Certificates – Why does localbattle.net show on localhost?

I found a random link in a forum pointing to localbattle.net while running a local server on localhost. When I went to localbattle.net, my local server page appeared! The certificate was invalid and that Warning "Your connection is not private" Screen appeared. Can this site see the content of my local server (page)? And is it a problem of my customer, his server or my local server?

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Show list of site collections

I am currently working on a project management system.
Can I list all projects that have been created as site collections?

https: server / projects / project1
https: server / projects / project2
https: server / projects / project3

I want to show something on this link https: server /:

  • Project 1 – Project 1 Description
  • Project 2 – Project 2 Description
  • Project 3 – Project 3 Description

What do you do to show that a number is transcendental?

I wonder what other methods do you know?

Liouvilles criterion (here)

Lindemann-Weierstrass theorem (here)

Gelfond-Schneider theorem (here)

Brownawell-Waldschmidt theorem (here)

Schanuel's conjecture (no proof yet) (here)

Or theorems search as:

If you take to transcendental numbers $ A $ and $ B $, then at least one of $ From $ and $ A + b $ is transcendental

If you know any other proofed or unproofed conjectures it would be nice to share them. Thank you!

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reactjs – Show total in React

I have the following question. I'm making a simple app where products are added and the (objects) have a name and a price. What I'm trying to do is that where I render the variable, the total of the total is displayed when I add a product. Instead, the following appears to me: (Add 1)
123 ..

It's effective that I add up the value displayed with the click event of adding, but it does not show me a grand total, if not the summation history.

let i = 0;

let total = this.state.list.map ((x, i) => {
let val = parseInt (x.price);
i + = val;
return i;
console.log (& # 39; sum & # 39 ;, i);

back (
this.getData (e)} placeholder = & # 39; Add Item & # 39;> this.getData (e)} placeholder = & # 39; Add Item & # 39;>

Products {lista.length}

{total} ** 123 appears here ... instead of the total **