks a lot.

EDIT 1: At the suggestion of @kglr in the comment, I replaced 10^(x) to Exp^(x) in the ContourPlot. The blue curve has changed (the green remains the same) and now the graphics match! But I still don't really understand how Show() decides to combine them and why they didn't initially coincide …? Because now both look exactly like the green curve in Figure 3 above. So now, y=Exp(Exp(x)) and this is true e.g. at the y=10 in pic3. The x=0.834 which does ______________ mean y=Exp(Exp(0.834)) that is the same 10. So that means Show() plans Exp(Exp(x)) to the p2 held in pic3 Exp(10^(x)). I find it strange. How did Show() decide to do that? Thanks a lot.

php – Show user message does not exist or is not registered with Javascript or Ajax

Good morning, good morning, how can I display a message that says USER IS NOT REGISTERED? If the person enters the user incorrectly?

I just want to use Javascript or its Ajax effect.

This is the form:


I want to show a message this way
Enter the image description here

Woocommerce Variable Product – Show & # 39; Sale! & # 39; lightning

I try to display the Woocommerce sales flash when a variable product is for sale.

It seems that Woocommerce did this on purpose, because if, for example, a variable product has small, medium and large sizes and only one is for sale, a flash of sales is displayed on the archive page or on a single product page, which may cause confusion for the user when he selects a variant just to see that it is not for sale.

I am working on a project where the customer wants the sales flash to be displayed, even if a variant is for sale. I feel like I'm missing something here …

Any help is appreciated