magento2 – Advanced Reporting always shows 404

I have configured Advanced reporting in Magento 2.3.4 and in 2.3.5-p1. I have followed all the given steps to configure Advanced reporting in Magento, even my subscription is showing “Enabled” status. But still it shows me 404.

Not sure what I did wrong or what could be the settings other that need to add.

Can you please provide solution on this?

i 94 – Immigration officer stamped my parent’s passport for 2 months of stay but the official and online I94 record shows as 6 months

There’s clearly an error here and your parents need to resolve it or they risk being treated as overstayers if they don’t leave by 1st October.

They can take their passports to the nearest CBP point of entry or Deferred Inspection site and get the records corrected. I would expect that a reasonable officer would extend the passport date beyond 7th October, but there is a possibility that they’ll stick to the 1st October date and update the online records to match.

Find a Port of Entry

List of Deferred Inspection sites

Selling – WordPress TMDB Movies, TV Shows & Anime Bulk Importer Plugin (Premium) | Proxies-free


What It Is

This plugin allows you to BULK IMPORT Movies, TV series & Anime from TMDb in all possible ways.

The plugin is unlicensed, unprotected, without credit system and is not connected to any server, but it uses the official TMDB APIs.

Built with Laravel and Bootstrap this plugin works with ALL wordpress themes*, none excluded, installation is simple, just upload the plugin, activate it and insert a little code in single.php and that’s it!

*it works on all themes in a generic way if your theme has different custom posts you have to configure manually by modifying a few lines of code.


Now you can quickly MASS BULK import MOVIES, TV SHOWS & ANIME like this:



Search – Search & import movies by title, query or initial letter.
Popular – Import a list of the current popular movies updates daily.
Top Rated – Import the top rated movies.
Upcoming – Import a list of upcoming movies in theatres.
Now Playing – Import a list of movies in theatres.

Discover & import movies by:

popularity (desc/asc) + genre + year
revenue (desc/asc) + genre + year
release date (desc/asc) + genre + year
vote average (desc/asc) + genre + year
vote count (desc/asc) + genre + year

TV Series


Search – Search & import tv shows by title, query or initial letter.
Popular – Import a list of the current popular tv shows updates daily.
Top Rated – Import the top rated tv shows.
On the air – Import a list of tv shows that are currently on the air.

Discover – Discover & import tv series by:

popularity (desc/asc) + genre + year
vote average (desc/asc) + genre + year
release date (desc/asc) + genre + year


How To Use

On wordpress dashboard go to plugins, add new, upload plugin, activate plugin, open the single.php file of your theme and and right after

paste this code


if (function_exists('display')) { echo display(); }

Now you can start importing Mmovies and TV series in bulk or in single mode, you choose!




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permissions – Linux “ls -Z” shows question mark for security context

I’ve got some files that aren’t being served on a site, and assuming it was a permissions issue I ran ls -Z but keep seeing ? in place of the security context:

-rw-rw-r--  pete pete ?                                index.cfm

I get this running sudo as well. Can anyone explain what the ? means or what I need to do to fix the file?

I’ve tried using sudo chcon system_u:object_r:httpd_config_t:s0 index.cfm to match the other permissions of files in the folder, but that doesn’t help. Also if I try to recreate the file I get the ? again

cat index.cfm > index.bkp
sudo ls -Z
-rw-rw-r--  pete pete ?                                index.bkp
-rwxrwxrwx. pete pete system_u:object_r:httpd_config_t:s0 index.cfm
mv index.bkp index.cfm
-rw-rw-r--  pete pete ?                                index.cfm

powershell – List directory contents on Windows in hex or other form that shows the non-ASCII chars in detail

I need to determine the unicode normalization used for specific on-disk file names in Windows 10.

Specifically, I need to see if a file name uses NFC or NFD form for non-ASCII latin characters such as “ü”.

In Linux, I can do this:

ls | xxd

This will show the dir listing as hex bytes.

How do I achieve something similar in Windows? It doesn’t have to be hex – any other escaped form is okay as well, e.g. in C string format (such as uCC86).

It doesn’t have to be a built-in command. If you can point me to other programs, that’s helpful, too.

Or am I making wrong assumptions in regards to Windows file names, i.e. does Windows always enforce NFC on-disk? I know Linux doesn’t, and I expect Windows (NTFS in particular) to behave the same.

Architecture for an app that shows posts in real time in a map based on location

Architecture for an app that shows posts in real time in a map based on location – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

Path Breadcrumbs shows edit link in front end

I have an issue with my Drupal site where the link to edit the path to breadcrumbs is showing in the front end even when people are not logged in.

It looks like this:

Edit path breadcrumbs


The Edit path breadcrumbs links leads to: /admin/structure/path-breadcrumbs/edit/******/main?destination=*****

My site is on Drupal 7.78

Path Breadcrumbs 7.x-3.4
Path Breadcrumbs UI 7.x-3.4

Any idea why this could be?


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