dnd 5e – Can Simic Hybrids no longer access the features of their original breed?

I'm creating a drow-monk character who, to simplify matters, was modified by an ex-member of the Simic Combine to put them in a kind of witness protection. Only two details are important for this question: she is a drow, who still identifies herself as an elf, and she has been enriched with animal parts, because the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this race was a D&D -Version of is a classic philosophical question:

"How many improvements do you need before you stop being human?"

GGtR, p. 20 states:

The Simic combine uses magic to fuse different life forms together. in the
In recent years, the Simic combine has expanded this research to include humanoids
Subjects that magically transmit the properties of different animals
Humans, elves and vedalken. The goal of the Guardian project is
Build a Simic army of soldiers that is perfectly adapted to a variety of soldiers
Combat situations. These hyper-developed specimens are called Simic
Hybrids, although they sometimes call themselves guardians.


The biological improvements of a hybrid can change its appearance
drastically, although most hybrids keep their basic physical shape. All
are extended with properties of animals, mostly in water
Reptiles or amphibians.


Animal improvement. Your body has been altered to take account of certain animal characteristics. You are now choosing an animal enhancement
and a second improvement in the 5th level.

To sum it all up, it seems like the creature is still basically an elf, a human, or a Vedalkin, only with additional parts that they have control over (a bit like Spiderman's Doctor Octopus without mind control).

If so, would my drow still be able to achieve their racial deeds, or did D&D find that an improvement process no longer qualified them for identification as an elf?

Similarly, the elven race players started out with a well-known Cantrip if you think you've been exposed to magic so much that you've learned to do a party trick but do it really well. Does this mean that the Simic Combine has stolen your skills since you became a hybrid as an adult?

What Animal Improvements Can a Simic Hybrid Druid Keep on Wild Shaped?

What Animal Improvements Can a Simic Hybrid Druid Keep on Wild Shaped?
Manta Glide, nimble climber, underwater adaptation, lifting attachment, carapace and / or acid spit?

Does the type of beast that I am working on Wild Shape determine, if I can keep a certain animal improvement? For example, if I wanted to make a wild crab, would I keep my trailer attachment feature? What if I wildly turn into a bear?