posts – Alt text attributes not showing over portfolio images

I´ve been searching almost all posts regarding this issue but haven´t found a solution for my theme. Maybe there´s a kind expert mind that can support me. I´m using a theme that doesn´t allow updates nor support. It´s a grid-based minimal design. As I´m a motion designer would like that when the viewer hover´s the cursor over the images on the page the information text displays as it used to, now it doesn´t happen anymore and I´m a bit frustrated as need showing my work to potential clients.

This is my website not sure if I should share anything else to get some advice?

thank you in advance for any help

Flutter iOS Firebase Analytics ans Crashlytics not showing up

I have a running Android and iOS version of my flutter app. I followed the integration steps for firebase as instructed and also added the google-service.json trough xcode. The database connection runs without problems, same with Auth.
In my firebase console the iOS usage statistics are always zero and also the crashlytics does not show up correctly. Any additional steps I need to follow to resolve those?


jquery – plugins handle are not showing

I have many plugins on my website including woocomerce plugin but when I check page source of my site the script handle of many plugins are not appearing including wocoomerce, I checked one of the plugin code and I found the handle is actually defined on their code but still it not appearing on front

For eg.

 wp_enqueue_script('woof_front', WOOF_LINK . 'js/front.js', array('jquery'), WOOF_VERSION);

is printing like this

<script src=''></script>

unity – URP water showing Differently in on Runtime

I am using this water for my URP webgl build but the problem is it is showing differently on the editor. When I run the game then it showing correctly and when I build and run it in the browser then it showing like the editor. here is the snap
enter image description here

water required Depth texture and opaque texture settings on and i have made it. Just start getting this problem from last two days. previously it was running fine. Here is the inspector:
enter image description here

customization – WordPress custom templates not showing up correctly

I have created several custom templates and most are working fine. However, a few do not show up in the ‘Page Attributes’ pull-down menu on the editing page and a few that show up are not located in my themes directory at all. The missing ones are definitely located in the theme directory. The additional ones once existed (long ago) but were deleted and are no longer on the server.

I have flushed cache and reloaded my theme but to no avail. Any ideas?

Weird shapes are showing on my Google Docs Spreadsheets, on multiple computers


Since a few weeks, all kinds of weird shapes are randomly showing on my google docs.


  • not on all docs;
  • not on specific times;
  • not always;
  • not only on one computer.

Anyone has an idea? I have tried GPU settings, but quit thinking that’s the issue when it started on different pc’s.