sidebar – Expandable active filter list – user flow

I am trying to implement active filters list to a fixed side filter bar. When a user scrolls through data, they will always be able to preview the active filter list without having to scroll to the top of the landing page. The issue appears when the user chooses many filters and the list starts becoming really long. To simplify the preview of the side filter bar we decided to limit the amount of data to 4 rows: this way user learns that such a section exists and is able to expand the list to preview all active filters.

All filters:enter image description here

Filter Preview limited to 4 rows:enter image description here

My concern is – when the user expands the active filters view and decides to close it afterward, what’s the best user flow? Close it at all or return to the initial state when the user is able to preview a few rows of active filters? My thinking is that if the user closes the active filters then he’s not interested in seeing them anymore and the opened section will cause a scrollable side filter bar which can decrease its usability.

Does anyone have some suggestions regarding good user flow? Additionally, it would mean that this element might have 3 different states. I’m just concerned if that’s an appropriate approach?

Expanded list of filters: enter image description here

sidebar – Dropdown in a Mobile Side Panel for Workspace Switching

I am designing a workspace switcher for mobile. It is a mobile web version that renders in the browser and is not an app. Workspaces are different spaces with the same set of settings and contents, and a user could be a part of multiple of them. Since the workspace name could be long, I am refraining from rendering the whole name in the header.

The design goals are:

  1. User knows which workspace they are in – easy discoverability
  2. User can intuitively switch b/w workspaces

We have a web version where user profile and settings is one dropdown and workspace switcher is another. On mobile, due to the real estate being low, I am considering to combine the two.

I am thinking about adding a dropdown in the side menu for the workspace switcher followed by the profile options. Is this a good UI pattern?
enter image description here

I have seen the gmail web version having a dropdown up top to switch accounts.
enter image description here

Clarification: There is a similar question Design patterns for switching workspaces on mobile, my question is more about dropdown in a mobile side nav as a pattern.

How to update the "Total Items Quantity" count in the checkout sidebar when updating the mini cart from checkout page in Magento2?

I am using Magento version 2.3.5. Here, you can see that my mini-cart contains qty 3 but my checkout cart summary shows the wrong quantity as 2. This is what happens when I update the qty via mini-cart from the checkout page.

enter image description here

PowerApps screens – Split-screen, Sidebar and Heather, Main section, Footer

Working on a PowerApp today, I came across 3 new “screen types” when I went to add a new screen.

enter image description here

Although it is fairly easy to understand how those screens are set up, I wasn’t able to find Microsoft documentation on those.

They use Containers in the screen but I do not have the Container feature enabled.

As I’ve just noticed them, any ideas of when those new screens were added to PowerApps and release notes from Microsoft I missed?

enter image description here

macbook pro – Finder sidebar showing duplicate and/or previously mounted mounts

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here

This issue can be cleared by a restart, but that does not solve the problem. I had tried the following so far:

  • Reinstall the system multiple times (preserving applications and data)
  • Booting up in safe mode
  • Transfering the system partition into another mac, reinstalling the system, then transfer it back, and reinstalling the system (not for solving this problem, but because there was some issue with the butterfly keyboard)
  • Resetting the Finder preference

This issue does not come up in other user accounts. It seems to appear after one day where, because the Time Machine sparse image mount from a smb share froze and I cannot force quit Finder, I mounted a memory drive over /volumes and launched (another copy of) Finder through the command line. Finder works normally, but since then I have this problem.